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  1. Thanks chaps - that's all understood and really helpful. I think I will explore using the parts and see if I can come up with a method to make the seats fold up more easily, than getting out lots of tools to sort it!
  2. Simon, Western thanks - that's really helpful. Could you show me a picture of the end of the bench base fixings nearest to the rear door too please? It seems odd that the seats weren't designed to fold up easily (I just assumed this was the case because of the hinge on the base). Will have to think about an easier method to get them up and down than using the spanners. Separately, which dog guard are you guys using? I thought the standard ones didn't fit with the longer 3 person CSW seats!?
  3. Thanks Western, that would be really kind.
  4. Afternoon, 1988 110 v8 CSW I am in the process of returning my 3 person benches to standard, so they can flip up. Does anyone have an pictures of how the front of the bench seat attaches to the wheel arch? I can see I need: 2 x FB108201L 2 x WL108001L 2 x WC108051L 2 x MRC6845 1 x MRC6843 I don't exactly see how these work in practice. Also, does anyone know why you only need one of the MRC6843 (stiffeners). Sorry, a bit of a niche topic, but any help much appreciated.
  5. Thanks Bowie. Just to check, do you mean I need to get it back on quickly, or?
  6. I currently have a weeping oil switch / sender on my v8 3.5l carb. Does anyone know if I can remove the switch without first draining the oil (not sure where the level would sit when cold)? Secondly, does anyone have expereince of leaks in this area? I was planning on removing and inspecting the gasket / o-ring before ordering a replacement part. Any thoughts welcome!
  7. For what it is worth, when I replaced mine, the genuine gasket wouldn't seal, but the Britpart one worked. First (and only) time that it has ever been that way round..
  8. Teenager2413, that sounds annoying. Have you checked the sparkplugs and the HT leads? I understand the HT leads, if not routed correctly, can cause mis-fires through jumping between the leads. There is an article in the technical archive on V8s and HT leads. Let me know how you get on! Assume you have checked the distributor cap and connections etc?
  9. Anyone use it/have it working?
  10. Mine is fitted from the factory in a 1988 V8 110, it just hasn't worked since we've owned the vehicle!
  11. Does anyone have their original air con of that era working? I've been debating about trying to recommission mine..
  12. where did you get the new loom from?
  13. The second pic looks a little like the aircon condenser fan connector. Hard to tell as mine has two of them (the old style aircon)..
  14. Anglo-Frenchman, Appreciate I am digging up a very old thread, but did you ever sort the issue? I have exactly the same problem. Did you fit the later fan in the end? Cheers
  15. Unfortunately, my defender failed its MOT last week for a leaking fuel line - the metal pipe running along the chassis between the tank and the filter/engine. I can't seem to find the part for sale anywhere (1987 v8 110) and since I need to replace one, I may as well replace the other too. It seems from reading up on here and other forums, that replacing the pipe with nylon hose and stainless steel p-clips is the way to go.. A couple of questions: 1. What is the internal diameter of the fuel pipes as fitted (6-8mm)? 2. Is a nylon pipe preferred over rubber for modern unleaded? 3. Given the body is on and the nylon/rubber pipe would have a much larger external diameter, how would I fit the p-clips into the chassis? 4. I understand trying to replace the pipe with copper piping is undesirable due to the brittle nature of copper over long distances. Does that sound right? Thanks in advance!
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