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  1. Sounds feasible, ill give it ago, ill try anything at the mo! Ill sing to it if i have to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah, ive have been thinking about doing that, But i have a few issues: 1 My disco is a 7seater? 2 I tow a 10x5 ifor and a horsebox occationally with 2 horses in! 3 Unsure of how involved changing it all is as you have to alter ecu setting etc! Any thoughts?
  3. Ive tried the turning the disco on and off 5times to no avail, all it did was throw up the off road height light, so does that mean anything? it was on constantly! Will get a piece of wod out tomorrow and drive over it a few times, see what happens! Am i completely useless or does everyone have trouble with this like i have!?! Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the tips, will try them out! How do you mean turned arm inside out bog monster? Pain in the bum this, thought id do it myself and save £200 but dont wana mess with it again. Thougt it was too easy, changed bag in under an hour (havent done one before) Anyway, ill keep trying any idea. Thanks alot guys. P.s. the ride height sensors were ok and not damaged as i did check them both when i cudnt get it to work!!!! Thanks again for all your help!
  5. Hello, just changed an airbag on drivers side on my 51plate disco. The air bag filled up nicley and went into shape perfectly. Turned engine of and put the wheel back on and restarted engine to finish filling the suspension but it wont lift the disco off the stops! Not sure if compressor is firing up now! would it of cut out if overheated? The compressor is only 5months old. Any help would be brilliant as cant drive it with the ow bar almost on the deck!!!!!!!!! Thanks. Pete.
  6. me too, mine are rough as hell and faded! Any helpwith best place to get these from and cheaply would be great!!!! Pete.
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