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  1. So a few hundred quid to reserve a manufacturing spot, Ferrari and others do it. Can you sell the place later (for a large profit)?
  2. In truth pretty much anything Hollywood action as the they have totally ruined it. Matrix was a totally made up film but was revolutionary and interesting, BUT, the third one started to fall back into the mire of mediocrity. Yes I have high expectations of the film industry which is generally not met. I definitely don't watch films where things explode ten times with a fireball the size of an atomic bomb when in fact it would never explode in the first place! So like a lot, possibly most people nowadays I don't go to the cinema where the screen is far too close and the volume at 100, I stay at home and search through Netflix and Sky, find something that looks worth watching, if it is not good in the first minutes I will find something else. Mostly Korean at the moment.
  3. I just got back from Portsmouth on empty, got to petrol station to find massive ques, didn't know why, luckily the twats didn't que at the proper entrance so I bypast them all to a spare pump! When I was done the que went down the road.
  4. I looked this some time ago but the restrictions and requirements were not worth the result for me.
  5. The reality is you can get small enough bolt croppers to fit in your jacket, In Amsterdam if you want to nick a bike you look for a guy in a mackintosh. Inside he has a full size pair of bolt cutters hung around his neck.
  6. Wow OK, impressive though I still don't see the point. So the F&F flip can be produced.
  7. Exactly why I don't and never will. I went to see Charlie's Angels as my mates liked the women in it ! I walked out after the opening scene where all 3 girls are in a train falling down a cliff, somehow they manage to get to a helicopter on a different carriage get in it open the folded blades start the engine and fly it from upside down to safety all in the few seconds it takes for gravity to kill everyone on the valley floor! I watched Mission Impossible 3 as it had motorcycle stunts as performed by all the best European riders. I was trying to guess who the rider was AC Farias maybe? I was pleased that the DVD had extras with the stunts on it. I was even more surprised to see that TC did all the stunts, AC had been stunting since a child so how had TC learned to do it? Answer he didn't, a film stunt of a bike skiing stunt involves bolting the bike to the camera car and TC only learns a fraction of the stunt! In film land everything is fake even the stuff that is possible. Yes I don't enjoy many films.
  8. Seems about right for the bit I read. I'll look at the vid later.
  9. So the latest carp with magnets and an artic going end over follows physics then? Sorry I managed to get through the first drivel and didn't watch any more!
  10. The Hadron Collider wastes 1.3TWh per year, the total power output of France is 500TWh per year. Why don't we turn that carp off before it creates something that the arrogant scientists can't fix!
  11. If it hasn't be mentioned before, Ashcroft has a ratio calculator page where you can model this to get the best working ratios.
  12. Great info Happyoldgit, my Si is kept in a hot/cold and damp container depending on time of year. So I have to worry about my new tank rotting and the fuel pump diaphragms. But the good news is re the non E10 fuels, all the petrol stations in my town have been taken over by Esso so although they control prices it does mean a good supply of low/non ethanol fuel I did not know of. In fact if I had known this I could have saved my Kwak 1000 tank from E5.
  13. Basically if you stop the engine with the filler open (it's on the side of the gearbox) then the contents of the TC will exit through the level plug due to gravity.
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