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  1. Like Dave said, truss or pipe clamps are a available in a multitude of sizes and weight loadings. CPC have a selection, link below https://cpc.farnell.com/c/audio-visual/professional-sound-lighting/scenery-staging/trussing-accessories If you want the best then you want Doughty, link below http://www.doughty-engineering.co.uk/shop/138/129/index.htm I have a few 30mm wide ones at work for 50mm tubing I can do without for a couple of weeks if you want me to send you a couple in the post to have a look at, they are only light and will fit in a jiffy back so won't cost a fortune to post. Or if you or anyone you know is in the Stansted Airport area in the near future your welcome to come and pick them up. Cheers Simon
  2. http://www.springfixlinkages.com/en/catalog/metric-linkages/clevis-pins-clips/safety-fasteners/r3440 Are these the fasteners you were looking for?
  3. We use a company called Verve Display in Harlow for large format printing and stage graphics etc, LINK Have never used them for vehicle graphics but I know they do do them. I'll dig out the contact details of our contact there when I'm back in the office tomorrow and get them to you if you want. Simon
  4. Are the holes in the two new ones small enough to allow you to drill out and tap to m10??
  5. These guys are down the road from my work, they have a sign outside currently saying lorry bodies for sale. Don't know if they have anything that might be of use to you, but you don't know if you don't ask. HTH
  6. The lights I used are in the link below https://www.dun-bri.com/Brands/LED-Autolamps/Commercial-Vehicle-Lighting/150-Series-Compact-LED-Combination-Lamp-309150 I think retail is about £15 +vat each. I have also used front and side marker lights from the same range. I don't know how this compares price wise to the ebay special units, The MD of the company is a fellow scout leader so a deal was done. They haven't been on there long but only time will tell how they hold up. As to whether a descent filament unit will work as well and be maintenance free I couldn't say, but for what I paid LED units were a no brainer.
  7. Thank you gents. Hadn't thought of using a bulb as a resistor. If I go down the resistor route does anyone know what rating and resistance I will need?? Am guessing it's the same as the resistance through a bulb if I measure that with the meter??
  8. Evening all, am hoping the collective brains of the forum can help. I have just changed the lights on my local scout group trailer to led units, the lights work perfectly but the dash tell-tale no longer flashes. Am assuming this is a resistance problem, like when fitting led indicators to vehicle. Can anyone confirm this is the case? And if so any help on fixing the issue would be great. Am thinking either a different flasher relay if one even exists for this application, or adding a resistor to each side of the trailer. If it makes any difference the vehicle still has filament indicators and I have no plans to change to led anytime soon. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Cheers Simon
  9. As per the title, I am buying Lewis's old MIG welder off him and was wondering if anyone was planning on going anywhere near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire and towards Stansted airport, Essex or anywhere in between in the next few weeks?? Any possible help greatly appreciated. Simon p.s. Mods if you feel this is in the wrong section please move accordingly.
  10. Green bob, where abouts are you? Can't see on mobile site before everyone says look at his signature. Might know of some take off 7.50's with plenty of tread left near Stansted if your interested. Cheers Simon
  11. I used one of these in my old landy, http://www.mudstuff.co.uk/products/audio-accessories/din-mounting-tray.html Not as neat as the original 300tdi era moldings but a £7 it did it's job. I also preferred having the display of the head unit at an angle, was much easier to read. Unlike my current one which is mounted with the display vertical in a Mud center console. HTH Simon
  12. something like this small enough?? http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/analogue-positive-pressure-gauges/4359615/ would just require the right adapter to whatever size push fit connector you need
  13. Hopefully the link below will take you to my gallery where I have uploaded the pics. http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?app=gallery&album=1472 Any questions feel free to ask. I'm up near Ware so not too far if you do want to come and have a look. Simon
  14. I made my own single pivot wheel carrier. Mounted on the cross member only, used a turned down hub as the pivot. Depending on where in Herts you are, your more than welcome to come and have a look at it for some inspiration. Will try and remember to take some pics if I remember. Simon
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