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  1. Hi all Wonder if anyone can help. I have a series 2a landy which I recently fitted with a rebuild rover 3.5 v8 from a Rangie classic (been wanting to do it for years!!). As part of the rebuild I also replaced the igntioin electrics with a kit from powerspark so it has new distributor, 8mm leads, plugs, coil etc. We also rebuilt the carbs (strombergs CD175) with new gaskets and it also runs on lpg. So the problem is that it starts and runs well when it's warm but is an absolute bugger to start when the outside air temp is cold. In the summer it was ok, I could get it to start but now it is getting cold it is an ordeal to get going. I usually crank and crank and then smell petrol in the exhaust so give up. When I come back in a few hours (and often with jump leads) it will eventually fire but again, after cranking and cranking. Once it fires just once it will then restarts straight way, even if I turn it off as soon as it starts the first time. Also I’ve never been able to start it on lpg when the engine is cold, even in the summer. Again, it'll start on lpg after the engine has been fired up the first time. So, anybody have any ideas that might help. I've never owned a rover v8 so am at a bit of a loss where to start troubleshooting. Is there a technique to starting these v8s when the air temp is cold? I thought I might be over choking but have tried without and, a little and a lot, still doesn't seem to help. I did think perhaps I'm not getting a really strong spark? Any pointers on how to diagnose the problem would be great. Thanks. Alex Specs: Rebuilt (with Rimmer kit) 3.5 v8 from late 70s / early 80s range rover Carbs - strombergs CD175 Complete 35DLM8 Electronic distributor Genuine Lucas ignition module Genuine Lucas DLB198 Coil POWERSPARK™ 8 Cylinder Red Powercor HT Leads 8mm
  2. Hi there all Wonder if anyone can help with a few questions I have on fitting a 3.5 range rover v8 into my series. I've got hold of and stripped down the v8 and it's currently at the machine shop being rebored. I've also managed to get hold of a second hand conversion plate and mountings. I really don't fancy cutting the crank so I'd like to turn down the input shaft. Any views on what is involved in removing the input shaft from a series 2a box? I was hoping not to strip the box. Also, if I reduce the input shaft will it fit straight into the range rover flywheel and spigot or do I need to buy something else. Also, any views on how much a need to modify the bulkhead. Do I need to do both sides or can I get away with just the passenger side? If anyone has photos of the modifications that would be great. Be good to see some photos before I get the angle grinder out!! Hope someone can help and thanks in advance. Not doubt many more questions coming. I'll post some photos when I get started.
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