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  1. Another trialling mod was to use Transit single leaf front springs on IIRC the rear?
  2. Was there a LR in that video? The hills and valleys I was watching had nothing to do with the offload centre.
  3. What one on each foot? Sure thar was said here previously by someone else but could not resist.
  4. Not sure if this is old hat? Mate got a call. Your BT broadband is below min performance. Please log on to it using Chrome. After telling them he will phone back they put the phone down. No recent call was logged to the line. Presumably they have a hack for Chrome? Is this a weak browser or maybe they had only started with Chrome?
  5. Also but less likely is the legal and safety issue, disconecting speedo/dash and driving.
  6. Interesting. My project was to add discs to a V8 Series 1 at least cost using LR products. What I have ended up with is cheap of the shelf 24 spline HD halfshafts and HD 4 pin diffs. AEU 2522 CVs are only £30 each so if they break it is cheaper than replacing the other parts. I could go HD CV as well but we will see. I like the short stub axle shafts you have there but don't know of any in the UK. Did you make them yourself? I only have limited garage tools and experience.
  7. Ah the modern selling curse, provide sufficient info to sell but not enough to cause more complex questions that they can't handle and cost more.
  8. It is possible that they thought the part had fallen apart and so rejoined it, they also may not have seen the loose clip if they did not look for it? Alternatively it may have been deliberately done as before they could get a replacement first they would have to drive it? Or as you say they could not be bothered with the complex solution and fixed it permanently. As the clip was left in my fave is the first one.
  9. Interesting, as the whole point of Paras is to increase flex I am stunned that suppliers provide stiffer spring because they are too flexible. I realise that I am lucky that my LR is not an everyday car whereas for lots of people they are. This has made me reasses my current leaf spring set.
  10. Thanks, I have custom RRC/Series axles with cut down KAM shafts on my Series1. I am looking to swap these 23/10 CVs to modified AEU2522 to return to look alike Series drive flanges. I have choices on shims or c clips as internal options on the shafts and CVs as the RRC shafts use shims only but the KAM ones have c clip grooves so this topic is interesting.
  11. Am I reading this correctly, the S3 on std type leafs has better articulation than the S2 on Paras? If this is right then I am very interested in the reason! All I can think is the S3 has more weight so compressing the springs more?
  12. So if I convert my RRC swivels to AEU2522 CVs then I don't need the bronze bush? That would make sense as the RRC halfshafts don't have circlips either. As the new CVs and the new 24 spline halfshafts both have locating circlips the bush may be too tight?
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