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  1. Hi just an update borrowed NanoCom plugged it in only one key code in bcu put second key no in unplugged NanoCom tried second fob no joy car still started everything still works apart from fob . First fob still works if you hold it next to receiver plugged NanoCom back in now won’t connect to Ecu any ideas
  2. Hi Griff thank you again for reply I have put my location in my profile if I have done it correctly. Might just order receiver as see if the one fob works without holding it next to receiver then try to sort other fob
  3. Hi griff thank you for reply I don’t know if the second fob ever worked, yes I checked the earth was clean as I said one fob works if you hold it next to the receiver I don’t mind paying for a new receiver just want confirmation if it is the receiver
  4. Sorry to start on about d2key fob not working but I have read that much about this topic and totally confused myself. So here goes the key fob hasn’t been used for a long time just used key in drivers door works every time the alarm doesn’t go off. The other day mrs snapped key in door lock managed to get it out and use spare key. So now thought it was about time I sorted key fob out. New batteries in both fobs one only works when holding fob next to receiver in roof the other dose not work at all the red light on both fobs light up when buttons pressed am I correct in thinking
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