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  1. Hi Johanba, My standard standard suggestion try looking on Disco3.co.uk a forum dedicated to Disco 3 and 4. There is a wealth of info there. This is a great forum but the other has more targeted info.
  2. Makes a change that they announce it! Actually from the limited pictures I thought the chassis was the best part of it.
  3. Thanks Daan I could make no sense of his post!
  4. Maybe I am confused by the flash on the second photo but.. the red wire looks older, thinner and with shorter insulation in the fist pic to the second! Are you sure you have not picked up a different wire?
  5. Date Is this after they are fitted in the stub axle as mine fit fine out of the stub?
  6. Is it not a stub axle problem? The driveshaft has an extra seal land that is too wide for the CV stub axle. You need the correct stub axle (or grind down the CV drive shaft land). This is the latest thread on this issue.
  7. Welcome Dean. According to Allison's web page the engine number should be a six digit number starting with 86. Have you joined the Land Rover Series One Club?
  8. Loved the idea of owning one but how does the suspension compare to a proper bogie system like a c303?
  9. This is one area that I focused on, since the travel of both the M/C and the pedal is limited then the the amount of play in the linkage is important. As I am using a M/C from a servo system I got the info from the workshop manual. This enabled me to ensure that I got the max pedal travel possible which exceeded the M/C travel.
  10. One gear, 4th in a 4 speed, does not use the layshaft at all. I is a direct drive 1:1 ratio which only uses the mainshaft. I have driven two Series 1 V8s with snapped layshafts in 4th gear only though NOT 250 miles is has to be said! In a 5 speed 5th is an overdrive gear so that is why 4th gear is quiet. If you can drive 90% of the time in 4th then the layshaft is doing nothing hence the silence and IMO no load on the layshaft bearings.
  11. Can't remember which but I believe some of the control boxes get upset on mismatching chassis numbers. The mileage will be whichever is the highest if the BCU and dash vues don't match. DiscoMikey on Disco3.co.uk knows all about big swaps, he has just completed a TDV8 engine etc. Into a D3.
  12. I'm with the, it's just a body swap camp. The VIN in the dash could be a problem. Though I don't recall mine having it there anyway. Removing the incorrect one could lead to suspicion if noticed but so would the incorrect one! I guess you have paperwork for both as proof?
  13. As much as I love 2 doors, they only look good at the correct ride height IMPO. As only the body is 2 door I guess they use repro body parts so hopefully no 2 door was harmed in the process.
  14. The wings are interesting, I like the style but surely not viable on a challenge truck? Trees etc?
  15. Love this: Owner bought it 2 mths ago to use as a daily driver but bought an armoured LR to use instead! Can't see the mpg being good for that! Sounds like an excuse to hide the fact that it was not so useable?
  16. Looking at the sold list £45k for a 2 door RRC and £10k for the Toy GT4 then it must be an error.
  17. My mistake they are 41mm front and rear.
  18. Odd, RRC, and 90 solid disk calipers are all 51mm pistons front and rear.
  19. Hmm, Std coiler calipers use the same pistons front and rear. So if Zues fronts are smaller than coiler fronts but the rears are the same as coiler then the front to rear ratio will be more rear biased than a coiler?
  20. IIRC if you have two identical cars but one has a wider track at the front than the rear then this car will had a better turning circle. So in principle widening the track of the front may tighten (reduce) your turning circle but this is a simplistic view.
  21. The Detroit lockers are reputed to give unpleasant handling on the road and make a lot of noise. The way they work would force a tyre to lose grip on a slippery road, wet or icy, when going around bends or corners. I’m surprised they’re road legal. An LSD or ATB is much safer on the road, though perhaps not as good with a wheel lifted. I've read, it is normally lighter shortwheel base vehicles that they seem to be more unpleasant in. I have experienced a DL in the rear of a Mustang engined CJ2 driven by an ex stock car driver and AWDC trials champion, when it snapped sidewa
  22. Nice bit of kit, jealous already. He should turn out good stuff soon.
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