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  1. Servo can also be used for clutch where the driver has a leg injury etc. The servo is very old and in my opinion not worth rebuilding, new are circa £70.
  2. Going back to the original question: Has someone ever tried to discard shacles and run a flat end leaf setup? An inverted "U" shape clip will provide lateral location ant that way the leafs could dislocate for extra wheel drop (with longer shocks). Just having an upside down "U" channel would be an issue as you could not guarantee that the axle ends would relocate which would leave the ends at the side of the chassis thus providing no support and the vehicle collapsing. Capping the "U" would stop the droop so no point. This also reopens the discussion on is there any
  3. You have to watch out for the swivel to move changing the centre of balance so it spins and catches your hand!!
  4. In truth I have experienced the flexible side of France, I attended, marshalled and was a passenger in the first Europa Truck Trial and the first night civic dinner then opening drive through the town was fantastic. Also competed in two Jeepers Jamboree's in Sedan where we were the Saturday night entertainment for the locals, muddy field local couples in Black Tie wandering around. The state of the roads was appalling afterwards but they were happy and they are still allowed back.
  5. Nice, so you won't know until it is too late!
  6. Yes they are, but the question was about removing the shackles altogether and letting the leaf end rub on a pad on the chassis? It would tend to be very noisy wouldn't it? The loose end even if contained in a slider would rattle up and down and side to side. Probably OK for a completely off road vehicle but not great for an on road one? You could use and inverted C section with the open end down with a pair of slots along the length and a bolt through the end of the leaf. This would stick with the correct fixing but allow more movement? Not sure it would gain anything as it can't dro
  7. As we as a hobby, keep out of date vehicles running, we find ourselves relying more and more on BP as the other manufacturers stop producing parts. There are still the commercial suppliers in the general car trade market but I don't know what their quality is like? I find myself having to us BP unless I can afford Gen LR (some of which is a reasonable price) but it is such a lottery with BP, more so it seems when newer vehicle parts are concerned, none of the plastic parts for a D3 that I have bought from from BP have worked.
  8. Erm isn't the communist state of France inside the EU domain!! How can they dictate different laws, so a non French EU car can be driven whilest on foreign EU plates in France, but NOT transferred to French EU registration??
  9. Please help as I am confused and need confirmation I have posted in International to get a wider audience as LHD and RHD are the same. I have rebuilt the Imperial M/C (vertical bolts) using AEU1940, as the seals seam to have failed I have rebuilt again today. HOWEVER. Here is a pic of how they were fitted in my scrap M/C. Short spring on the left Long on the right. Here is how the Haynes book of lies says to fit them (unfortunately the diagram orientation is 180 deg from my pic). This states that for pre 1986 the short spring goes in first, but I think this is wr
  10. OK this is more ridiculous, mine was an accident not ignoring the national system completely!
  11. So I put this here as it definitely is "International".😲 I ordered a master cylinder seal kit from Bearmach in Bristol, here is the DHL travel route. BRISTOL - UK EAST MIDLANDS - UK GOTHENBURG - SWEDEN Shipment arrived at incorrect facility. Sent to correct destination COPENHAGEN - DENMARK LEIPZIG - GERMANY LUTON - UK LONDON-HEATHROW - UK With delivery courier Four days to deliver, it could have been put in an envelope and posted to me second class! How far has your parts gone around the world in error.
  12. So this system uses the same inlet that the AC heater box is using? Are the wing top vents for the heater in a non AC vehicle? If so is there a different snorkel for an AC fitted car?
  13. It sounds like it is putting two gears in at the same time thus locking it up? Were the selectors in the correct position before you fitted the change mechanism? Someone who knows the LT77 should be able to tell from the pic I am guessing?
  14. Great pics, it must be amazing to camp out with no light pollution. HBRO had a trial with camping West of Reading, the valley it was in ran North/South and was deep enough to block all the light pollution then. I can't believe people who like the outdoors enough to camp out but not enough to remove their rubbish! With the current situation it really shows those who care and those who don't give a ****! We have a nurse friend who has announced that she is unfriending all her Facebook contacts who are actively promoting for people to NOT wear a mask!
  15. I used Hammerite Smooth for my axles, when it went on it left brush marks showing metal as it did not stick but a couple of coats and it was fine. Still on some years later. Next time I will try POR15 as it has great reviews and if it covers in a single coat then that is a win.
  16. This is a great site for help BUT you will be much better served by joining DISCO3.co.uk and ask in the D4 section. I don't know what the options were for a D4 but the D3 has multiple headlight options from new so it will affect the choices to upgrade. A change of original spec may be the better choice?
  17. Tdi Twin Inlet Tuned Manifold. These manifolds are individually tuned on a flow bench to maximise and balance the flow of air to the inlet ports on the cylinder head. Each manifold is fine tuned to give a balanced air flow across all ports Now I am confused, they chop off and blank the original pipe from the intercooler and add two new ones to the side. Where/how do they tune and balance the flow?? If they grind out the inlet ports that won't do anything as the cylinder head ports will not match?
  18. That would make all released Wolf's illegal on UK roads?
  19. My limited understanding of flow testing is to measure the ability of the component to flow volumes of air, if this component is attached to a number of other components in a system then the the ability to flow is restricted by the lowest performer of the remaining items? Thus twin plenum could flow better unless the other items restrict it i.e the collector size, inlet ports etc. Thus a bench test of the manifold in isolation says nothing. As you have changed the pipework, could you have fixed an air leak? I guess not as it is pressurised so would be blowing?
  20. I've only had a 7.50 spare on the bonnet for 30 secs, took it off after first corner!!
  21. Glad to Britpart bashing is alive and well on this site. I thought it gone down hill without it!! In truth I bought a plastic coolant manifold for a D3 from BP and it lasted 3 months before the weak screws and flanges leaked then 6 months before the body becoming completely porous! It's interesting how belief colours the evidence, there a a few good BP parts (OEM or decent manufactures)as above and the my part I mention here was bought from a company who have a dedicated following on a forum who will see no ill of the company, yet I have had to get refunds for a number of part
  22. Not doubting your welding more the weights swinging around:) PS not related to this topic other than S3 Lightweights, found these for sale on the web!
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