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  1. New Defender mule

    It is a mule. The original freelanders were trialled and tested using marina van bodies to cover the underneathy bits
  2. New Defender mule

    Having looked at it long and hard I think it is just the camouflage making it look that way, if you look at the body of the door the patterns are continuous
  3. New Defender mule

    http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2017/12/here-s-the-first-photographic-evidence-a-new-land-rover-defender-is-in-the-works.html Looks like it is near Gaydon as well
  4. Mantec down the swanny too...

    Seeing lots of local Defenders that seem to be more about wide wheels and tyres which look like somebody has wrapped a strip of liquorice around the rim, along with items which are more about bling than anything useful. Not the sort of market Mantec catered for really. A friend of mine and I looked into the idea of doing things like galvanised cappings, bumpers, wire mesh radiator grilles and numerous other, smaller components. We found that the interest simply wasn't there, people we talked to were more interested in spotlights, alloy wheels and stainless steel fittings
  5. A new rival to the Defender?

    Interestingly Ineos has been in the news recently in various areas. Mostly because they are one of the companies that is involved in fracking projects
  6. Honestly it is a far better idea to pull the stub axle seal out and chuck it in a bin. Let the oil from the diff migrate along the half shaft and lubricate the wheel bearings. Just like Land Rovers of old did, right up to about 1994
  7. I want to fit an Oil Pressure gauge to my V8 110

    From sepia tinted memory, there was something in the Des Hamill book about tuning the RV8 which suggested that increasing the oil pressure too much resulted in increased wear in the pump and horrible shearing things with the distributor drive gear retaining pin. Plus it did funny things to the tappets. Mine has been running the MG spring for about 7 years and 50,000+ miles without obvious ill effect, thus far
  8. I want to fit an Oil Pressure gauge to my V8 110

    Whilst on the subject of oil pressure and the V8 Why is it so low in a Land Rover application? I have fitted the spring from the PRV of a V8 as fitted to the MG and the oil pressure is double that of the Land Rover
  9. Er. Horn upgrade post (well additional tooter)

    Given the logarithmic nature of the Db scale, an additional 3Db equates to a doubling in volume so an additional 97 Db is going to be 32 times louder. A bit like sticking your head inside the exhaust nozzle of a Saturn 5 at take off. https://www.alpinehearingprotection.com/wiki/5-sound-levels-in-decibels/
  10. I sometimes find that when somebody drives very close behind me with any combination of high beam/fog/spot lamps on, I get all confused and end up selecting neutral.
  11. Front middle seat

    If nobody on here has one laid around then as good a place to start as any other is https://www.pablanchard.co.uk Be warned they can be grumpy when on the phone, but they are knowledgeable and have lots of odd bits and pieces as does https://www.johnrichardssurplus.co.uk
  12. 3.5 V8 tuning

    I have a 4.2 in mine and it is a far nicer engine to drive than the 3.5. It is also more economical. Not by a huge amount but when you are starting from a base line of 15mpg every little helps. Snag is that the 4.2 is a bit of a rarity in Land Rover guise. Far more of them went to places like TVR and other manufacturers
  13. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    If you want ignition related components the place to go to is. http://www.simonbbc.com From memory of when I had a 3.9 cam in my 3.5 it gives a small increase in power. Something to do with the increased valve overlap.
  14. SU carburetters

    if you need any information about SU carbs, this is the place to go to. http://sucarb.co.uk
  15. Temp and coolant issue

    The problem could lie with the gauge, the sender unit or the wiring between. It may be worth your while to spend a few pounds on a laser thermometer and check the temperature of various elements before getting too carried away with replacing things when you might not have a problem other than, say, the sender unit. I have vague memories of a similar problem some years ago and it turned out to be the final connection between wiring and sender unit