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  1. Life just above sea level is much easier!
  2. Ah so they are better phoned than online. Thanks.
  3. Well either I am being dumb, but the Piper website is very short on products and has no names as Torquemax or Stump puller. Are these RPi made up names? It is possible that they are custom profiles that RPi ordered? TBH I could not see your cam either as there are only 2 cams listed? 270B Fast road and 285B Rally. The only Stump Puller cam I can find is the Viper Stump Puller from Real Steel (a great company near West London). I could find no info on who Viper is though!
  4. Looking the the choices there wouldn't a Piper Torquemax possibly be a better choice.
  5. I used to have a large Ring solar panel but it was not as waterproof as I thought! The instructions do warn about that but being a bloke I did not read it all! Did look at van rotary vents but they are £70 for a simple plastic fan and swivel! As I am not looking to keep the battery charged as per the Ring one I will look at see what is around. Thanks.
  6. Glad you liked it, it was my first major marshalling role. I had marshalled many AWDC Trials and Comps before but not one with such public focus. Weirdly my friend bought a comp motor a year later that turned out to be one of the dead motors I recovered and caught on camera. After this I marshalled the Southern Hill Rally and assisted at the first Europa Truck Trial in France.
  7. Me too, once I removed the worn out dizzy it starts and runs perfectly.
  8. I am so depressed now, I used to have a powered garage, now I only have a damp container!
  9. Friends used to race them and in their day they were the thing to have until new ideas came along. Rear engined racers (not just these) are interesting to race as over jumps the rear wants to over take the front on landing which led to some horrific crashes on faster courses. Aliquat is in this old video from my era plus a couple of StrangeRover2. Aliquat was a victim of its own making unfortunately as the Ali part of the name relates to its Aluminium space frame and roll cage which were banned in competition shortly afterwards IIRC. The on one the link has the photos of the ali
  10. Is the V6 Gas engine the Ford V6 petrol engine as fitted to LR3s? If so there must be help available in the US Ah it's not its a Rover UK KV6 engine.
  11. But it has orange bits so it must be better than any other?
  12. So £85k but they can't be bothered to provide any information or decent pictures other than loads showing the yellow headlights work? Sorry this is out of the timeline for the thread, catching up and forgot to check where it was in the post.
  13. Bulldog comes with LRs acclaimed mono turbo V6 diesel. That's the one that is acclaimed with spinning main bearings and snapping cranks in standard tune then!
  14. Well all these projects show that there is more disposable money around than ever. Covid times are bearable if you have money but not if you haven't. I don't, but I would not begrudge anyone who bought one of these! I am disappointed about the the ON road bias though even if it is just a mock-up.
  15. Found this online re general braking performance, not helpful but made me laugh. If the RB was towing a 105 then it was probably ok - towing a 105 increases the braking efficiency of the RB by about 33%!!!! 105mm light gun presumably is a braked trailer.
  16. Just to add another area of topic (maybe not useful?). I recently had the pleasure if driving in the recent mild fog/mist on the M4 to get my wife to work. It was very noticeable that the newer cars with very bright white beam headlights (can't say what type) were so bright as to be a hindrance in the conditions and would be dangerous in thicker fog. Obviously this is only relevant in that the drivers were not using front fog lights and turned off headlights so more an education thing but then most people drive with both on not either or nowadays. It is also noticeable that these sam
  17. I know it's not the pedestrian side but it does seem like it would skin any that it encounters, also it will pour water in very effectively I would imagine?
  18. Wow I really like them but possibly not the most secure?
  19. Yeah but I could build a car and claim it is a cheaper Rolls Royce!! He is just trying to set his product further up the food chain.
  20. Yes I had one on the single line drum brakes and I have a pair that I was going to fit with the RRC twin cylinder twin line front calipers. Now I have fitted 90 front calipers I don't need twin lines to the front and don't want the rear through a servo particularly. Time will tell (once I can return to it) as if it is too hard I will add a the pair of servos. The Volvo 303 6x6 had them like that.
  21. Oh OK, I am just too focussed on one view I guess.
  22. Sweet, how I wish I had a workshop so I can learn to weld. I have to weld outside so limited capability.
  23. Grenadier "Built on purpose" to look identical to a 110. Sorry but this just highlights why LR should have won the case. VBH is showing her age now.
  24. I am still bleeding my brakes (lockdown and remote garage so no access) so it will be interesting as I only have room for a short pedal tower and no servo on RRC brake MC. It may turnout to be too much as LR increased the pedal tower height for the brake pedal but I have to use a LHD clutch pedal for it as it is in a S1 with low bonnet. Actually it is the length of the dual MC that is too long to fit a tall brake tower without modification as it angles the MC down towards the S1 dashboard.
  25. I also have an old work Halon in the S1, BUT the use of them is illegal, not sure of the ownership of them. Any Halon is going to be well out of date.
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