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  1. neil110

    So where have I gone wrong?

    an alternative would be to get a local machine shop to make a spacer for you that is the same length as the crushed collapsible sleeve
  2. neil110

    Fuel Gauge Wiring

    white/slate goes to low fuel level warning light. Petrol fuel pump is plain white White/purple goes to the coil on a petrol engine https://www.landroverweb.com/Pdf-files/Manuals/Defender-90-110-workshop-manual-5.pdf https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/cms/files/colour_code_for_vehicle_wiring_-_new_order_2.pdf
  3. neil110

    110 paint colour

    original question. Arizona tan
  4. neil110

    Defender swivel seal

    the part No for the early seals was FTC3401 this updates to the part No given by Ralph.
  5. neil110

    Front Calipers

    Back to the original photos of the calipers. Whereabouts are the bleed nipples on said calipers? Mine is a 1984 One_Ten. Originally fitted with solid discs. I managed to find a set of the spacers which go between the two halves of the caliper, fitted them and then fitted vented discs. During the intervening years I have changed hubs, stub axles and fitted a 300 Tdi front axle case. As it is now, it has the earlier BIG CV joints and early hubs/stubs etc. Point is, I don't think your calipers are 110 calipers.
  6. neil110

    Roof Leaking?

    I had all sorts of leaks on my roof where the original factory sealant had failed. Used this and no subsequent leaks over the last 5 years. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/POLYURETHANE-CAR-BODY-PANEL-BODY-KIT-ADHESIVE-BONDING-SPOILER-T4-T5-SEALER-/371758495595?var=&hash=item952ec50529&redirect=mobile It is thinner than silicone sealant and can be brushed into gaps
  7. neil110

    Military color codes

    It is entirely possible that there is/was a standard NATO range of colours.
  8. neil110

    Military color codes

    Oddly enough the colours used by the British are all British standard colours. Things like bronze green, NATO green, Matt stone, fire engine red. Possibly, if the vehicles were painted before leaving the factory, at least one of them could be a BS colour. https://www.paragonpaints.co.uk/BS381C-Colours.html https://www.militaryvehiclepaint.co.uk/index.php https://paintman.co.uk/product-category/coach-enamel-paint/british-standard-colours/
  9. neil110

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    As a former colleague opined many years ago. Cars are no longer marketed or advertised as transport. They are more like jewellery. When did you last see an advert for a car which mentioned things like the engine, gearbox, fuel economy, carrying capacity or anything remotely practical? More typically the adverts depict the car as a lifestyle accessory, possibly mentioning the onboard camera, the infotainment system and pretty much bugger all else
  10. neil110

    Heater size help

    Or there is this. https://www.allisport.com/shop/performance-products/heater-matrix/allisport-land-rover-defender-high-output-heater-matrix/
  11. neil110

    Where can I sell my soul?

  12. neil110

    Transfer box front flange

    Presuming the box is still in the vehicle, engage diff lock and apply hand brake
  13. neil110

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Difference being if you break a leaf spring it is possible to carry out a repair that will get you home. Break a coil and repair is not a possibility. I remember reading in an old magazine about a temporary fix of a leaf spring still being in place a year later and the vehicle still being in daily use.
  14. neil110

    A cautionary tale

    If you are that upset about it, return the head and request a refund.

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