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    My family is my first intrest, we love camping in the sticks, and we have plenty of options. and in general good times with friends and family
  1. Ok the body now stands alone, next the roof to come off then the real work can start.
  2. Troll hunter Hi Mike i will go see if i can find the Tech archive thank you very much
  3. Well siad mike the driving is the most important.
  4. Hi Guys Excuse my ignorence her on this subject !!!!!! why put a lift kit on a defender. ..... the only thing lifting is the body, your ground clearence stays the same if you keep the standard wheels ..... in my opinion the only wat to increase your ground clearance is to put on bigger wheels,,,,,, Am i wrong in saying this? thanks Regards Richard
  5. western Thanks i see that.... for peace of mind i will make a stand to go at the rear, it just looks to heavy for my liking thanks to all forthe input i really apreciate it Regards Richard
  6. Just another question. if i place beams at the point marked across the body on stands will the back be to heavy and tip? Should i place a stand right at the back as well to be safe. i am a bit concerned as i have no weight in front. thanks in advance regards Richard
  7. Hi Western thank you a good idea i am a bit limited for space so i want t obuild a frame with wheels so i can move the body around in and out of the garage, want t omake turns chassis and body, i am using my original chassis as it has no rust i just want to repaint it and then start rebuilding with all new parts. I like the high lift jack idea i am going to be using that for sure. thanks again regards Richard
  8. Hi Guys thank you for the tips and advice going to make stands this afternoon to support body was also thinking bolting one stand on the front bulk head mounts and two on each side under the B post, thanks again ejparrott westernand Mike
  9. Good day i please need some advice i really don't want to break anything, i am rebuilding a Defender 110 i am now at the atage i wantto drop the frame and seperate the body. my height is limited and i need to know were i can put stands under the body to support it when i drop the frame to pull it out. i have to make stands a bit wider than the axels to hold the body to allow me to get the frame ou. any advice here will be greatly appreciated the last thing i want is a accident and someone gets hurt thanks in advance Regards Richard
  10. Hi Western thanks for the link greatly appreciated
  11. Thanks reb78, i will search around i hope to find a place to get parts because we i am they are scarce to come by. thanks again
  12. Ooops !!!! Britpart a problem? i was thinking of getting all my parts from them .... sorry a bit off the subject
  13. Thanks guys have a good weekend
  14. Good morning has somebody possibly got a link to exmoor or a website? thanks in advance
  15. thanks to all for the help and advice i can see this is going to be a awsome site to be a member of
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