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  1. I have not this terme, but with this one, switch on 80% and 25 % with start but don t move
  2. Mine up, if i choose BG nothing better and i can t change values
  3. I will go this afternoon see that, thanks a lot and now, this morning, sometime, I think i have a cut off spark .................just in cruise with 5 gear box, some time, but one problem before............. just for the info, the cold start never working, but i have the time now to search , i see too , the next thread speak this, i read too
  4. iac is a Bosch wire, I have wiring like the plan on MS1 nigel doc
  5. Nigel ecu, but I have never see if the iac don t work, now wit cold,......
  6. I think never working
  7. for info, I have no diode on my wiring , need one ???
  8. Hi, I have a megasquirt 1 on my Landy , but my IAC don't work, I have test him , it is ok, my wiring is ok, I think this is an error on the setting, can you give the pict on your setting, thanks or if you have an idea
  9. Hi, thanks for help the firmware on microsquirt will be bad, again, because he have change the firmware again, maybe a pist, I will give your "peace of advice" (if this is the good traduction) for he can found the problem thanks a lot ; )
  10. Hi, with dent logger on tuner studio, but i have a copy of his run with MLV, and when the misfire come, we can see the kpa, and another thing wrong he will try to see if he have allways 12 v when he have misfire, difficult to see it with a oscilloscope, the signal from VR is good to he have see the firmware on MS2 microsquirt have a lot of evolution ........maybe the response ??
  11. leads and plugs are new when misfire come, we can see it on tunerstudio,
  12. Hi, a friend have a RRC 3.5 strocker with rotrex, and now with edis , he have a missfire when he have microsquirt and DUI no problem, but with edis, missfire, he change the coils and the edis box, same problem vr and his wiring ok we can see on Tuner studio the missfire what is wrong for you, thanks a lot I have his msq if you want, but i can put it on the forum ??
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