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  1. Cheers mate.......But change of plan its going the scrap yard.......while driving down the motorway today at 60 mph it went into a vicious shaking spasm and I was very lucky it did'nt cause an accident, checked everything again on the hard shoulder and nothing appeared wrong, drove away again it was ok apart from its normal vibration at 30 mph.heers I'm completely at a loss.
  2. Thanks Sealt......I'm not sure if my garrage checked the propshaft splines, but worn splines sounds a possibility. I have decided to replace all the suspension and this morning ordered a new set of shockers, springs, complete bush set, UJs and wheel bearings. If this dont work its definately going to the scrap yard. Thank you and regards. John the Fridge. ( Einar Sevarg )
  3. Hi Rocky.....Had the wheels balanced last week but problem still there, I've also had it to the main dealers and they cant put there finger on it, its driving me crackers, perhaps the only way to sort it will be to change every bush, shocks, tyres ,UJs etc: Anyway thanks for your help. Regards....John.
  4. Hi. Thanks for your help will order a complete set of UJs today.Cheers......John
  5. Hi....Hope someone can help, my Disco develops noisy vibration when reducing speed in top gear to roughly 30mph, its very noisy and sounds tinny when accelerating in 4th gear at 30mph and only settles out when I reach 40mph, checked all UJ'S and they appear to be fine, changed the doughnut to no avail, I'm completly at a loss. Any help realy appreciated........John the Fridge.
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