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  1. Yeh because stopping people ending up in hospital or the ground is very silly!
  2. Sorry I don't care where the cut off is, their eyes are on the recieving end not yours so I will go with their version of the truth. If they are flashing you it is for a good reason not because they are just a little confused? Dazzling is about light pollution and brightness not just where the focussed light ends.
  3. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They seem to THINK they are being blinded?????????????? They ARE being blinded, you THINK you are not causing it as you are not on main beam! Take the hint! As for the use of LED repalcement for Brake and Tail this is a horrendous idea the seperation of brightness is needed to distinguish the two or it will cause an acccident. Sorry for the anger but I have just spent a fifth hour on the phone to my insurance company because a young driver turned left in to me and they want to settle in his favour as it is not financially viable for them to pursue it. They expect me to happily agree to the financial loss.
  4. Love Dingocroft used them for years (company not orange bushes) but they are a Britpart mostly supplier now.
  5. Why, Not all companies want their staff to work from home as not all workers want to. I used to work for a hi-tech communications companie that allowed significant wfh policies but stopped them. 1st. they have so much property that they cannot sell that they have no benefit from wfh. 2nd. Snr management didn't like seeing the same places empty every Friday and Monday. 3rd. the teams worked better with face2face conversations.
  6. This is the reinvented Mantec one. http://www.mantec.co.uk/productdetail.cfm?theProductID=3922DFCE-15C5-F4C0-99E8123D6B187B27
  7. Cool, the only problem I have found with SATs is that I can't follow vehicles with Simex as SATs are only 31" so the ruts are too deep in playday sites!
  8. When I looked at them years ago I thought the tread pattern was much lower than a SAT or MudPlugga? What was the tread deapth like on yours when you got them?
  9. I think it’s a sign of not being in your own little bubble and being aware of what others are doing and the effects their actions have on people around them. Agree, my neighbours are great familys with really nice kids, parents will help anyone. But! They have no idea or understanding of what effect thier actions have on others or even if it is their concern. I will do things that suit me but I always think of the effect on others.
  10. IMHO this is the most common reason for LR wobbles, but as per a previous comment due to lack of maintenance or understanding during rebuild.
  11. Is there a difference between ANR1534 and ANR1534PM the latter being fitted to US 110/130s?
  12. As I like pics and wanted to understand this post better as I dont have a Defender, here is the parts drawing from Advanced Factors.
  13. Mostly well behaved around here except some of the neighbours cars have gone missing for a week then returned, could be key workers but didn't think so. Last few days a very powerful and tuned V8 has heen hammering up and down the bypass, can tell from the sound that it is the same car and going very fast!
  14. Cheers Daan, Slightly moe expensive than my KAM sourced ones but good to lnow if I need to replace them.
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