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  1. ottomatic

    Viscous fan coupling query

    Thank you all for the comments. Landrover got it mostly right with their mechanical engineering; if they had embraced galvanising, there would be little to change. I’m going to stick with stock and run the viscous fan setup. Caution with the cowl types noted.
  2. ottomatic

    Viscous fan coupling query

    Fair comment. My normal inclination is not to stray too far from standard LR spec (even if it’s a different model) because the further you go down that path, the more difficult it becomes when you inevitably have to replace/repair.
  3. ottomatic

    Viscous fan coupling query

    I have a Disco 300tdi engine and am dropping it into a Ninety. It did not come with a viscous fan. I have been offered a used one supposedly off a 300tdi. The thing is that the threaded stud on the engine idler is around 28mm OD while the nut on the fan coupling is around 32mm internally. Leaves it more than acceptably loose...., Are there different sizes of couplings?

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