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  1. Check the glow plugs fuse -> It's a know problem that the glow plug wire shorts with the steel diesel line and blows the fuse. I had the same, but it's hard to notice, the glow plug indicator comes on as normal and goes off per normal after a few seconds, it's just a 'dumb' light, it doesn't check if the glow plugs work, resulting in smoke on start-up for a few minutes. I checked the glow plugs fuse, it was blown, replaced it, secured the glow plug wire and it starts perfect now without smoke!
  2. Mine didn't line up either, I used SikaFlex 221 sealant between roof and windscreen, looks and works perfect. In the factory they also used some kind of sealant no?
  3. I don't think that a jubilee clip will do, this is a pressure line right? I went out and took a pic of my setup, it was a 2.5TD and converted it to a 200TDI but kept the original fuel filter and lines, so I had the same problem as you. Went to a 'piping' specialist and he made this connection for me: 3 years on it and still no leak or anything. //and yes, I went playing in the mud .. will clean soon 😐
  4. There is no RAL code for every mixture, so you won't find a RAL code for LRC325, the color code is ... LRC325. Again, find yourself a decent car paint shop and they will prepare you some LRC325 spray cans. I did the same, with another LRC code.
  5. Why do you need the RAL code? A decent car shop has enough info with "LRC325" and can mix you the color.
  6. In my opinion and experience, tires make a big difference!
  7. I just ran a new wire under the seal, works like a charm and less likely to break Like this: https://www.lrukforums.com/threads/mot-defender-high-level-3rd-brake-light.135488/
  8. Thanks I just ordered a new Lucas switch because mine is indeed floppy, on a bumpy road my main beam went out sometimes!
  9. It's that time again! Topic revival! I think it depends on the looks of the car and paint color, I'm having General Grabber TR's at the moment but will be swapped next week for the BFGoodrich AT KO2, white lettering in or out!? I'm leaning towards lettering in like it sits now..
  10. It's surely a sound that isn't supposed to be there! You've checked the valve clearance, but did you double checked the valve caps? They tend to break or crack.
  11. I'm not sure what to think about this, when I engage high beam, a small spark can be seen including a small amount of smoke from the connections. See video: https://imgur.com/a/uOKe2i0 Anyone that can verify this in their defender? 😀
  12. I think most Defenders were LHD from the factory! All European countries ordered LHD. So don't be afraid of not finding an original LHD Defender.. But the problem with USA is that you can only import specific build years, do you know the details? I know we can only ship original "old' Defenders (+25 years), if they were fitted with a newer type engine, USA custom crushes them.. So find out what model you like, and can import, and we can help you look, so it doesn't end up like this one: I think this would be a good link to start: https://eastcoastrover.com/imports.html
  13. Part number and price (not sure until when they are backwards compatible but just right for my puma): https://www.lrdirect.com/LR072977-Shaft-Rear-Axle-Outer-Stub/?keep_https=yes https://www.lrdirect.com/LR072976-Shaft-Rear-Axle-Outer-Stub/?keep_https=yes So, like I said, big clunk gone but still not that smooth. Changed the trailing arm large bushes last week, again a bit smoother, but not 100% there! This week I bit the bullet and changed the a frame ball joint, altough the rubber cap was not damaged at all and the balljoint looked in good shape. Went for a test drive and ... finish line, clunk is completely gone and acceleration is smooth. So in the end, it was a bit of everything, but altough your a frame ball joint looks in good shape, it might be a good idea to replace it, it will also come out easier if you don't wait too long..
  14. Small tip, if you use a disco 300tdi turbo, you won't have to clock it I have a .. Land Rover 110 with a disco 200tdi, fitted with disco 300tdi turbo & steve parkers exhaust pipe for 300tdi and a LT77 gearbox. The intercooler will need custom made piping since the engine sits furter back. My setup: This is a LHD !! So steering is at the other side and had to move the air filter to a different place, on the airco mounting
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