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  1. This bearing is practically against a face meaning the puller I have presses on the bearing cage, it can't get far enough in because the gap isn't big enough.
  2. Can the pressed on bearing on a differential be removed without sustaining damage? My reason for asking is I have an air-locker not working properly and the supplier is asking for the bearing removal and an accurate height measurement taken, any pressed on bearings I've removed and seen removed involved damaging the bearing.
  3. Thanks. From my reading of that it would appear they are not the same as "upgrading" from a series engine to a 200TDi would require manifold change.
  4. Does a 2.5na exhaust manifold fit a defender 200tdi engine.
  5. The RTC6398 arrived and was fitted today on the 1990 Defender, I'll put the the other one, QFW000020 which replaced part number STC1044, on the shelf as a spare for the TD5 I have as it'll likely fit that model.
  6. Mmmnnn, I was hoping the answer was no as I've removed the old arm and cant get the new one on. I have come across an advert marketing the rtc 6398 arm for the 6 bolt box and the 4 bolt manual box, I was hoping perhaps I had a 4 bolt PAS box one which would account for why it won't slip on.
  7. Is a Defender 6 bolt PAS box fitted with a different drop arm to a 4 bolt PAS box or is the same drop arm compatible?
  8. .10 to 0.17 which is the same mentioned on a Youtube tutorial, I just wasn't sure if that tolerance covered diffs as far back as 1990.
  9. I've a 1990 90 landrover, can anyone tell me the recommended backlash in the rear diff.
  10. Nice one, almost 1/4 million miles too.
  11. According to Arc-Rite it's the same stuff re-branded....watch the video I posted earlier.
  12. The idea behind the video In that case you may as well save yourself a hefty sum by buying the Corroless paint in the video I posted earlier because that's who Buzzweld buys it product from before rebranding it Buzzweld.
  13. https://www.landroverworkshop.com/diagrams/cooling-heating/heating-system/heater-controls_52983 The slider controlling the fan motor speed is playing up, my question is can someone tell me whereabouts does item number 3 in the link (cable control mode control heater) connects to, I've looked around the heater box and see only the control cables at the right-hand side of the steering wheel controlling hot/cold & direction windscreen or footwell?
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