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  1. 2 months later - freelander is still working fine. High pressure pump has solved the issue, was £200 for a refurb pump.
  2. I swapped out the high pressure pump, pretty easy job with the special tool, took about 3.5 hours. Since then the car has done about 100 miles, with no sign of the fuel issue it was having. It hasn’t done 90minutes straight, so cant say if it will have the same issue that yours has, but so far its looking positive.
  3. Did you get any further with this Worcester? I've got a freelander with the same issue. Changed the sensor today, no difference. Tested the sensor from the ecu connector with scope, all seems fine and in spec. Low pressure side is showing 3.5-3.7bar. When it goes into limp mode, I'm seeing a big gap between requested and actual pressure, requested typically 1200bar actual typically 800bar. At this point I think it's either the high pressure pump or the regulator.
  4. Thor runs motronic? Any ideas which version?
  5. This seems fairly typical for rebuilt transmissions, the three I've seen from a major uk supplier have lasted 2 weeks, 3 months and 4 years (but with teeth coming out every oil change from 1 year).
  6. Blocked tank breathers? I dropped a tank off a trooper on sunday which wasnt running over 1500rpm, because a breather had snapped off the top of the tank and it couldnt pressurise the tank with the fuel return, seemed like an odd setup, but blocking the hole made it run properly again.
  7. Also got a p30, still really learning how to use it, not going to replace the grinder for me - I like the nice straight cuts you get with a 1mm disc, but for finishing off cutting holes, cutting awkward shapes and chopping off rusty boots, it's fantastic. It's probably had the most use on bolts and stuff lately, just because it works in such a tight space and no risk of cutting nearby lines/hoses/wires.
  8. Just be careful of the innards, theyre highly toxic and carcinogenic. I've seen suggestions on other sites to put a broom handle up the cant and beat it until the innards come out, this is a really bad plan!
  9. Flukes are very nice but massive overkill. I have one because I love wiring and can afford it, but as long as a meter has a beep function, resistance and volts, it will do the job fine. In most cases with vehicles, accuracy isn't totally crucial, it doesn't much matter if the volts is out by 0.1, most of the time I want to know if it's live and if it's 6v 10v 12v or 14v, not if its 12.2 or 12.3v. i agree it matters more for ecu sensors and is crucial for canbus diagnostics, but that doesn't seem like the focus for the OP. Cheap multimeter and a power probe
  10. Get an auto-ranging one. I keep one of these in my portable tool kit, very good but of kit. First one lasted 5 years before I destroyed the cables. http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/3-in-1-autoranging-multimeter-with-non-contact-detector-n73bz I compliment it with one of these in the workshop,it's overkill but nice: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fluke-115-Multimeter/dp/B0011D6O0A For vehicle electrics, a power probe is very handy, doesn't quite replace a meter, but is better and easier to use for a lot of jobs: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B000R9Y35C I'd buy the £13 meter and a power probe over w £30 meter for car stuff
  11. I think that is a fairly good response from LR, they didn't say no, they told you the process for getting it sorted. Are clutch MCs that big a job on defenders? On my series I could change the MC in less time than writing a letter to landrover.
  12. I was having lots of issues in the workshop, deployed 3 bait boxes with a bunch of poison granules, all mess has stopped. Unfortunately The Owl lives over where my landrover is parked, which makes quite a mess, but its an owl, so I'll just park 8ft further forward in future.
  13. Everything Landrover is listed on 192 and Thomson local as being on the same business park as the companies mentioned in that article from 2013. Going on the companies database Edward Samuel Barrington and Edward Samuel Fear were both born in May 1990: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/8WeLSMXJJnrB2CGk8VDFF1DbViQ/appointments https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/yk6x7I2yMPgpmmfieUolG7eIDbg/appointments Edward Barrington is listed as a director for Everthing Landrover Ltd, as a mechanic at Red 4x4 Ltd and a director at Sober ltd - all based at 10 or 12 New Dunn Business Park. Looking at Sober Ltd, you also come across Carl Shackleton, who is listed as a director at 3 other business at 12 New Dunn Business Park: ASO Box Ltd SOFEAR Ltd Ministry 4x4 Ltd
  14. What is the best option for adding a locker to a series? Is there a sensible upgrade to 24 spline without swapping axles, or does it limit you to ARBs?
  15. I would look at using a Windows 8/10 tablet not a laptop.
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