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  1. Some S1 (mine) have the number on the rear near side.
  2. I have one of the larger Ring ones that worked fine for a couple of years, now it has a broken wire or something. Shame as I have no power where it is parked. Marc
  3. Hi Baden, if you need Suffix A half shafts I have some from an axle I have split up last year. PM me if I need them? Marc
  4. Just to add more supporting info. and just to join in! I run MJ and use the MJ output to jun my digital tacho circuit, it is not reliable at all revs so it would make sense to follow the above suggestion.
  5. Interesting morning. Saw the Ibex in the carpark, looked nice. Stood in the queue for the reasonable time it took to get from the end to the ticket office and watched a middleaged couple walk staright up to the kiosk and shrug off peoples complaints like nobody else mattered. Bought an ally tranfer box sump I had wanted for some time for £30 retail £120 so worth the time for me.
  6. Wow did not realise the rules had changed so significantly from previous years. Thanks for the link as my vehicle has significant changes but were well documented back in 1980! Plus the recent change I am making is classed as a safety upgrade so all is good.
  7. I am hoping for less brake fade, as well. Stopping from speed was very exciting the last time I left it a bit late:)
  8. If I wasn't making my own conversion (taken far too long due to no time or no money, now no garage!) I would use the Zeus kit if it is available. The Haystee one looked too bespoke when I looked at it though that was a long time ago and has changed since then. There is plenty to read about on this forum if you search it. Most will be DIY but some is using kits.
  9. I've used a Dixon Bate two bolt pin and ball (like the Paddock ones) for twenty years with no problems, now like you I don't want it for towing so moved to a Defender recovery U bolt that uses the tow hitch holes.
  10. OK so comments I have scanned seem to be mostly objective. D3 bad handling/scary, really, double wishbones all round and managed air. I have passed many cars around bends on dual carriageways and roundabouts. The D3/4 is by far the most versatile and comfortable 7 seat vehicle LR make/made. for the money you have I would even think about a possible D4? If you look at D3 then go late not early model, mine is an 05 but they have been improved after 06 I think. For your money a late low mileage is possible. The diesel has a bad rep in D3 and D4 but this needs to be considered against the numbers produced to see if it is a real problem or not.
  11. Looking at the pics, they all seem to have the pivot point at the crank centre, if the pivot point was nearer the centre of gravity (higher up) they would be much more balanced and more stable and less likely to flex.
  12. Once bolted up and fitted on chassis mounts surely the stress will only be rotational torque reaction so in line with the sandwich plates strongest direction. If you are worried about threads add thread inserts?
  13. Apart from looking amazing and reality sot on, this going to really confuse a lot of people! Absolutely love it! And I don't like oilers normally.
  14. How early is it? Two door with LT95 then I doubt it as it is huge and heavy! But rereading, (always wise) and it is an auto so pointless post from me sorry.
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