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  1. Could you cut some shallow channels in the ball to allow grease to flow. Would obviously need to stone or similar the ball after to ensure there were no burrs.
  2. Like Dave said, truss or pipe clamps are a available in a multitude of sizes and weight loadings. CPC have a selection, link below https://cpc.farnell.com/c/audio-visual/professional-sound-lighting/scenery-staging/trussing-accessories If you want the best then you want Doughty, link below http://www.doughty-engineering.co.uk/shop/138/129/index.htm I have a few 30mm wide ones at work for 50mm tubing I can do without for a couple of weeks if you want me to send you a couple in the post to have a look at, they are only light and will fit in a jiffy back so won't cost a fo
  3. http://www.springfixlinkages.com/en/catalog/metric-linkages/clevis-pins-clips/safety-fasteners/r3440 Are these the fasteners you were looking for?
  4. We use a company called Verve Display in Harlow for large format printing and stage graphics etc, LINK Have never used them for vehicle graphics but I know they do do them. I'll dig out the contact details of our contact there when I'm back in the office tomorrow and get them to you if you want. Simon
  5. Are the holes in the two new ones small enough to allow you to drill out and tap to m10??
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