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  1. So I might be dreaming but I think I have just been past by a new all black Defender with a large X-Eng logo on the front wing or passenger door in St John's Wood? Si do you own this?
  2. This is just an off the wall idea as I have no experience. The throttle body looks to unbolt, could you use a cut down throttle body as a pipe fitting and relocate the actual throttle body behind or i front of the engine? For that matter can you not route the pipe forward anyway and extend the pipe for the PWM control?
  3. I love this forum but as always I will make the same suggestion i usually ,make. Try this question on Disco3.co.uk as this covers D3 and D4.
  4. As above, I can't tell if they are thick or thin mushrooms on the axle halfshaft ends. Pull a rear halfshaft and count the splines. Re the axles, it looks like they previous owner has used angled spring shackles to get the width at the rear of the spring only. If that is the case then a change of shackles should/could allow the use of standard axles?
  5. Great stuff, I've had my V8 S1 38 years and just learnt something new and useful.
  6. Dizzy, best thing I ever did was get rid and use MegaJolt but I guessed that mine was worn out which proved to be true. 3.9 cam not good for carbs?? This was a de facto upgrade before stump puller etc cams AFAIK. Megasquirt, a lot more work than MegaJolt but if you intend to go injection later then worth it if not MJ is much simpler/cheaper.
  7. Ow, all of the above plus keep buying multiple packets of the same food each week even though I didn't use any of it!
  8. Sad thing is that we can see the obvious design elements of a Series and coil sprung LR but Joe public or at least the Judge cannot. Plus the comment re its a Jeep is dubious as the world calls a 4x4 a Jeep as a generic term not a non-recognition of the manufacturer. Vacuum cleaners are Hoovers but this does not stop a Dyson being a Dyson! Friend of mine designed a unique product in the UK, it was registered in the UK and the US plus some other countries. Major US company bought one, copied it and wiped out his market. It was too expensive for him to pursue the case in the US
  9. If you add the bump stops to the original chassis spring hanger as shown, are they strong enough? Comp safari motors used to suffer from the std spring perches pealing off the chassis.
  10. Front exit exhausts exist or used to. The silencer and exit were in front of the front wheel.
  11. Not all are lighter than a Series 1! And better pads and discs are available. However I accept your comments. The biggest problem I will have is that I have reduced the leverage as a std brake pedal tower points the long M/C down so it hits the S1 dashboard so I have had to use a clutch pedal tower. Net result is I will probably have to look at another option for all the reasons that have been stated. But given that the brakes are for a heavy RRC it would be grossly over braked if the servo is fitted.
  12. I understand the comments, and they are not about my set up specifically but until I get to try my design (RRC system but no servo) at higher speed on private land I can't make a final decision. I used to have a servo on my S1 on drums until it failed, once removed I was back to std brakes but stopping at a motorway junction showed just how much force it required to stop from higher speed! AFAIK most race cars don't have servos and go a lot faster and stop a lot harder?
  13. So his entire defence is that it was caused by a suspension lift made worse by off-roading! So he's happy to get a blanket ban on lifted/modded/off-roading rather than admit he knew there was a problem with the handling/speed but did nothing to mitigate it? Yes there are design limitations that affect the handling but sticking oversize heavy tyres on it isn't going to help any nor is blaming the manufacturer for not building a vehicle that does not work as well after it has been altered.
  14. Only if they mean a stub axle? It is difficult to know without pics or more info.
  15. Or in my case they chose to use the Batch number as the chassis number was stamped at the rear!
  16. It does seem most likely as I agree with you and gives the benefit of doubt. TBH I drove my S1 at motorway speeds not long after purchase and thought that things did not feel quite right at the back, when I pulled up a rear wheel only had 3 studs left one of which was only half done up. I had checked the wheels before leaving! Another time after leaving Slab Common, I saw a LR wheel floating in a pond, around the bend was a very tidy Lightweight on three wheels.
  17. Can you reclaim the fittings from the knackered replacement chassis or is that a lot of work for a small gain?
  18. I agree but I think the point was that without being stopped it would show up as legal on ANPR.
  19. That is basically what a 2 door chassis looks like under the paint now unless treated/changed as they were pretty rubbish to start with. I scrapped my S2 hybrid as the chassis though not as bad as that but the area around the central cross member was not good also because the builder used the S2 reg.
  20. How often do I change it? It is constantly changed as it leaks!
  21. I feel both your pain and irritation, given this pic I would have hoped they would at least consider it! Is there nothing under the internet buying rules to help?
  22. I need a new cylinder having given mine back to BOC, my only option is MPD but they only have Pure Argon. Will this be different to weld with than Argosheild? I can only weld outside which is not ideal.
  23. I put my motorcycle in the garage awaiting a rebuild but kept starting it min once a month. All was fine until one day it wouldn't. That's when I read about Ethanol dissolving the tank resin.
  24. I fully understand your views, it is very difficult to inspect on delivery sometimes and after the event you cannot get rid of the anger since it is too late. Stuff gets left unsigned or the person signing does not know what to do once received. I think that they have given you 24hrs which is not bad, I don't know what your statutory rights are (have you checked?). The insurance thing seems odd, is you comment a std delivery insurance statement and is their insurance statement re the insurance they provided? Reading the website it looks like their insurance requires the 24hr notifica
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