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  1. A decent motor factor ought to be able to source yu a master cylinder. From memory it is something like 7/8" If you cannot source a replacement then it is possible to have them sleeved internally to restore them to original, however that is NOT a cheap option
  2. Thank you very much, it is indeed the grommet with the shaft through it
  3. And expect them to be rubbish, low valuations. I bought a reg from regtransfers, for £2500. About 6 months later asked them for a valuation. 10% of what I had paid them for it
  4. Anybody, please. The big rubber grommet for the clutch slave cylinder operating mechanism in the bellhousing of the 2 1/4 petrol
  5. Thank you very much for your offer. I phoned the parts department at my local dealer and they sorted me out with the part No but at over £3.06 apiece, they can stay on the shelf. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-Genuine-Land-Rover-Wolf-Door-Trim-Clip-BNP-4107-PMAL/252267533866?hash=item3abc51162a:g:U-4AAOSwUV9Wp3-l
  6. Does anybody know the part No for this item, please?
  7. I make my life choices and feel no need to explain them to you
  8. if you can find out the thread of the plug in the side of the LT230 or the top of the sender unit in the R380 then it ought to be possible to fit a VDO temperature sender to either/both and compatible gauges in the dashboard. https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/s/instruments-gauges-senders/vdo-gauges-and-senders/vdo-senders-and-accessories
  9. there is the facility to fit a warning light sender to the LT230 as well should you feel so inclined. Never had any problems with transmission overheating, even when flogging through deep sand in the Sahara
  10. having spent roughly 30 years flying a desk with 4 phones, a work supplied cellular telephone and 4 computers. I have no desire to engage with them in my private life. Other then in the room wherein this particular device is located
  11. There have been numerous adverts on the idiot lantern, depicting the vehicle doing ruffty-tufty things
  12. apart from a parked 90, which looked like a Kia soul from a distance, I have yet to see one in the tin
  13. Sorry, I hadn't noticed that you are located in Spain. Presumably you can order the necessary parts through your local dealer. Or look them up on www.thepart.com and see if anybody, anywhere, has them available
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