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  1. Just to follow up on this, the black and white wires don't look like they would fit onto the warning bulb cluster as the connectors are the wrong size and the PDWA light is fed through the main wide and flat loom into the back. Any other ideas?!
  2. Great. Best get it all connected up properly then!
  3. Thanks Western. I can see that on the wiring diagram now. I must admit, I assumed that all the warning lights went through the combined cable loom that went into the back of the warning light cluster. I assume it must be connected separately given the wires in the pics. Should the PDWA come on with ignition and then only light if there is a pressure / fluid failure in the braking system. Slightly worrying that it hasn't been connected!
  4. I'll take a look this evening, but couldn't see an orange trace. It looks like it would either line up with a warning light blub or an aux switch of some kind (not fitted), but I can't make sense of it to be honest.
  5. 110 CSW V8 - 1988 I am in process of replacing my dashboard cowl / binnicle and have noticed two floating wires. Could anyone let me know what they might be for? They have always been disconnected as far as I am aware, but wondered what they might be for.. Separately, if anyone has any tips for jobs to do while the dashboard is off, I'd be keen to know (have been replacing the wiper boxes at the same time).
  6. Thanks Bowie - really helpful. Do I then use a lever / crowbar on the adjuster to get the required tension? I'm guessing the viscous fan would be left hand threaded?
  7. Morning, 110 v8 3.5l 1989 (non-serpentine) with aircon. Can anyone give some advice on how to change the water pump belt on a standard non serp v8 with aircon? Mine has a nick in it and part is peeling back. Will I need to remove the viscous fan, shroud and the radiator / condensor? If not, how is this main belt adjusted? I cannot see an adjuster like there is on the alternator / pas pump / aircon? Any help / advice very much appreciated (sorry if this is an obvious question). This is the layout (talking about the belt going around 3, 4 and 5):
  8. Thanks chaps - that's all understood and really helpful. I think I will explore using the parts and see if I can come up with a method to make the seats fold up more easily, than getting out lots of tools to sort it!
  9. Simon, Western thanks - that's really helpful. Could you show me a picture of the end of the bench base fixings nearest to the rear door too please? It seems odd that the seats weren't designed to fold up easily (I just assumed this was the case because of the hinge on the base). Will have to think about an easier method to get them up and down than using the spanners. Separately, which dog guard are you guys using? I thought the standard ones didn't fit with the longer 3 person CSW seats!?
  10. Thanks Western, that would be really kind.
  11. Afternoon, 1988 110 v8 CSW I am in the process of returning my 3 person benches to standard, so they can flip up. Does anyone have an pictures of how the front of the bench seat attaches to the wheel arch? I can see I need: 2 x FB108201L 2 x WL108001L 2 x WC108051L 2 x MRC6845 1 x MRC6843 I don't exactly see how these work in practice. Also, does anyone know why you only need one of the MRC6843 (stiffeners). Sorry, a bit of a niche topic, but any help much appreciated.
  12. Thanks Bowie. Just to check, do you mean I need to get it back on quickly, or?
  13. I currently have a weeping oil switch / sender on my v8 3.5l carb. Does anyone know if I can remove the switch without first draining the oil (not sure where the level would sit when cold)? Secondly, does anyone have expereince of leaks in this area? I was planning on removing and inspecting the gasket / o-ring before ordering a replacement part. Any thoughts welcome!
  14. For what it is worth, when I replaced mine, the genuine gasket wouldn't seal, but the Britpart one worked. First (and only) time that it has ever been that way round..
  15. Teenager2413, that sounds annoying. Have you checked the sparkplugs and the HT leads? I understand the HT leads, if not routed correctly, can cause mis-fires through jumping between the leads. There is an article in the technical archive on V8s and HT leads. Let me know how you get on! Assume you have checked the distributor cap and connections etc?
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