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  1.  Hello Mike. Can I have the TDI  K&N filter please & would you post it at my cost please????

    1. welling4x4


      Mike could you contact me about tdi  filter please. 

  2. I am very happy with my mtrack, I've had to ring them a few times (mainly because I've accidentally set it off!) and always got straight through to a very helpful person... It's fully transferable between vehicles Mike
  3. Are they not different sizes post 2002? Or is it just door locks?
  4. Don't know if you've already checked this but on my td5 the solenoid feed wire crimp had corroded and filled up with gunk, same symptoms as you, easily fixed with a new crimp terminal and 2 mins with the emery cloth Mike
  5. The rear cross members are a bit different between tdi and td5, but if that's being replaced anyway just fit the appropriate one... If it's been in a crash definitely check the measurements are within the factory specs to the nearest foot... Also if you can get it galved once it's been welded up Mike
  6. I'd suggest making it significantly longer than whatever you intend to work on so you can escape either end in case of fire Mike
  7. Since when was aluminium treadplate bulletproof? Surely trading standards can get rid of this hideous creation? I can't find the vomiting emoticon thing!
  8. looks like you wouldn't need a radiator muff! ahem.... elusive Mike
  9. Hi Glad you're on the mend Can I have Cap with White T shirt M black with white Fleece M Navy with White Thanks Mike
  10. It's the diameter that's the main difference, when I changed mine in sure I had to unscrew the end off the old one and transfer it to the new one, it might account for your new one looking shorter? Mike
  11. Yup just means you can accurately control the depth of the cut and get the disc most of the way round, if you went straight up you'd either cut the box or only cut 30% of the arm Mike
  12. I've asked about this before, apparently britpart do supply some oem stuff that they source but isn't made by them, I've not had any problems with the 'oem' or suffix G stuff yet, unlike pretty much everything else from Sh*tpart Mike
  13. First time I did it on my old 110 it took 3 pry bars jacked up on 3 bottle jacks like a Mercedes sign so the whole weight of the car was on it and beating it with a large hammer for 2 hours at which point it let go with an almighty bang, second time on my new 110 I just carefully slit it with a 1mm disc in a spiral shape to avoid the splines and it tapped off in 2 mins... I'd definitely recommend the disco conversion, just make sure you defo ordered the disco bars as obviously they're different lengths! Mike
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