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  1. or 5 years from Toyota and 7 years in the case of Kia
  2. course you could always buy this then sell the rest of the box on. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LT-77-with-oil-cooler-gearbox-land-rover/192901717117?hash=item2ce9d69c7d:g:yO4AAOSwYlJW4Vsm
  3. Just been under the truck for a squint and apparently I have a thermostat fitted. All I can say is that you live and learn, and now I'll shut up Apparently they are obsolete now as well, at least the FTC1404 variant which is fitted to my R380. https://www.brit-car.co.uk/search.php?query=ftc1404&xBrand=&part_type=&xSupplierID=&product-sort=&xPerPage=10 The later variant is still available, for a small mortgage. £572.09
  4. As I said, I have driven it in temperatures as low as -20 with no ill effect, admittedly it is sat behind a V8 but even then, that has an 82 degree thermostat whereas most of the turbo diesels seem to have an 88 degree stat. Plus on at least one occasion I can remember the engine was struggling to reach temperature, it was so cold, still couldn't feel any appreciable difference in the gearbox or gearchange action. Took these pictures that day, in the picture of the truck you can see the gearbox cooler quite clearly through the letterbox opening in the radiator cover
  5. I have had a gearbox cooler fitted to my R380 for 21 years and over 200,000 miles. Using the vehicle in Europe, USA and the Sahara, with temperatures ranging from -20 to 50 degrees. No problems so far.
  6. possible siezed pistons in one brake caliper
  7. Just goes to show that sometimes you can polish a turd
  8. expand on my previous answer. In my opinion (and I realise everybody has one of those) personal transportation will come under increasing pressures and become a luxury affordable only for the very wealthy. Costs to buy, costs to run, costs to park, costs to enter urban conurbations, an ever increasing tax burden, increasing social pressures in urban areas, ever more restrictive legislation and myriad other reasons
  9. TDF ends the 14 July stage 6 miles up the road from where I am currently sat. You could park here and take the train into Brioude. Should be absolutely mad, stage end and Bastille day all in one day.
  10. had you considered swapping the injectors around to see if the noise shifts with the suspect injector? Having had a faulty injector on a series diesel, they can be the source of some horrible noises. I was under the impression that at least 1 big end had failed on mine the knocking noise was that loud
  11. According to the above brochure, the phev version has marginally more power than the pure petrol version. The torque is variable between 439 and 645 Nm (as far as I can make out from the picture. The next option is the 3.0 litre petrol lump with 400 hp and 500 Nm
  12. Seen that in action, going back to D2. Your D2 does not work? try the ECU from your mate's car. Nah still doesn't work and when you return the ecu to the donor vehicle, neither does that. So now you have 2 immobile vehicles. I imagine that during the intervening 15 years that has become much more the case. The case I mentioned about the jaguar, the ECU lived inside the gearbox. So having stripped the gearbox to work out why it would only change up to 2nd for brief periods before going back to 1st, he not only had a slushbox in bits all over the bench but a dead ecu to contend with. He was also a bit of a dab hand with computers and electronics as well. So not like it was beyond his capabilities, but what does it say for the future of that particular model of Jag? Similarly, a friend was service manager at a LR dealer. They were presented with a RR sport which would go into limp home mode whenever it was presented with a hill whilst towing a caravan. They gave the customer a different vehicle so he could continue his holiday while they tried to fix it. Very long story short. The customer ended up getting a replacement car while the original went back to the factory. Where they couldn't find/fix the fault either. Is one of the engine options in the new defender really a 400hp 3.0 litre petrol, with 500 Nm torque? At least all these leaked photos show that LR doesn't seem to have fixed the problems with Defender leaks
  13. In 10 years time they will be midway through the lifecycle of the replacement for the model that is about to be released. As for your exhaust manifold problem, that is one of the benefits of computer aided design. Will this component fit in this space? Yes! In which case that is where it goes (simplified but you get the idea) It is the lack of replacement electronics which will kill them. A former colleague had a Jaguar of some description, which had some form of ECU to control the gearbox, this lived inside the gearbox. It died and there wasn't a replacement available, for any price, anywhere on earth.
  14. How long has the L322 been out of production? Just about 7 years and I haven't seen one in months, so the question is, where have they all gone? Similarly the previous model of RR sport has all but disappeared from roads The point I was trying to make is that the new defender will have a model life of about 3 years before it gets a facelift and 5-6 years before it is replaced by a completely new model. Thus making the preceding model pretty much worthless and hence disposable
  15. It will be like the rest of the modern vehicle fleet. So long as it gets through the first 3 years of ownership with minimal servicing and cost to the owner, Land Rover will not care. It will be a completely disposable vehicle with a life expectancy of about 10 years before it becomes uneconomical to repair it. Think about it, how many L322 range rovers do you see? Same with Disco 2 and 3, they are becoming decreasingly visible on the road
  16. an alternative would be to get a local machine shop to make a spacer for you that is the same length as the crushed collapsible sleeve
  17. white/slate goes to low fuel level warning light. Petrol fuel pump is plain white White/purple goes to the coil on a petrol engine https://www.landroverweb.com/Pdf-files/Manuals/Defender-90-110-workshop-manual-5.pdf https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/cms/files/colour_code_for_vehicle_wiring_-_new_order_2.pdf
  18. original question. Arizona tan
  19. the part No for the early seals was FTC3401 this updates to the part No given by Ralph.
  20. Back to the original photos of the calipers. Whereabouts are the bleed nipples on said calipers? Mine is a 1984 One_Ten. Originally fitted with solid discs. I managed to find a set of the spacers which go between the two halves of the caliper, fitted them and then fitted vented discs. During the intervening years I have changed hubs, stub axles and fitted a 300 Tdi front axle case. As it is now, it has the earlier BIG CV joints and early hubs/stubs etc. Point is, I don't think your calipers are 110 calipers.
  21. I had all sorts of leaks on my roof where the original factory sealant had failed. Used this and no subsequent leaks over the last 5 years. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/POLYURETHANE-CAR-BODY-PANEL-BODY-KIT-ADHESIVE-BONDING-SPOILER-T4-T5-SEALER-/371758495595?var=&hash=item952ec50529&redirect=mobile It is thinner than silicone sealant and can be brushed into gaps
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