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  1. neil110

    two piece speedo cable part numbers

    Further research has located the relevant Range Rover parts. From speedo to transducer. PRC6278 https://www.brit-car.co.uk/search.php?query=prc6278&xBrand=&part_type=&xSupplierID=&product-sort=&xPerPage=10 From gearbox to transducer there are 2 options, dependent upon whether the vehicle is 3.5 or 3.9 the 3.5 option is PRC6320 https://www.brit-car.co.uk/search.php?query=prc6320&xBrand=&part_type=&xSupplierID=&product-sort=&xPerPage=10 And the 3.9 is PRC7949 https://www.brit-car.co.uk/search.php?query=prc7949&xBrand=&part_type=&xSupplierID=&product-sort=&xPerPage=10
  2. They have a dealer in Cambridge. Ride solutions, 33 Illingworth way, Foxton, Cambridge CB22 6RY
  3. neil110

    two piece speedo cable part numbers

    Even available at a not too ridiculous price. https://www.landroverpartscounter.com/oem-parts/land-rover-speedometer-cable-assembly-prc9555 Err let me rephrase that, I thought the reduction was the price.
  4. neil110

    two piece speedo cable part numbers

    The part Nos you require, from NAS defenders are: PRC9555 from transducer to speedo PRC7949 transducer to gearbox. https://www.usermanuals.tech/d/land-rover-defender-90-110-nas-parts-catalogue-rover-manual/part46#453
  5. neil110

    clutch pedal issues

    Maybe your new clutch plate is taking a while to bed in? What sort of condition was your fly wheel in?
  6. neil110

    The dreaded SS Exhaust subject

    Agreed, had a double s system on a V8 One_Ten and it was dreadful. The tubular manifolds were an appalling fit, the "Y" pipe only just engaged with the "Y" pipe, then there was a short section of straight pipe followed by the centre box which didn't line up with any mounting points. The tail pipe came out from beneath the truck at EXACTLY the same point where the mud flap fitted. The welds on the manifolds failed and the entire thing went rusty. Complete waste of money. Had a bespoke system made by PD Gough near Nottingham and, by comparison, it was a thing of wonder.
  7. http://timbren.com/aeon-springs/
  8. neil110

    exhaust wrap

    Correct, unless it is a high grade stainless exhaust. I wrapped the front section of a V8 for a couple of months until I replaced it with a stainless item. The degree of rusting on the non stainless pipe was remarkable
  9. neil110

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Of course there is another possibility. That this is a further model to be added to the Discovery range
  10. neil110

    TD5 fuel economy

    Might be worth having a look at your clutch pedal to see if it is fitted with the spring assist which Land Rover fitted to the Tdi but seem to have deleted in later years. For such a simple modification it transforms the clutch pedal feel. As well as the various transfer box options there is also the option of a taller 5th gear ratio.
  11. neil110

    Door window bottom external seals

    You might be able to find the original part on Www.thepart.com
  12. No, that took a bit of finding in itself, I'll have another look for it today and put the link on this thread. I only thought to look for it after reading on Richard's chassis website that the NAS 90 and 50th anniversary used the same chassis. https://www.usermanuals.tech/d/land-rover-defender-90-110-nas-parts-catalogue-rover-manual/index/49
  13. Thanks Ralph, turns out it is none of those part Nos. Found it, eventually, in the parts list for NAS vehicles, part No NTC 9241
  14. neil110

    exhaust question

    I bought an exhaust for mine from a well known supplier and the final section was indeed longer, but that was for a V8 As far as I am aware it was only with the introduction of the TD5 that Land Rover started fitting low grade stainless exhaust components.
  15. Does anybody have the part number for this item, please?

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