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  1. Range rover classic differentials

    I have a RRC front axle with a diff from Nige that has zero play at all, yet the drive members have about 45 deg of play combined!!
  2. Tyre changing the manual way

    True but as far as I can remember when I comped with a friend we only ran tubeless and only lost a tyre or got a flat once. Perhaps we weren't trying hard enough!
  3. EP90 Website

    Thanks, As for cheap tin foil bolts you can't have worked on a Disco 3 then!! Absolutely chocolate Chinese steel everywhere, 10mm bolt to hold a plastic panel on, head turns off with no warning even using small tools! Mine is an early one so the torque settings were far too high (LR lowered them in later years). Oil change required an air chisel on the sump drain bolt as the head is too soft with too high a torque setting in an alloy sump, real brown trousers moment as I gave the mechanic permission to go ahead! Diff drain anf filler plugs that need to be drilled out as mot even a professional extractor kit can grip in the chocolate!
  4. Bleeding brakes, ezibleed replacement

    Good info here as I have a hand vacumn system read for bleeding and wondered about nipple leak (ooh err).
  5. Oh, first thought, great bought expensive LR brackets (for rear disc conversion) when I really wanted to add twin line calipers for fiddles but now I know that they don't work so no point! Wow mixed emotions up, down, in the middle and back to happy all in one thread!
  6. EP90 Website

    Hi TSD, your PDF has a link at the bottom for more info but does not work, is it worth providing again? Either way thanks for posting as I had been looking for this type of info. Do you know what strength bolts are used or are they just 8.8? My local fastener shop said that all automotive bolts are 8.8 min although not required and that they don't stock them?
  7. Tyre changing the manual way

    Also tubes are a real pain to fit and move if you lower the pressure when off road which risks the valve stem ripping off as well as water and mud getting in between the tube and tyre. I like the professional valve stem tool I looked at getting a motor cross tool which is a T bar with a cord to connect to the stem but yours looks easier.
  8. Breakdown cover for a series with trailer

    RAC also gives me one other person cover in any car same as but I can't remember if it costs more or not. The clincher for me at the time was that RAC would recover you from a motor sport event that you had competed in. Trials, comp safari etc..
  9. Breakdown cover for a series with trailer

    Don't have a trailer but RAC have no issue with my Series 1. It's just a car to them, with my Hybrid and six passengers they needed a bigger truck for the number of seats.
  10. Tyre changing the manual way

    Good bit of kit, my one is fully manual, no air ram so I am jealous. I am supprised at the need to remove the valve for seating, I have seated a tyre using my spare BMW electric pump. When I swapped my Clio tyres I never balenced them and they were fine, I have never balenced the LR tyres as any mud just throws them out.
  11. I.V.A. null and void because of brexit???

    My limited understanding was that yes the EU laws will be brought in to UK law but some will/may be removed at a later date if they are not UK appropriate? More important changes to the Vehicles of Historic Interest seem to be a foot?
  12. Land Rover Adventure Team Turkey - Iran Tour

    Looks like great fun for team camping and evening fireside fun. Keep posting your adventures. My friends love holidaying in Turkey.
  13. Very intereseted in where I could get a new one made up?
  14. MOT advisory, WATCH OUT !

    I use an old track rod with the joints cut off the threaded part so I can put the flat face where the joint used to be on the inside front edge of one wheel and adjust the thread at the other end to touch the other wheel. Then I move to the rod to the back edge of the wheel and check there.
  15. New Member Logos !!!!!

    I figured is was how long ago? In truth my SO did stop a while ago!!