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  1. Hi, for my last year in Norway bought Land Rover 109 ex-mil car i am in search of an original roof antena like you can see on the last picture. I have on my car two brackets to mount this kind of antena - first two pictures. Is there any link where is possible to buy stuff like this ? Thanks Richard
  2. Thank you... a lot of colors (((-; now to find out, which were used by the norwegian army... Richard
  3. Thanks... try to ask them... Richard
  4. Thanks... but i dont need any color schemes... what i am searching for is the exact painting colour scheme of the Norwegian camouflage colours used for the military Land Rovers 109 they had in service... Richard
  5. Hi all, I bought last year in Norway a Land Rover 109 1975 Series 3 ex-military vehicle. Have someone from you the RAL codes for the colours used for the camouflage of this cars ? Or a link where i can find this information ? Thank you in advance Richard
  6. Thanks Diff for your answer. You confirmed to me what i assumed, that the 7.50/100 would be better for the 109... and you also confirmed that what i readed about this Michelin tyre. Have you some picture of your car with this tyres ? Thanks a lot best regards Richard
  7. this is right...in the table is the 100 percent width profile... maybe someone is here who can judge, if the 100 or 80 is better... RF
  8. Hi, this doesnt help me a lot... i will leave the original "historical and original" state of the car, that means the size 7,50 R16... The question was only about the profile of the tyre with this size as Michelin offer them in two - 80 and 100 percent of the tyre width.. But thanks for your effort RF
  9. Hi all, looking for new tyres for my exmod LR 109 Series 3. Found this two profiles of Michelin 4x4 O R XZL 7.50/100 R16 116N Michelin 4x4 O R XZL 7.50/80 R16 116N Which profile - 80 or 100 do you use or with which you have good experiences ? Thanks for your informations Richard
  10. Hi all, i bought last year in Norway a 1975 LR 109 Series 3 ex-mil Norway. As i bought it, there where some tubeless Cooper Tyres. I let sand and new paint the rims and now i thinking, which tyres i should mount. In the original army documentation sre Viking Knobby 9x16 tyres (the spare wheels have it still). As there is actual no possible to order this one, i will ask you for your help: - which brand and type of this dimension you will recommend ? - use tubed or tubeless tyres to this rims ? Thank you a lot for your suggestions Richard
  11. Hi all, looking for my 1975 Series 3 ex-mod Norway a winscreen washer bottle - see pict. The part Nr. should be RTC3447 and it is the same part as used by the first Range Rover generation. Have someone one new including the caps, maybe also the pipes ? Thank you in advance Richard
  12. Thanks ! this "standard" manuals a have all... i am searching for the ex-military specific one... Richard
  13. Hi all, a bought this month an 1975 Land Rover 109 Series 3 ex Norway Military. I received with the car also the original Technical Handbook, but in norwegian language, which i really dont understand (((-; Have someone from you this book in English or German language, or a Handbook of a very simmilar car like mine ? Thank you in advance Richard
  14. Hi all, can anyone tell me for what are these not connected connectors ??? D1 300 Tdi Automatic gearbox thanks Richard
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