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  1. Is the plate on top of the joint the wrong way round? With the open slot facing backwards not forwards as now, then the rod would push it off in a crash?
  2. A guy I knew had a South African factory Chevy powered coupe mat black bonnet. Octane mag IIRC did a piece on it at Bruntingthorpe, they also had the then current BTCC cars and drivers there. When the BTCC guys saw the car they burst out laughing, until, my mate (ex stock car racer) drove it with a terrified data logger guy in the passenger seat at 157mph with no helmet or seat belts. Then they gave him and the car respect.
  3. Excerpt from this article online re US usage https://www.vox.com/recode/2020/12/9/22160427/amazon-alexa-google-assistant-siri-holidays I cannot vouch for the info but a comment interested me. Direct copy from page. When Amazon’s Ring cameras were hacked, strangers could see inside children’s bedrooms. (Ring says that in this instance its systems and network were not hacked directly. The company told Recode that bad actors obtained Ring users’ login credentials through hacks of other companies and then used those credentials to gain access to Ring accounts. The company now has ma
  4. This is common on D3 possibly D4 as well.
  5. I have a Nanocom Evo for my D3, it works fine but I agree about BB vs GAP. GAP have added more functionality for D3s than BB who are far more interested in selling their new revolutionary box (read catching up with GAP). When I looked at GAP it used the dashboard screen and had less functions than BB (GAP later told me it was their website that was in error not the actual product). GAP know more about the D3 software whereas BB only know how to load it.
  6. Here you are, The shifter does not do much, the gearbox ECU in inside the gearbox which is affected by the selector cable.
  7. Prior to this was its removal from London Congestion Charge exemption! Can't support a big V8 4x4 just because it has LPG and is cleaner than a hatchback. Greenpeace would be up in arms. The council argument is probably that they cannot guarantee it is running on LPG or petrol.
  8. Except every insurer has asked for a copy of mine as a requirement or no insurance!!
  9. Not sure that is legal or insurable on road? You need a certificate of installation compliance.
  10. Series speedo cables have a circular plate with three screws to clamp the cable, the later fittings use a single bolt and a "U" clamp that fits the rim of the cable. It may be possible as Western says. In fact it is worth seeing if the round plate on the Series cable will clamp under the "U" clamp as is? Link on this very forum! Speedo cable - LT230 to Series 3 speedo
  11. OK so according to a tyre website and the RAC your statement is true. A tyre speed rating indicates the maximum speed a tyre is legally approved for. HOWEVER it then adds this: Tyre speed ratings should be matched to the official top speed of your car. If you fit cheaper, lower-speed-rated tyres, it could affect your car insurance. So legally yes you are right, but it may give the insurers another get out.
  12. Really, OK but this is not what I though it is as any speed over 70mph is illegal so why would it matter???? My understanding was the opposite, if a vehicle is rated at 110mph then the tyres need to be rated accordingly even though you cannot exceed 70mph. For me it is not an issue as the Series 1 is rated at 59mph so other than agri tyres which aren't legal anyway, everything else will be higher.
  13. Remember speed rating on aggressive tyres are lower and may not meet the D3's requirement. Many aggressive tyres on D1/2 and RRC are not legal on road, particularly retreads or copies.
  14. IIRC for BP it is the choice of the franchisee but BP owned won't have them
  15. My normal reply as usual DISCO3.co.uk has the answers. The tyre of choice seems to be Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac is a versatile tyre designed for off-road vehicles. This ensures good traction in all-terrain as well as good behaviour on paved roads . Equipped with a symmetrical tread, the model performs very well on dry and wet surfaces. Available in standard size incl 19" go more aggressive and you will need smaller wheels 17/18"? One review has all 10/10 except 5/10 for noise.
  16. My local Shell garages (2) have dropped it one for Hydrogen instead. Luckily I have the only southern ASDA with LPG near to me.
  17. OK, but it is listening to hear the word! Is this local or via the cloud?
  18. Dear Maggie I believe during her reign, talked about how this is going to free up workers who will have loads of free time so we would see a movement of workers to the entertainment and service industry. I guess she meant that those that can afford not to work are customers and those that can't would serve them! She certainly did not mention funding them!!!
  19. From Ride Solutions. Timbren Hollow Rubber Springs are mounted between the frame and the axle of light duty trucks and vans or between the frame and the leaf springs of medium and heavy duty trucks. Hollow rubber springs work in conjunction with the existing suspension to improve your ride and protect against the effects of overloading. Not relevant to this topic but from the web page above. So they encourage overloading of vehicles then! The picture shows a car with compressed suspension due to overloading which is corrected by the use of the springs. The suspension droop is t
  20. Amazon's mission statement. "We aim to be Earth’s most customer centric company. Our mission is to continually raise the bar of the customer experience by using the internet and technology to help consumers find, discover and buy anything, and empower businesses and content creators to maximise their success." So marketing then.
  21. Don't forget Ring door bell/internal security cameras and soon to be Healthcare company.
  22. e.g. Amazon is NOT a facility/sales company it is a Data Analytics company using the largest data source it's web sales.
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