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  1. neil110

    Engine and gearbox fit into chassis

    I think before I started drilling anything, I would be 'phoning Richard's chassis and having a few words with them.
  2. neil110

    4x4 low keeps popping out. Possible causes?

    A possible alternative to the above is the position of the lever on the shaft. It will all make a lot more sense after you have removed the rubber gear lever gaiter and the sound deadening pad from the base of the levers
  3. neil110

    Best horn replacement

    Twin Land Rover horns, 1 high tone and 1 low tone
  4. neil110

    Defender 300Tdi engine bling

    The block on mine 300, bought new in March 1994, was black
  5. neil110

    Clutch on its way out

    Yes, possibly a bit lighter if there is any difference at all.
  6. neil110

    Clutch on its way out

    The clutch in mine is an AP racing clutch. Been in there a couple of years and is an absolute delight
  7. neil110

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    Another one that is as bent as a 9 Bob note (45p coin for our younger viewers) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/land-rover-defender-90-200-tdi-no-mot-with-or-with-out-id-price-is-with-out-id/113672216541?hash=item1a77645fdd:g:am4AAOSw651cJ7PG&redirect=mobile
  8. neil110

    300tdi oil leak

    T seals would tend to leak between the back of the sump and the front of the flywheel housing and would only leak while engine has sufficient oil to reach that level and whilst running. Find it difficult to believe it dumped half a gallon of oil on the floor while the engine wasn't running. That would suggest the flywheel housing was full of oil and a replacement clutch would be needed as well
  9. That is what happens with the ignition on my V8, everything else on the truck is switched off while the engine is cranking and the engine fires after releasing the ignition key. In ignition position it energises a relay which engages the starter solenoid
  10. Dazzling array of part nos there. Not sure if this one is included but it might go some way to answering your question. https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/mobile/product/828
  11. neil110

    Cheapest place to get a series 3 exhaust

    I wouldn't touch a double S system with yours. Had one on My 110 and it was an absolute pile of festering dog carp. It was a dreadful fit, one of the welds on the manifolds cracked and it rusted.
  12. neil110

    1988 110 2.5 Turbo Head Lights on/off

    This one is a bit cheaper. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Genuine-Land-Rover-Headlamp-Dim-DIP-ECU-PRC8123/644662204?iid=401719561202 Judging by all the fins on the unit, I am guessing it is a resistor rather than a relay, it should be possible to replace the genuine unit with a resistor of similar capacity for pennies.
  13. neil110

    Best engine

    Discounting the fact that he missed 4 of the engines fitted into Defenders by a Land Rover factory. Namely the 2.8 BMW straight 6, the Isuzu 3.9 turbo and non turbo and the 2.0 MPI (as fitted for the Italian market) https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/land-rover/defender/100597/the-best-ever-defender-engines
  14. neil110

    Tyres for Series 3 ex-mil

    They might be able to help you here. http://www.totectyres.co.uk/military.aspx
  15. neil110

    Exhaust manifolds

    The very early manifolds are ERC5069 or ERC3102 left hand side ERC5068 Right hand side later engines ETC5809 ETC5811 Injection engines ERR5023 rh Err5024 for the other side

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