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  1. Suffolk Defender

    New noise from the cab

    it doest happen when moving along. its after its been on a significant trip.
  2. Suffolk Defender

    New noise from the cab

    this is the issue, this noise ONLY happens when i have given the landy a significant drive, so 50-60 mph for 15 mins. It doesnt happen on small slow runs. Its so hard to work out where its coming from
  3. Suffolk Defender


    i had a rattle in my dash area when i got my 110. Found some live rounds in there!! Ex MOD vehicle.
  4. Suffolk Defender

    New noise from the cab

    Hello all, the defender seems to have developed a new noise. The best way to describe the sound is like a steering lock has been lent against the centre console and is vibrating. It isn't this btw. This noise only occurs when i have driven a little way, so not on immediate start. I have noticed that if i say go to the local tip which is 8 miles, down the local A road so 50 ish all the way, the noise will occur when i come off the A road and stop at the roundabout. Once i have been to the tip and start up again, its not happening. So only after a good session on the road. The noise will go if i ever so slightly rev the engine. And this is at a stand still. Any ideas what i am looking at? Melv
  5. Suffolk Defender

    Replacing the diff pinion oil seal.

    ah thanks for the responses! i have a salisbury on the rear and the front is the rover. Very useful to know, thank you for sharing this as this was the part of the procedure i was not sure about. So how does one know how much toque that nut needs then? is it standard per vehicle? I was also told that the prop shaft nuts need replacing when removed, is this true?
  6. Suffolk Defender

    Replacing the diff pinion oil seal.

    Hi all, i am looking to follow this post to replace the pinion on my rear diff. Its not clear to me how i know which rear axle i have, Rover or Salisbury? i think its the Salisbury. how do i know for sure? I assume once i know this i can get the right seal ordered. Melv
  7. Suffolk Defender

    Rust is showing and i want to help my landy

    thanks for the advice guys i appreciate any help i can get. I recently bought a grinder and some twisted wire cup brushes. I was cleaning a gate for repainting. This would do the job i suppose. The down side for me is i dont have any option to work undercover so need a good forecast as well as time.. Lets assume its a hole, when you say repair is this a filler job or weld? Or does depend on the size? Would replace be the whole bulk head? I guess my fear is grinding the rust out and then having a large hole while i get it rectified.
  8. Suffolk Defender

    Service myself rather than pay the garage

    i found this nice guide that shows the information needed for the LT77 Gearbox, there is a filter plug as well. https://www.landroverexpedition.com/technical/lt77-gearbox-oil-change/ Also for my own reference and others that are reading this post for info, here is another post on this forum detailing the washers and where to get them. http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=52355
  9. Need to change the gear oil

  10. Suffolk Defender

    Service myself rather than pay the garage

    Nice one Western Thanks! i thought it must be given the location. Its a beast of a size mind! PM'd Hybrid from Hell. M
  11. Hi all, i have some rust breaking through on the bulk head. I figured i better start getting used to this and learn what the best course of action is to beat it/ hold it back. i am looking to paint my landy this summer so am happy to do what is required even if it looks patchy while i go through the process. I assume i rub back until i dont have rust then treat it with something? photo: M
  12. Suffolk Defender

    Service myself rather than pay the garage

    Hi all, not been on for a while, turns out having children and building extensions takes a lot of time up! Resurrecting my old post and following on from the last thing i said, need to change the gearbox oil! Honitonhobbit, you advised that the large drain plug i was referring to was in fact not the drain plug at all. Problem is, i will be damned if i can see anything else in that area that resembles a drain plug. So i took a photo to see if someone can clarify what i am looking at. M PS. not sure what happened to my supporting member avatar, money is leaving my account..
  13. Suffolk Defender

    Service myself rather than pay the garage

    So i finally got my front and rear diff oil changed. Also managed the transfer box with my new pump courtesy of Smith and Allen, very handy pit of kit for a job like that! Gearbox wasn't so easy i don't have a socket big enough for the drain plug, its huge! However, i did check the oil in here and its nice and full so good there doesn't seem to be any leaks. The transfer box wasn't so full when i opened the fill plug! i seem to have a considerable leak here.
  14. Suffolk Defender

    Exhaust Silencer has rusted again

    Thanks all for your help. The job was reasonably straight forward. I got a tail pipe from my local Jayar's car parts. In case anyone comes across this post and wants detail the item was PART NO: EXLR6016 and cost me £30+VAT. I had never done this before and it took me around an hour without jacking the defender up. Could be quicker if i wasn't so fat and so cold! Recommend lubricating(WD40 in my case) the nuts a good few hours before as they will be rusted. However mine were not hard to get off. Then a little grease around the thread when re-fitting. In all 2 u bolts that hold the exhaust up to the chassis, wrap cable ties around when you undo and put the new one on. Makes it easier when alone. Then there is 3 bolts(on mine anyway) that compress the tail pipe the mid section, there is what looked like an olive between the 2 sections and i used Fire Putty to get a good seal. This was £1.99 and will probably last years given how little i used. Job done and another skill to add!
  15. Suffolk Defender

    Exhaust Silencer has rusted again

    Hi all, The exhaust silencer section has rusted again and is now hanging by a thread. In the past i would be down to the garage to get it fixed. Given i have started servicing my defender myself now i figured i would change the broken exhaust. However, i haven't done this before. It would be nice to a get a stainless system in time, but for now i will replace with steel. Can anyone recommend where i go to get these parts? Is there any obvious gotchas when doing this kind of work? Thanks ----------------------------------------- Defender 1987 110 Ex MOD 2.5N/A

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