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  1. Cant get over how well its blended in, once its painted it will almost look factor. Good effort!πŸ‘
  2. Just shout if you change your mind. The printer does all the hard work, i just need to chuck a model together and press go, sacrifice a goat and pray to gods the print doesnt fail!
  3. I could 3d print you a copy in plastic, that could be used to cast a new one? Might need one of the adults to tell me how i model the gear accurately as i don't know anythign about tooth profiles.
  4. Whats involved in shortening the pinion shaft. Can it just be machined down and new splines cut? Useless post, just seen you have already covered it. RTFM Christoph!
  5. I think the thing you need to be careful of, is that typically a vfd is used to control the same voltage and phase input / output. For example 420v 3ph in 420v 3ph out. But you want to go 230 1ph in to 420 3ph out, which is a inverter vfd ( I believe from my googling). So you need to make sure you are buying one that can do this. There may be some trickery to convert 3ph in 3ph out to a 1ph in 3ph out, but its just easier to get the right one in the first place.
  6. Excuse my stupidity, but Isn't it 1.732x 420x 2.8 = 1552w given it's 3 phase?
  7. When I looked into this for a lathe tools still haven't brought, I found some good how too's on youtube.
  8. I don't know a huge amount but I would say your right. It's 0.9hp at what ever speed. 1 hp = 746 watts so your some where around 675watts 3 phase. I'm guessing your using the vfd to go single phase to 3 phase?
  9. So heres my adapters ( front only) i braved another print. Unfortunately i havent quite got the air sping pin holes quite right and my support material needs cleaning up ( its fusing too well). However, im now considering a 5mm steel ring at the base instead of relying on the plastic to retain the sping. The plate can then have studs welded for the turret, so it becomes a plasic sandwich instead of using the strength of the plastic to retain the turrent bolts. from memory its a 5mm shell and 50% fill. 15hr print. Stl file: the actual print: once ive trimmed the support material the pin should locate all the way through:
  10. Sorry been awol doing that DIY thing, ill try and sort some pics this week. I may ever retry the print now i have identified why it went wrong ( over heated stepper driver) ABS gives off fumes, so might be worth friggin up an extractor if you don't already have one. My adapter was purely to keep things located top end and i have the added issue of larger spring seats on the rear as its for a 130 chassis. On the front i have tried to use the turret bolt holes to hold the adapter,but i need to work how to hold the adapter and turrent without the load from the turrent transmitting to the adapter. The rear i had planned some form of clamping ring that sits just inside the spring hanger, which pulls the adapter ring up tight. The adapter then swages down from the larger diameter to the disco size. how does your radius arm bracket attach, is it a clip?
  11. I like that alot. 3d printing can bring a whole new world of pain. I got 10 hrs into 14hr print fail last night. Funnily enough it was an adapter to go from a disco 2 air spring to front turret inspired by thsi thread. Are you printing in ABS or PLA?
  12. Glad i fitted the t16 instead of the tdi, could of really hurt myself.
  13. just caught up with this, top work looks brillant. Are you taking orders 😁 now get back to those axles 🀣
  14. Does your workshop have its own gravitational force yet? Nice to see what works and doesnt, keep it up!
  15. Proper 6x6 envy now. Whats the plated weight of a 6WD TGB. I'm guessing its over my microscopic 3.5t license? Eagerly watching this progressπŸ‘ Doe anyone know its kept... i may have to steal his axles. Just out of interest how easy is it to source volvo parts? I don't seem to beable to find 2nd hand parts let alone new.
  16. unless mo ventures that way, Im probably the closest. (hemel hempstead). Would give me an excuse to take the bike out for a blast!
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