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  1. Probably kiss of death, my 73 is still going and sadly I've kept it in it's box!!
  2. Even if you don't TIG them up I reckon you could still sell them as a kit for self welding. Good job you must be well made up with the results.
  3. Aren't containers fumigated on departure/arrival as a norm to ensure this is not a problem?
  4. What about Copaslip or is that a different temp range and far more expensive?
  5. I looked at the Flare info sheet on here and was amused to see the comments "Flare ID. No less than Flare ID"! Clear as mud, I think it meant Tube ID to be no less than Flare ID?
  6. Must admit I have not touched my springs and I have owned the S1 for 40 years! Normal off road and on road work has kept them looking OK. My previous barn find S1 was completely knackered though.
  7. What does oiling do when used in sandy conditions? Can it turn in to grinding paste?
  8. Same way some things are super rare but there are two or three on eBay at the same time?
  9. As S1 bulkheads weren't available I made mine from 2" box, folded steel, an old S1 dash and cut the footwell out of a scrap 90. I now have a S1 with rust proof bulkhead (3mm steel) which is strong enough to add a front roll cage and late brake master cyl. OK parts of it are easier to make than S2/3 but it did not take much time.
  10. The majority of new car buyers (company car. lease, those with disposable income etc.) will get rid of it before its first MOT. The dealers will only be interested in selling secondhand up until the warranty runs out and definately not after the extended warranty runs out. Example of lifetime, LRs sealed for life Disco 3 gearbox, life is 80,000 miles to LR. Governments particularly Eruo dont want cars over 14 years old on the roads citing modern recyclability, but ignoring CO2 build cost.
  11. Ali burns quite well so not good for a fire delaying bulkhead to seperate the passenger compartment from the engine bay.
  12. Like the 110 127 130 the purchaser I would expect to be the electricity companies and similar? Road builders/ construction co's via a 4x4 lease co. The one market LR managed to keep.......until they threw it away.
  13. First time you press the clutch it will align so it is only to ease the install as far as I can see?
  14. From what I can see the first is a std leaf sprung lightweight, the second a coil sprung RRC lightweight hybrid (same body?). Prosumably this thread is about putting the 404 axles on the hybrid?
  15. On Disco 3s being Ford owned the bolts are weaker than the thread lock and shear when undoing them!!!! Once the head has snapped off they can be undone by fingers!!
  16. Absolutely agree that the prototype was plagiarised, it was a jeep's rolling chassis. Wouldn't know about the SD1, what was it a copy of? The modern car industry like the film/music/tv industries copies each other work if it is sucessfull. Good business sense of just lazy. Only the musinc industry seems to do anything about it.
  17. OK, though some front wheel drive cars converted to AWD (Vauxhall for one) still have front drive bias where some even disconnect the rear in certain conditions.
  18. Not sure what these are? They are called Series 2 and Defender 90 110 but they are NOT replacement panels, they are copies but not swapable with the original. Copyright?
  19. Thanks, my son has just bought one so it will be interesting.
  20. Interesting timing. I saw this 80" on ebay just now, ad said it was a rare historic find and priced at £20k. Problem is it is a RRC hybred and although a fantastic RestoRod not original at all. In my efforts to find its history I found a post on the Series 1 Owners Club forum from Philip Bashall of Dunsfold a number of years ago stating that they had a totaly original 80" (similar condition to the first post here) for sale. This unfortunately was sacrificed by the purchaser to make the hybred above. Good news is that the DVLA has it as first registored in 2015 so it must have be
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