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  1. Hmm any suggestions on how to plug it? 🤔
  2. Hmm when you say do something? Just start poking it with some electricity and see what happens?
  3. Errr just assumed it was fully shut in its 'resting' position. From memory they are sprung arnt they? Either way the other plenum had it's own one in and still the same issue.
  4. Yer well I was wondering if I had a leak with the plenum (blanking plugs, throttle housing, stepper motor wasnt shut fully, where I had mounted niges pwm pipe outlet etc) so put another plenum on and still got the same problem. I can find any air leaks anywhere incl rocker cover pipes, changed valley gasket, rocker cover gasket, I've blocked off the brake servo pipe incase that was leaking and it's still wanting to idle around 1000rpm
  5. Right, slight update. Ive got another plenum and tried that incase I had an air leak where I'd put all the pwm pipe work on or incase I had a leak around the throttle housing and still got the same problem. Starting to run out ideas as to where to look for an air leak. 😖
  6. Right, had the tps sensor off and the stepper motor out. Tried blanking off the stepper motor but it just started reving to 2000 on idle so put it back. Is it possible I've got an air leak around that internally?
  7. Everything is 4.6l stuff apart from the exhaust manifolds which are 4.0l
  8. I can't remember if it is or not. It enters in front of the butterfly valve though I think. I've changed the valley gasket today as now working my way up and the rocker covers seals as well. One thing I did notice this morning is that when starting from cold it idles well until it starts to warm up and only really starts hunting when it's up to temp. Don't no if that helps narrow down the causes.
  9. Still struggling to find the vacuum leak. It actually idles pretty well until it gets up to temp then it wants to be around 1000rpm to run well. Have checked the butterfly valve in the plenum and that seems fine. Could it be the seals where the butterfly valves connects to the throttle linkage and tps sensor?
  10. Drill bit has been replaced with proper pipework now. Dipstick seal is pretty good.
  11. Phew. So why would clamping that pipe help?
  12. Well I'm not gonna rule anything out but it's a brand new recon engine so I hope not! Lol. How can you tell if there's excessive pressure?
  13. Passenger side (the one the drill bits pointing at)
  14. Found the revs drop if I clamp the pipe from the drivers side rocker cover to the plenum. What would cause that? Air leak round the rocker cover gasket? Also how stable should the revs be on idle. Listening to the engine it sounds pretty stable but there is around 100rpm wonder according to the laptop

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