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  1. missingsid

    Disc Brakes

    I am hoping for less brake fade, as well. Stopping from speed was very exciting the last time I left it a bit late:)
  2. missingsid

    Disc Brakes

    If I wasn't making my own conversion (taken far too long due to no time or no money, now no garage!) I would use the Zeus kit if it is available. The Haystee one looked too bespoke when I looked at it though that was a long time ago and has changed since then. There is plenty to read about on this forum if you search it. Most will be DIY but some is using kits.
  3. missingsid

    Replacement for a NATO hitch on a Defender

    I've used a Dixon Bate two bolt pin and ball (like the Paddock ones) for twenty years with no problems, now like you I don't want it for towing so moved to a Defender recovery U bolt that uses the tow hitch holes.
  4. missingsid

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    OK so comments I have scanned seem to be mostly objective. D3 bad handling/scary, really, double wishbones all round and managed air. I have passed many cars around bends on dual carriageways and roundabouts. The D3/4 is by far the most versatile and comfortable 7 seat vehicle LR make/made. for the money you have I would even think about a possible D4? If you look at D3 then go late not early model, mine is an 05 but they have been improved after 06 I think. For your money a late low mileage is possible. The diesel has a bad rep in D3 and D4 but this needs to be considered against the numbers produced to see if it is a real problem or not.
  5. missingsid

    Fastening an engine to an engine stand

    Looking at the pics, they all seem to have the pivot point at the crank centre, if the pivot point was nearer the centre of gravity (higher up) they would be much more balanced and more stable and less likely to flex.
  6. Once bolted up and fitted on chassis mounts surely the stress will only be rotational torque reaction so in line with the sandwich plates strongest direction. If you are worried about threads add thread inserts?
  7. missingsid

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Apart from looking amazing and reality sot on, this going to really confuse a lot of people! Absolutely love it! And I don't like oilers normally.
  8. missingsid

    RRC engine and box removal

    How early is it? Two door with LT95 then I doubt it as it is huge and heavy! But rereading, (always wise) and it is an auto so pointless post from me sorry.
  9. missingsid

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Great job it is looking really lovely! Very interested to see the tyres as I have always used SATs on mine, but the tread depth looks to be a huge disappointment on those Fedimas which is a shame as I only have one set of SATs left!
  10. missingsid

    Electric fuel pump for V8 on carbs

    I've used an SU pump for years then upgraded to a new electronic version (same but no points). I did try a Facet but it leaked like a sieve! At least with the SU I can hear it prime before starting.
  11. Hope you had fun, unfortunately dads taxi bookings stopped me from attending!
  12. Hi Steve, Would love to if I can. This what the AWDC used to be like before the wannabe rally drivers took over and the courses became flat fields! Ironically though Bagshot prooving ground was the first gravel track comp that started the decline IMHO.
  13. missingsid

    Goodbye or Live on?

    Time for a truthful approach, sounds like your not fussed about a Series LR. It has brake issues that may be more fundimentall than just adjusting? I'd try using pros and cons lists, if that does not work my final decider is to flip a coin, if you are disappointed at the result then do the opposite. Hope you get the right choice for you.
  14. missingsid

    Help ID these hubs/stubs

    Looks like suffix A RRC to me. The link above shows the bronze bush at the back so not what the photos show.
  15. missingsid

    Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    Hercu, Some of the negative comments are BS, the chassis on a D3 is about 4 times the thicknes of a D1/2 and I have not seen any posts about rust other than surface rust as there us no paint on it. I would not trust a Mk2 Cavalier to get to 150,000 miles let alone keep going but D3 does. All the parts being knackered? Maybe it depends on maintenance and if it has early model parts (cant rember what year yours is sorry but mines an MY05) so yes it could well be a money pit. And due to your location probably not a very good prodpect ūTBH, I love mine but even in the UK it is suggested to keep £1,000 spare for repairs at all times. Due to the number of computers in the car (everythinghss its own ECU) you cant drop a different engine in unless it uses the same ancileries, even the alternator! In order to work on it you will really need a proper fault code computer, in the UK they are £400 (Britpart sells the better one) but that is probably more than you are hoping to get an engine or! Maybe it is better to out it as spares? It may well net you more money than you paid for it!

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