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  1. Thank you all for replies. Being a new user, my post are moderated, so takes time to answer. Is there a way to tell the zf8speed is present? Am referring to vehicles with boundary reg. Year 2012
  2. Thank you for good advice. Based on spec, the SDV seems to be also quite more economical, so probably makes sense to hunt for it, as opposed to tdv. What is the service interval for lr4?
  3. Hello friends, My first post here as an aspiring disco owner. Looking to buy my first disco4, and not having any LR experience before, am hoping for community advice. Due to budget constraints am looking at used, higher mileage options, e.g. 2010 tdv6 hse, 125,000km. - is it a good idea? - what maintenace in the past to particularly check? - what is due in near future? Chain replacement, etc. - is there buyer's checklist/guide you can share? - should i instead look for sdv? Benefits vs tdv? - how many km can i expect it to last? Thank you.
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