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  1. Well I've had my question answered in this thread anyway
  2. I know nothing about the legalities, however I do know that the guys with those huge American campervan/ Winnebago jobs often use an A frame to tow a small car when then go away. So I guess you need to dress up as a camper, ooh er and ask one how they do it. Hope this helps.
  3. So what happens when you have a rotten outrigger or cross member? This is a repair but will look the same as a mod! I understand the need to control bodges and unsafe motors. What gets me is that as LR have bloody great axles we get hammered when an independent suspension car doesn’t. every rally car built from a production chassis/body has a re-welded chassis, different axles different gearbox and probably a different engine. Is this why a lot of current rally cars apear to be French registered? Every newly chopped bike or true Hot Rod should be on a Q plate but I haven’t seen one yet exc
  4. Hi Comparing the ads, the Pacer 4.5” are 2x$46 or so against the UK version which is 1x £107 the ones at £177 are 4.5”+2” So this give you a US price of around $100 for 4 against a UK price of £107 for 4. Apart from a very slightly different drawing they look the same product? It seems that most price comparisons US vs UK comes out at $1 per £1, if I recall wasn’t the Rangie Vogue selling at $44K in the US as a opposed to the UK £44K at one time?
  5. Signed yesterday but just read the article, got a bit unmanly!
  6. Steve Just got this from my small but perfectly formed insurance company, sure it is to try to get me to renew but the information is unlikely to be made up. Quote: “We are issuing this reminder because the insurance industry has changed the way motor insurance contracts are renewed. Before January 2005, the insurers were able to accept renewal instructions up to 14 days after the renewal date and these became known as ‘days of grace’. Following a European directive and the commencement of the Motor Insurance Database (MID), these so called ‘days of grace’ following the renewal date have
  7. This is the way UK politics works: You can't stop lawbreakers so stop the leagal ones! Firstly it looks like they have done something, remember to an Anti it's all illegal. Next it's easy to police, if you could not tell before what was legal or not, now it all is!
  8. Interesting. Some companies advise that they can only use your card at the time of your call, others seem to be able to use it when they see fit? When I used Adrian Flux a couple of years ago they told me that when I paid by installments I hade to re-enter my card details every time! I wonder if this related to the Government plan to convict innocent people of not insuring a motor that is not on a SORN. Funny the A£$%le who ruined my insurance rating by not having any when he hit me got off in court as he had not got round to renewing it yet! Just how many months can you think about it for
  9. I recall an article in one of the national Land Rover mags a few years ago, wherer a guy had a 2 door Rangie with a rusted chassis. Build went like this: New replacement chassis added. Next he liked a newer engine and gearbox, then he wanted a four door body with interior. Finally he put later axles on it. All this was documented with photo’s, the final comment in the mag “it’s tax exempt”! Nothing was left from the original vehicle! Don’t know if the DVLA caught up with him? As for SVA and Q’ plates, I have absolutely no problem with a system to check the roadworthiness of a modified v
  10. My boss runs a late model 90 in the UK(don’t know what sort of smoky engine is fitted as I only do V8), he never uses it off road and has had it altered by JE (lower, faster, more smoke?), however he is from SA and disappears into deserts and mountain ranges back home but loves Defenders/Series LR. He tried a Freelander and ordinary cars but likes driving a LR (obviously a pervert, probably reads this forum so he will know who I am oops). The front hoop fitted to the LR in the mag looks the same as my bosses which I believe is a LR factory fit? It does not seem to be attached to anything insi
  11. A freinds motor with I believe a Detroit Locker and V8 nearly wrote off parked cars when booted! Very interesting handling!
  12. Talk to your friends in Holland a bit more, the recent ish changes in traffic legislation (Gatso, Variable Speed Limits on Motorways and one I can’t remember) all come from Holland first. The only difference is that the UK enforce it thousands of times worse. So what ever is enforced in Holland next will be coming to a road near you soon! If you really want to amuse your Dutch friends, tell them that whilst the Amsterdam Orbital motorway had I think 4 speed camera locations in total, a single stretch of the M25 around Heathrow has around 120! Yep 1 per lane in both carriageways every other g
  13. A colleague bought an ex company owned 2.5 Omxxa saloon with reasonable mileage, the cam belt change was due at the next service. A few miles short of the service the belt snapped, took it to a main stealer who offered to take a look at the engine as they did not know how much damage was done. Colleague says yes (doh!) lots of £££s later the stealer has it in bits and says yep its broken, what do you want to do, rebuild £££££££££££s, new engine £££££££££££££££££££s or what? About that time the colleague finds out that the manufacturer have just reduced the service interval back to the original
  14. Mmmm Water and Welder that sounds like lots of fun!!
  15. Thanks for raising this topic, now I can work out how inaccurate my Hybred’s speedo is! Brilliant! Range 4 speed+Rangie Diffs+Series wheels+Series speedo+larger tyres = total confusion!
  16. Interesting how the comments change! People used to take scrap cars to a certain large off road clubs Christmas fun day as far back as I can remember, I don't recall any comments of "it must be stolen".
  17. Same as that, but you can add one more iIf it's modified: Having to get out and check the height at multi-story carparks then reversing out again! Sometimes the extra 2" is too much!
  18. Was this intentional? If I remember correctly Slough means Bog!
  19. Did something similar a few years ago and am trying to do another but work travel won’t allow it yet. The weirdest bit for me was having a student card and getting discounts!
  20. Boring bit (sorry). A friend was looking for more extreme tires for his Rangey, he was warned that they must have a suitable speed rating for the vehicle (Defender/ Series motors were OK due to the usage). This would affect the legality of road use and insurance of the vehicle? Don’t know if it is true but worth investigating.
  21. Been driving a Series 1 V8 for many years and now a hybrid, my experience is I’d go for the front personally. Body roll in bends starts at the front in bends I believe, plus and more importantly, the reason that landies don’t stop in a straight line in an emergency stop is that the lack of front anti roll bar allows one side of the vehicle to dip first, this leads to steering geometry change and the vehicle goes veering off to one side. Don’t know if anyone else agrees.
  22. Excellent Add How come other sites can't do such high speed high quality big screen vids? don't know what it did to the compay internet link though!
  23. Before I saw Slick50 in the UK A product called Nulon (I think) was touted around by another company with the marketing that, they installed it in an engine (don’t know what sorry) ran it for the necessary period to spread evenly, and then let all the oil out of the sump as the engine continued to run. The spiel was how long the engine ran before/without failure. In theory the product was proven, unfortunately Nulon (if it worked) disappeared and Slick50 stayed so I don’t know which was best. I put Slick50 into my engine recently and now (unconnected?) it sounds like it’s run dry on start u
  24. Be warned if you do this then they fail to get payment it will go against you as an own fault accident. I got hit in my car twice, exactly a year apart, once by an uninsured driver and once by a hit a run driver. A further year later I had an accident which was my fault but for less value than the others. when I looked around for new insurance I was told that I was uninsurable due to the number of own fault accidents I'd had.
  25. Slightly OT and I don’t know if it is still valid. This was explained to me some years ago as a legal customer protection clause. Every pay car park has a large sign at the front stating that they have no responsibility for the anything that happens to your vehicle on their property, owners risk and all that. However if they charge you to park on their property then they have sold you a service, part of that service is a duty of care to protect your property. This means that by using the sign “owners risk” etc. the parking company is deliberately misleading their customers to stop them fro
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