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  1. Hope you had fun, unfortunately dads taxi bookings stopped me from attending!
  2. Hi Steve, Would love to if I can. This what the AWDC used to be like before the wannabe rally drivers took over and the courses became flat fields! Ironically though Bagshot prooving ground was the first gravel track comp that started the decline IMHO.
  3. Goodbye or Live on?

    Time for a truthful approach, sounds like your not fussed about a Series LR. It has brake issues that may be more fundimentall than just adjusting? I'd try using pros and cons lists, if that does not work my final decider is to flip a coin, if you are disappointed at the result then do the opposite. Hope you get the right choice for you.
  4. Help ID these hubs/stubs

    Looks like suffix A RRC to me. The link above shows the bronze bush at the back so not what the photos show.
  5. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    Hercu, Some of the negative comments are BS, the chassis on a D3 is about 4 times the thicknes of a D1/2 and I have not seen any posts about rust other than surface rust as there us no paint on it. I would not trust a Mk2 Cavalier to get to 150,000 miles let alone keep going but D3 does. All the parts being knackered? Maybe it depends on maintenance and if it has early model parts (cant rember what year yours is sorry but mines an MY05) so yes it could well be a money pit. And due to your location probably not a very good prodpect ūTBH, I love mine but even in the UK it is suggested to keep £1,000 spare for repairs at all times. Due to the number of computers in the car (everythinghss its own ECU) you cant drop a different engine in unless it uses the same ancileries, even the alternator! In order to work on it you will really need a proper fault code computer, in the UK they are £400 (Britpart sells the better one) but that is probably more than you are hoping to get an engine or! Maybe it is better to out it as spares? It may well net you more money than you paid for it!
  6. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    Hercu, go to disco3.co.uk and search ont there, you should find what is possible as if it can be done someone there will have done it.
  7. Look what I brought home last night ..

    This looks fantastic great job.
  8. Egr removal

    Can't say for definite but all the forum signs are that it will include egr but that they cannot remove anything to check.
  9. It's Snowing

    Where is the connection to this forum?
  10. Play day: BUNNY LANE, Romsey, Sunday 28th Jan

    Sounds like a great club, I will look out as soon as my S1 is finneshed.
  11. Some idiots failing at recovery

    Don't get it, the JCB (or copy) should be an easy self recovery, just use the buckets to lift the chassis out of the mud, then use the slew to move it sideways until the wheels are on better ground?? Similar for the 360?
  12. Look what I brought home last night ..

    Yes but if it fails Historic then it becomes heavily modified and therfore will need re-registration and IVA or scrapped as a non legit motor? Whole can of worms is likely.
  13. Play day: BUNNY LANE, Romsey, Sunday 28th Jan

    Don't mean to scare anyone off or suggest Shire marshals are not trust worthy! I guess I've been to too many AWDC playdays in the 80's and 90's where anything goes and lots of gung ho chaps wanting to destroy old wrecks. Then agsin this is probably why the Shires can still get land tto use!
  14. Play day: BUNNY LANE, Romsey, Sunday 28th Jan

    Just a word of caution (doom and gloom munger), grandma mode on: Everybody has to start from zero experience and there will be people to help, however there can be pitfalls. Not everyone knows what they are talking about so if you are not sure do not allow yourself to be talked in to trying sometning if you are not happy to do it. Second I have seen this more than once, novice starts the day cautiously then starts to learn and has fun, last drive of the day tries something over ambitous and writes the vehicle off. Using a vehicle as a toy is a bit like betting, if you cant afford to lose it then don't do it (an obsticle not off roading as a whole). If you follow some one who is driving a weekend toy and you are in a daily driver then you need to remember that they will have less concern for the consiquences than you. Grandma mode off: Have fun if I had finnished my build I would join in.
  15. It's our fault again...

    Many years ago I read a statement concerning car park security that stated that the signeage declaring customers own responsibilty for loss was meaningless as by law where you pay for a service the service provider has a duty of care to provide reasonable protection and is liable for damages if that duty of care has not been undertaken. What a court decides is reasonable who knows but the premise was that a car park provider cannot be excluded from liability and that the sign was there to fool customers!

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