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  1. Brilliant, thank you both, Madmatt, could I have a copy of your list? Regards David
  2. Hi, I'm refurbing a 2004 Hi cap, I have had to cut the majority of the bolts to strip it down. does anyone have diagrams or a bolt list so that I can identify what I need to order and do it in one hit rather than do it part by part as I refit the items. Are stainless fixings the way to go ? I have just ordered the manuals from Brooklyn publishing, is there a parts list manual that covers a 2004 Hicap? Thanks David
  3. Hi, Very new to the site, so please bear with me. Please see attached picture , This is what I would like to achieve, Is this a 127/130 wheel base with the overhang removed with an extended cab and a stretched pick up tub, any one give me clues ideas as to how this was achieved, I have been away from defenders for a few decades so I need a few pointers. Many thanks David
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