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  1. Was good to see/catch up with people i haven't seen since last season. Will see if i can make Coney Green to spectate
  2. Depends on the winch/ drum. If it needs to be bolted on you want to use something like a battery clamp
  3. Think Jason still has sleepless nights over that....
  4. known this for some time , mmmmm 90's are not exempt..... Where did you see that they are?
  5. http://awdc.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50%3Achallenge-technical-regulations&catid=37%3Achallenge&Itemid=65&limitstart=1 Item 13
  6. Oh and what's the situation with helmet's?? I presume the XL only has this new rule due to it having a speed element in some stages?
  7. Option 1 i feel but would there be only 2 places on the podium as was discussed? Think there should be 3.... Option 3 does have it's merits but could end up too complicated?
  8. Try Challenger 4x4, they have them on their ebay page
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