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  1. I seem to remember reading an article about this rover in LRO, about ooh 15-20 years ago. The owner turned up at Billing with it and said he was going to do a full restoration on it. He thought that because the chassis No started 86 that it was an 86 rather than an 80 which would seem a reasonable presumption
  2. Advice, Body change, notifying etc.

    This is the creature to which you refer http://imagerover.photoshelter.com/image/I0000P0OGhCP4f.8 http://imagerover.photoshelter.com/image/I0000bbqq48S1pds
  3. Chang of engine on v5

    I have a CSW which is fitted with 16 seats. It all happened when I came back from the USA with the truck, having been out there for a couple of years. Because I had not intended to return the truck was classed as a permanent export. The DVLA generated a new V5 for the truck and showed it as having 16 seats. When I sent the V5 back and pointed out the error, the DVLA kept the V5 and sent me a massive questionnaire asking when I had rebuilt the vehicle, wanting photos of the vehicle before, during and after the work. I wrote back pointing out that the vehicle had not been rebuilt, or worked on but that there had been a mistake on the V5. I got another copy of the same letter and still no V5. So I sent photos to show that the truck only has 5 seats, showed the reg No, the seats from the front, the middle and the back. Got a new V5 which now showed that I have a 16 seat CSW. Gave up, pointed out the error to the insurance company and told them of the experience dealing with the DVLA. They seemed quite happy to accept that the vehicle only has 5 seats fitted.
  4. 2.5 TD time to start when cold

    Just a little humour on the subject of diesel.
  5. Steering box leak 1989 110 2.5td

    I once bought a recon box through Paddocks from memory (but don't quote me on that) and I doubt I will be repeating the exercise. It was horribly adjusted and full of blasting media, or sand, either way it felt gritty when things were moving. Yes the coat of black paint was very shiny but the box itself was a piece of junk that went straight back. I subsequently replaced the seals on my existing box and it is still there 15 years later. 15 years which included trips to the Sahara, immersions in rivers and the usual daily grind
  6. Salisbury axle bracket.

    I think I may have one sat on a redundant axle at my mother's house. How soon do you need it? I ask because I am 1500Kms from there and in a different country. Though I will be back in UK in approx 6 weeks. If you are in a real jam I could probably get a friend to check for me. Alternatively. https://www.pablanchard.co.uk/shop/products/Bracket-for-Rear-Axle-Ball-Joint-NRC9607.html https://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/land-rover-parts/nrc9607-bracket-for-rear-axle-ball-joint-110-1987-on.html
  7. Jate ring .....Nut & BOLT

    Should you be the sort of person who insists on using genuine parts, the numbers are: BH110281L for the bolts WC110061L for the spacers NY110041L for the nuts And for the JATE rings themselves RRC3237
  8. Did LR galv any Defender CSW components?

    AFAIK the only components galvanised on the 110 station wagon were: body cappings and front bumper and they stopped doing that after a couple of years, sometime around 1986. The components you have unearthed have never been galvanised by LR on any of their production vehicles, not even in the halcyon days of series production
  9. Wolf Donaldson Air Cleaner/Filter part no

    I have the entire TUM parts list on a PDF. Unfortunately I am 800 miles from the computer that has it. As soon as I get back to UK I will send you a copy or a link or whatever is needed
  10. Bellhousing differences

    The hole you refer to is the hole for the drain plug, presuming you are talking about the round hole, which they appear to have moved, possibly the thread was stripped in the original hole? The part Nos for Bell housings are FRC9865 for a 50A gearbox https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/117167/0/housing___clutch or FRC6154 for a 60A gearbox. https://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/116983/0/housing___clutch I know which of those you don't need it to be The flywheel housings are: ERR1330 or ERR3924 (ERR1330 changes to ERR3924 anyway and the priice is umm eye watering.) If you cannot find anybody on here who has one for sale, try Ashcroft transmissions, they may have what you seek and be willing to accept yours in Part ex http://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk It may be worth your while to give them a call and talk to them about your perceived problem, you may find that your current set up is perfectly adequate
  11. Searching for a 110

    I have a vague notion that the CWK plates were on the factory press fleet. If it is an original Y it has had some alterations in its life, even from the photos, It would originally have had galvanised cappings and the upper body panels, roof etc would have been ivory rather than white, or body coloured. The original rear windows were the same as series and the doors would have been 2 piece with sliding windows. The rear wheel arches would have had a peculiar step down (about an inch) at the rear just before the covers for the rear lights and there would have been a tool box in the left hand rear wheel box, just behind the wheel on that side. The original filler cap was a big metal thing, similar to series. Similarly the door latches were of a different type to those shown fitted to the vehicle in the photos, front indicator repeaters were very slim things as well and the rear fog/reversing lights were the oblong variety
  12. Electrical problems 300 tdi 1995 vehicle

    The big fuse box, correction, the box with the big fuses in it, is just below/behind the air filter on a 300, looks like a black box, about the same size as a couple of cigarette packets
  13. 110 Hard Top

    You might be able to source one from Flea blag. Though most of the breakers seem to have been inverted. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l2632.R2.TR7.TRC1.A0.H1.Xbreaking+defender.TRS0&_nkw=breaking+defender&_sacat=6030
  14. Some idiots failing at recovery

    If the mud has frozen solid it should be possible to drive out, once you dig the wheels clear, put something under them to ensure that it isn't beached on the chassis and lay some soft ground mats. Been there, done that