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  1. Everything went ok, was a bit a pain(literally) getting the bolt back through the sliding tension bar. Back running again though. Well until the MOT but thats a different story...
  2. the question is, when removing, do i simply under the bolt on the tension bar, assuming that is what its called, and then under the 2 nut and bolt in the circles in the image?
  3. ok so i have had a better look. Am i right in thinking the alternator pivots on the circled points in the image below when the bolts are loosened, particularly the 3rd bolt which is on a slider bar?
  4. yes battery light on with ignition on and engine off. Battery light goes off when engine on. Voltage when engine on doesnt go above the level its at with engine off. 13.05 but thats surface charge from the full charge i just done. Not getting 14 V Any tips on changing these? how does the tension work on that fan belt?
  5. Hello my trusty fellow defender nuts! The defender decided not to turn over when leaving fishing the other night! not a good proposition when its freezing and im miles from any houses and 1% battery on the mobile! My mate came to the rescue. Jump leads on she started! On route home, the light dimmed. Then pretty much no lights, then stopped altogether. She no longer turned over. Mate had gone at this point and i got the RAC to tow me home. I say RAC, the job was routed to a local flat bed who didnt do any diagnosis, just took me home. I charged the battery and its charged fine. 24 hours or so with my halfords car battery charger. I just lumped the battery back in and tested the terminals with her running and im getting no additional load when engine running. Turn on lights and the voltage drops more as expected. No increase at all in voltage. I am assuming alternator, although that was changed when i got the defender, it was my first(of many) trips to the garage but was back in 2013. I have no idea on the life expectancy of an alternator. i imagine it varies on a number of factors. Do you agree alternator? anyone else i should check first? she has the belt there and is rotating as it should. Assuming it is, easy to change? looks it, just not sure how one slacks off the belt.
  6. I do have an oil leak around the transfer box so maybe its that. Thanks Steve appreciate your help!
  7. Hello all! I was driving the defender today and it felt a bit slow, like it was being held back. I could smell,what i would describe as a metal burning smell, but not very much, just a whiff. That kinda whiff when your like, is that something? or have i driven by a nasty fire in some field. I was slowing up to junctions and taking her out of gear to idle at the junction when it felt like the landy was shaking. Bit like if i were in gear and not putting the clutch in at a slow speed for the gear. It didnt stall it just felt a bit shakey. I pulled over when i could see a lay by and got out and checked around. Couldnt see anything but again that whiff was ever so slightly there but it was bloody windy so not much help. I went to pull off and it was like the hand brake was on but it wasnt. I tried going forwards, backwards but it was stuck, engine running no problem but she werent moving, i left the hand brake off ans turned off the engine and called for a pickup from the mrs. Then tried once more and she moved. And i got home. What could be the issue here? M
  8. hitting it didn't do anything. But you are right, it was an easy job to change over! it sounds like a new landy now! can't believe how different starting is! I'd be interested in the details of the specialist you use as i will recondition the one i just replaced.
  9. got to locate it to hit it! Funny you should say that. I recently;y thought my battery was faulty but i had it tested and it was fine. Turns out i have/ had an earthing issue. I found an issue with some rear lights that i resolved by sticking a new connector block on. The lights were fixed but the starting hasn't been right since. Now this. I wonder if an earth issue would prevent power getting to the starter and cause this? "Percussive" new word for me! maybe the starter is on its way out. I guess it could explain the issues i have been having with the starting. Its been starting but just hasn't had that "oomf" you get when starting a defender. Thank you guys
  10. Hi all, I just went to start the 110 and instead of the engine cranking over i get a loud spinning sound! The defender wont start and just repeats the spinning sound each time i turn the key. I have read solenoid issues or fly wheel. But have no idea. Any pointers? is it a tricky part to change over, whatever that part is? Thanks Melv
  11. Thank you. So is that how earthing works? we run earth to the bulk heads and then somewhere the bulk head is earthed on the negative on the battery? Its not something i have grasped tbh/. Thanks
  12. Thanks, when you say common connector, i am not familiar with 4 and 6 way connectors. Do you mean these:
  13. Hi all, Happy Friday! When i have my lights on my defender 110(e reg) and turn on the left indicator, my rear lights on that side do a nice disco pattern. Although i like a dance i figure id best sort this out. That and it appears to be linked to a bad starting issue that has arrived at the same time. I had the battery checked and its tested ok so i am guessing an earth issue. I removed the cover off the back of the offending light area and found a bunch of earth wires going into, what looms like a connector block. As with anything on this old beast, the are, wires etc look a bif aged. I squeezed the connector block a bit and found the disco effect stopped. Am i safe to disconenct this lot and reconnect in a new connector block? if so whats AMPs am i looking to cover here?
  14. it doest happen when moving along. its after its been on a significant trip.
  15. this is the issue, this noise ONLY happens when i have given the landy a significant drive, so 50-60 mph for 15 mins. It doesnt happen on small slow runs. Its so hard to work out where its coming from
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