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  1. Im watching with interest, I have just bought 5 new 235x65x17 all terrains and curious to know if they will hit the spring cups. The top part of the tyre is tapered so unsure if it will clear. Going to get the spare fitted with new tyre tomorrow. Really dont want to go down spacer route if i have to. *2003 Td4 Kalahari (Standard)
  2. I have on the winch... RED - Live Black - Earth Blue Green Yellow White I have no idea what the solenoid is, it looks stock and is mounted on top above the drum... pics to follow!
  3. motor or clutch side first?? or just strip and lube the whole lot ?
  4. motor or clutch side first?? or just strip and lube the whole lot ?
  5. this is too much... http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150326411026420
  6. Can anyone help me with getting this working? I have it wired up as per usual with +12v and ground but there was no remote supplied so need to wire it up to a cheap ebay wireless remote. I have googled and cant seem to find a wiring diagram with the colours. The cheap ebay wiring kit has colours that seem to match but on the Superwinch i have two left over.... green and blue. The motor is getting HOT and the relay/solenoid clicks but no joy..... It has been abused and I think its possible for it to be seized / full of mud so not sure on my next course of action.... Help! Mike
  7. I always use paypal and then claim if there are problems that way.
  8. I think the honda CRV did the same and went from a 2.2 to 2.0 engines as did the x-trail. Power levels were same but fuel economy went up too.
  9. use whatever gearbox you want then make the lt230 remote with custom propshafts. easiest route by far.
  10. Would it not be easier to fit the r380 and lt230? Use a defender 300tdi/td5 gearbox tunnel ??
  11. What about adapting Land Cruiser axles instead ? strong axles with electric lockers. Easier to adapt ratios to something usable and the yanks run them on HUGE tyres for rock crawling. Mog axles are HEAVY expensive and drum brakes on the 404s.
  12. Escort is possibly a wrong example but for general trailers, caravans etc B+E does not always apply. I sat the B+E and the trailer was a tow-a-van twin axle behind a transit. I then sat my cat C LGV and my employer wanted me to tow a mini excavator behind a 10ton truck, again this was a problem as I was only allowed to tow 750kg!! So they sent me for C+E (artic) and now I can tow a trailer behind most things!! I have sat a theory test for Motorbike, Car, Truck and also a practical test for motorbike, car, car towing, LGV, HGV !!! Its a bit of a joke.!
  13. Im sure that LR Special Vehicles tune the TDCi as I had a 130 cherry picker at work which was faster than a 110 TDCi and bang on 3500kg. Transits are available in all different power variants and im sure its a chip/ecu/boost mod ???
  14. stick with 3.9 and go for turbo or supercharger ?? bigger displacement = thin cyl walls ????
  15. seen a renault 5 in france towing a caravan!! :unsure:
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