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  1. 2.25 d brake vacuum pump

    Having had both the butterfly and the pump, I can remember the transformation of the brakes after the change over. As previously mentioned I was in the fortunate position of having an ex Dutch army 24V truck with the big alternator mounted on the top left of the engine. I have vague recollections of changing the front pulley for a 3 groove unit, 2 to drive the alternator and the 3rd to drive the water pump and vac pump. Same as British army 24V set up where there are 2 belts for the alternator and 1 for the water pump. There is n reason why a 2 groove pullet wouldn't have done the job and it had a 2 groove pulley fitted originally. I just wanted 2 to drive the alternator.
  2. 2.25 d brake vacuum pump I had one on mine, but I was in the fortunate position of having a 24V alternator so I managed to fit it where the standard 12v alternator fitted. There is a bracket fitted to the 24V vehicles, both petrol and diesel, for a tensioner or idler pulley. I think I used that, but it was over 20 years ago and my memory is a bit sepia tinted. You can see the relevant pulley in this video of a 24V engine, at approx the 5 O'Clock position behind the fan Found one.
  3. 3.5 V8 Vee Belt Tensioner Bearing The bearing as a separate part has been superceded by the tensioner assembly, which is common to 200 and V8 However if you follow the link above, there are bearings available for less than the price requested by Cradocks
  4. Tyres - arrrrrr

    Try looking here.
  5. V8 exhaust clacking

    I feel your pain, I have been trying to seal the joint betwixt the "Y" pipe and the centre box on mine for about 8 years now. Lambda sensors are relatively inexpensive if you buy them from your local Lucas distributor rather than Land Rover. I remember looking this up some years ago. The sensors were over £400 each from Land Rover and one side was more expensive than the other, however they were about £20 from Lucas
  6. Ok.... Axle disc brake, hub conversion

    The change from drums to discs on the back end of a 110, which will also facilitate the fitting of alloy wheels, involves replacing the stub axle, the hub, the half shaft (it is marginally shorter) and the drive member. It also requires fitting a bracket to the axle (to carry the caliper) calipers and the discs themselves. My front axle is a bit of a bar steward creation. It has a 300 era axle case (bigger radius arm bushes) fitted with the earlier hubs, stubs and deep drive members. Inside the stub axle there is a bronze bush, whilst on the later stub there is a needle roller. Gosh it has been a long time since I did this, I seem to recall that the CV joints are not inter changeable between the 2 axles because of the differing number of splines on the half shafts. The earlier CV joints are stronger than the later variety. The early axles had a 10 spline differential whilst the later had a 24 spine dif. At one stage I had 300 era drive members on the back of my truck and I am sure I ran them with the longer half shafts from the drum brake axle, but this was nearly 20 years ago
  7. Yes, I remember spending hours with a new loom on the living room floor, tracing every wire and trying to work out what it did. brown/slate for indicators anybody? As opposed to the civilian green/white or green/red. Relays to prevent things from working, I think I removed something like 3 relays from the loom. Then again, even military looms on series vehicles had a relay for the brake lights and a relay for the horn
  8. Td5 era 110 rear discs

    there are a couple of options for rear discs and judging by the chassis numbers the change over was in the middle of TD5 production. Presumably when they went from the Salisbury axle to the short nose diff type axle FTC3486 Brake Disc Rear 110 to WA159806 LR018026 Rear Brake Disc Solid 110/130 from XA159807
  9. Td5 era 110 rear discs

    Presuming it is a Salisbury axle rather than the later variant? WOLF had a reinforced Rover axle fitted at the back end because it was found to be stronger than the salisbury during the trials. The test drivers kept bending the tubes of the Salisbury units. (Mate of mine was part of the Land Rover development team)
  10. R380 oil Cooler ????

    No it is not an oil cooler thermostat, it is an over temperature warning sender unit. The oil cooler thermostat look like this. Although this link says it is for the LT77 it is very similar to the unit I have fitted to my R380 R380 type, no illustration, sadly. Price is pretty sad as well.
  11. What people may not know is that when the original military light switch was fitted there were various other wrinkles. When in the convoy position it also isolates the supply to things like brake lights and indicators. This prevents inadvertent lighting of said items
  12. The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    I know there HAS to be a reason why the body is sitting about a foot (I'm old) above the chassis but for the life of me I can't work it out
  13. Salisbury Axles (Disc / Drum differences)

    It is 18 years since I did the swap so I admit I may have forgotten a few of the details
  14. Salisbury Axles (Disc / Drum differences)

    I have done a couple of conversions from drum to disc and the axle casings are exactly the same. The addition of discs was a very simple bolt on conversion. Involving a cast aluminium bracket for the caliper and (from memory) 4 longer bolts to retain the stub axle. Speaking of the stub axle and hubs they are different components, but yes it is a simple nuts n bolts conversion
  15. 300Tdi Coolant Temp connector

    Yes, it is a tiny bullet connector which is part of the wire from the gauge. Blue/green wire from memory