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  1. neil110

    Land Rover series 3 starring weal

    The wheel from a 300Tdi will fit a series 3 steering column, a friend had one fitted to his for years
  2. neil110

    Breakdown Cover

    According to the adverts, Green flag seem to think they are quite good. If you are a simple serpent you always have the option of the CSMA and their dedicated recovery organisation. The only occasion I needed the AA, they spent an hour and a half looking at the V8 before pronouncing they couldn't work out what was wrong with it and why the engine would not start. Luckily I was only a couple of miles from homer and in a Sainsbudgies car park.
  3. neil110

    300TDi Oil Leak Question

    From sepia tinted memory the T seals tend to dribble between the sump and the front of the flywheel housing and typically the engine oil in a Tdi is black, unless it's just been changed. On the plus side it is possible to change them without removing the engine.
  4. neil110

    Parts described as OEM

    The injection pump for the 300 was made by Bosch. When my local dealer informed me that mine had a serious diesel leak from the cold start system that was where the problems started. Land Rover didn't have an exchange unit anywhere on earth. The only new one they had in their entire network was in Turkey and I could pretty much have bought another Defender for the price they quoted. In the end they removed the pump and let me take it to a not so local Bosch specialist for an overhaul. Even that came in at a fag paper short of a grand but the pump looked like New when it came back.
  5. neil110

    Puma cold start - smoke (video)

    No you can buy a 60 amp fuse from anywhere that sells them. Land Rover don't make fuses, they buy them from a manufacturer, same with a huge array of the components fitted to any vehicle.
  6. neil110

    Hydraulic assist

    Hydraulic assist for what, please?
  7. neil110

    New steering wheel

    Not yet but I can soon fix that.
  8. neil110

    New steering wheel

    I have type A fitted with a leather cover, from wheel skins, which is just about the best wheel I have ever come across in a Defender. I find the rim of a bare type A too thin and the type B too fat and spongy
  9. neil110

    Puma cold start - smoke (video)

    Burning oil has a very distinctive smell and is (typically) blue. If you have had your injectors serviced and they are in good order, then it is entirely possible that it is oil that has leaked past valve guide oil seals. More so in view of the fact that it isn't present at any other time.
  10. neil110

    Cooling fans

    How about this set up? https://www.paddockspares.com/revotec-electronic-fan-conversion-kit-90-110-v8-not-50th-anniversary.html
  11. neil110

    New steering wheel

    Genuine Land Rover
  12. neil110

    The EBay Christ I fancy that 4x4 + its cheap thread

    If you want a decent model of a Land Rover you could do worse than this, though it probably costs more than the vehicle it is based on. http://psmscalemodels.blogspot.com/p/land-rover.html
  13. neil110

    Glue for holding on door seals

    Try these chaps. http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/WAYSIDE-ADHESIVES-DIRECT
  14. neil110

    3.9 v8 90 exhaust

    If you want a decent stainless exhaust that is guaranteed for ever. Go to PD Gough near Nottingham. They will build you a bespoke exhaust while you wait, for a few hours so take a good book, so it is a good fit, works well and doesn't cost the earth, not quite.
  15. neil110

    Defender to WA159806 ?

    What type of rear axle do you have? If you have the earlier "Salisbury" type then order their earlier shocks. If you have the later "short nose" diff type order the later type shocks https://www.vindecoderz.com/EN/Land Rover

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