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  1. Hi Pulse Ambulance 1998 130 I'm sure I've read a post here on how to convert from a rotary light switch to the std stalk type but have just spent an hour trying to find it can anyone direct me ?
  2. Factory fitted beside heater matrix , I've fixed the internal light issue so not related. The only info I can find implies its the glow plug fuse but they seen to work and dash light comes on do you have any info on std factory or Ambulance adaption fuse layouts Cheers Mark
  3. HELP please! 1998 Pulse ambulance keeps blowing 40 amp fuse in engine bay fuse box beside heater matrix! as soon as ignition is switched on it blows Only thing that I can see not working is internal light in cab area Can anyone tell me what else this fuse powers as light circuit ok with no short to earth. any wiring diagrams or other info would be great Thanks
  4. Hi I have a Pulse 130 ambulance which I'm converting to a campervan with the aim to travel from UK to Japan in 2019. One of the things I would like to change are the doors, current ones have sliding opening windows and I would like to swap them for wind down type. Is there a demand for the sliding type and if so any one want a swap? I have also removed the air vents on either side and fitted twin snorkles instead, as I am trying to make it look less military looking as we will be travelling through some dodgy countries I've got the two vents spare if anyone want them .
  5. cable marked with two yellow identifiers DCCU (PWR) and PWR - 070 GD 400 320- 0540 - 8 REV 2 07 KCPR2 01055 I have chased cable back to relay in battery box under seat. Maybe it needs a signal from a controller to energise??
  6. Yes its 1998 Pulse cable in question has yellow label with PWR printed which is why I thought it would do as a source
  7. Does anyone know if there should be power to the Arial connector up in the roof? I'm looking to power some spot lights on the front of the body above windscreen and cable is there with a four pin, screw type connector but I'm not getting any power from it would it have been disabled or is it missing something crucial I have chased the wire back to a relay in the battery box so I assume there should be power at some time
  8. Hi All My 130 ambulance TDI300 has an intermittent cold start smoke issue. Smells like unburnt Diesel and misfires until smoke clears and warm Have changed, Glow plugs , Fuel filter, Injectors. Runs really well when warm Any suggestions before I take pump off and get it checked over? Cheers Mark
  9. Hi All Does anyone know how Witams disable the siren ? the silver box above drivers compartment is there and wired up the siren is wired cant see any fuses or in line relays or anything missing. I have managed to remove the stretchers and built in two rock and roll beds which work well. Next job is a water storage tank which will fit sitting on chassis accessed through jerry can holders ! made for it. Going to mount gas cooker and sink on swing down arms left over from stretchers also looking to fit an opening sun roof above drivers compartment to give some light and ventilation EGR blanking plate tomorrows job as she needs all the help she can get me thinks Gave her a good run up motorway and blew out some cobwebs now starts and runs without smoke first thing so well worth it Any thoughts or suggestions welcome. Thx Mark
  10. Thanks that's great info and good to know , any idea how to trip / isolate CB3 as advised, the buttons do not pop out if pushed in or twist . There is obviously an idiot switch somewhere or just me being the idiot! The heater will blow cold with no sign of ignition Ill download a copy of manual and see how I get on. Thanks once again
  11. Hi I'm new to this forum so please bear with me , couple of questions about my 130 battlefield ambulance I have just bought from withams 1.on dash there is an orange light with 24 v symbol which is sometimes flashing and beeping , any ideas , is it an indicator that voltage is low? 2. Probably related but power distribution panel in ambulance body has a red light constantly on beside the 12 v socket , there are a row of circuit breakers which are all in and activated how can I trip the one for the 12 v socket which is draining the batteries. when I received the vehicle these circuit breakers were all tripped and nothing working in rear body I pushed them in and all lights , fans ect working . Any advice about this and operation of Night heater greatly appreciated Mark
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