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  1. I know not to everyone's taste, but it looks fairly well done. I hate to admit it, but it does look quite good.
  2. I too am 6'3" In my 1988 110 , I have mud rails fitted and they help enormously! By raising the seat by an inch or too, means you are in a more comfortable sitting position, and can have you back more upright. I have yet to fit a set of mud rails to my 1998 defender 110, and it does feel odd being so low down.
  3. The concept of turning a reasonable vehicle into a mobile scrap heap if not that unusual. but if you look further than the amateur body work (which I'd remove) you have a fairly cheap source of parts, or the basis of a project.
  4. Nice professional job, but do you really want to be sat behind the rear axle going over the rough stuff? One might just spill their Moet et Chandler? :-p!
  5. Interesting concept, but, please, leave the SD1 as a v8, and watch it rise in value, rather than turn it into something that ends up on the 'Pass the bucket / ebay' thread as a failed project!
  6. Mmmm, Land Rover + water ingress + wading + electric motor? Not a good idea I think rather than go heavy electric batteries andelectric motor, what about other technologies like hydrogen fuel cells? Still can go wading, not as heavy, but I appreciate the technology is quite there yet.
  7. Ralph put a link up for local radio clubs, and I found mine via google. Yes, there are some people there who are major league geeks, and then there are some really nice people. I joined the club to get my foundation license and stayed! It is a great hobby. With regard to kit, you can do it on a tight budget, £40 does get you on air with a brand new transceiver! (dual band VHF/UHF) Apart from that, you get as much out as you put in, like most things. But do the exam, (multi choice using common sense!) and enjoy!
  8. Ralph, I fear that you have made a mistake: "foundation will allow use of maximum of 19watts at the antenna base feed in & a good spread of the HF bands" Is it not 10watts maximum?
  9. I will endeavour to get a twig up in time M6XSJ
  10. C'mon Ralphy! get yourself a Yaesu FT817 or a FT857! (would sit rather nicely in your 110 then you can join in the fun on HF! (I would also donate a key so you can investigate the dark arts of CW!) But yes, a Landy Net seems like a good idea, just need to sort out the HF areial!
  11. Any responsible owner, does check hir or her vehicle, and maintains it. The MOT certificate, as previously mentioned is only valid at the time of issue, and is no guaruentee of roadworthiness. How many vehicles fail their first MOT at 3 years old? I agree, there is no stopping someone insuring a 'barn find' that is pre 1960, getting a tax disc and driving on the road. Likewise not having insurance, tax and a MOT on a vehicle post 1960 hasn;t stopped alot of people still driving either. In the grand scheme of things, this is actually quite a small issue as pre 1960 vehicles are only a small part of the total vehicles on the road. The onus as always is on the driver to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy, regardless of whether it is pre 1960 or not.
  12. As the owner of a 1958 Series II, the news of no requirement for an MOT test brings divided blessings. An MOT certificate only states that the vehicle met the criteria required at the time of testing. The onus for maintaining the vehicle's state of roadworthyness has always been on the driver regardless. So nothing has changed bar a saving of £50 and an 18 mile round trip. That said, I do think having the vehicle checked by a competent engineer/mechanic who can advise of any nasties is always a good thing, and as such, my tame Mechanic, who is also an MOT tester, can advise me of anything that needs doing!
  13. why turn two very useable vehicles into one heap of scrap? He should have kept the prison transport as secure transport to the loony bin
  14. Welcome to the Forum TD5 Dan!
  15. The graphics and the wheels I can just about understand. But the lift as well?
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