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  1. Wow, I am a giant fan of "Project Binky" which is very technical and proffessional but your style is really warm and human and not flippant. I love the animated parts removal, it must take a huge amount of effort but somehow really suits the video? TBH I think that if you spoke with an English accent the voice over would not work but with an Irish lilt it is great (I always hated Irish guy's cos they always got the girls! I could be half way through a top chat up and along comes an Irish guy and two words later she is his! The only place an English voice works is the US.). Mind you it was always a great leveller to see my expert chat up Iriish friends get put down by a classic Colleen! Anyway great vid, keep it up.
  2. Very nice and very well known but possibly not entirely road legal without SVA/IVA due to: Chassis reworked to use all 14 inches of travel on suspension and to lower the vehicle stance. Strengthened and lightened chassis The first bit would suggest arched chassis work over the axles, the second suggests bits removed from chassis?
  3. Just caught the end of. Super*"* Mega*"=#%* on TV a show funded by a "Tuning House" for the over funded. So the basic show was take a std Evoque and make it in to a Paris Dakar car. Did not see the "engineering" from the experts but it included all new suspension and a body kit. Oh and a light bar! During desert testing it transpired that the original drive shafts were too short so new ones were made a few mm longer. Final testing with a trendy tuning magazine on an "Extreme" off road course at "Rally" speeds and the car mag guy says its amazing and he has never seen or been in anything like it! How I would have loved to have been there with a Milner LR1 which probably costs the same as the "Tuning House" one. As the "Tuning House" has huge funds I have tried to keep this non legally challenging but Mods feel free to delete if you fear a lawsuit?
  4. LR/RR are the new chav, I see so many trendies and hairdressers driving LR products, such a shame Jaguar are going up and LR spiraling ever lower!
  5. But don't all number plate makers have to put their details on them by law now? So could just have gone to them for a set of plates and bingo it looks like it was built by a proffessional!
  6. I was told a story by a work mate who drove APCs in the Army, after one broke down on the plain he was given a LR to drive to the workshop and back. On his return he was greeted with stares of shock and horror, the LWB was sagging like a banana. He said he had just driven it the same way as he drove the APC!
  7. Good answers here and I realise that the topicis about losses but they are negligable really, a good reason for using electric is that it can be in front of the rad to free up space and stop/ reduce water spray on to the engine during water crossings or even turned off completely with an extra switch. With a Series 1 rad and V8 with Kenlowe mine has never overheated in 30 years!
  8. By legit it will need a receipt as proof of purchase IIRC
  9. True if you do not need waterproof etc. however as my dizzy was warn and therefore the problem it was worth it eitherway.
  10. I am 5'8" but sitting down I am taller than my friend who is 6' 6", I struggle to fit in any sporty cars and certianly not proper sports cars like TVR, Noble etc.
  11. Rear capping folds too tight and sguare? Also the reg number does not exist in DVLA checks.
  12. So this may be old news but I found this on the bay of e, its very nice but is it worth the price tag? The ad talks of an early version but only in terms of being a diesel. Reg UXB might be significant but I need to look on the S1OC web site to see.
  13. Hmm nice and cheap if you wanna nick fuel!
  14. Can't say I've ever seen a good modified LR, Icon or what, LR's own SVR may sound amazing but is so chav!" LR is just rich chav go to Essex and see!!
  15. Here in Denmark you get 2 years warranty on a VW, which should be German thoroughness and all the other blah.. But on a KIA you get 7 years warranty! And the car is even cheaper to begin with. Or, their prepared to loose mony to promote the brand? I bought a cheap Chinese parking aid sensor replacement part for my Disco 3, all thier parts come with a lifetime guarantee at a third of the price of a gen LR ones. Is it any better for the lifetime bit, not at all it is absolute carp and causes loads of issues but the company will give you a new one for free.