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  1. Flailbasher

    Rear floor cross-member Series 3 LWB SW

    Hi Dirk, I rebuilt my series 3 about 4/5 years ago. From what I remember I just drilled out the rivets as you suggest and they came straight off. (Apart from a lot of galvanic corrosion) hope this helps a bit! Tom
  2. Flailbasher

    chassis paint

    http://www.rust.co.uk/rust-proofing-paint-em121-epoxy-mastic/p404984 ive used this on all the parts underneath my Land Rover and it really does work. It's the best paint I've ever used for anything like this. Highly recommend it! Thiugh it is a bit pricy. Worth the money if you can afford it!
  3. Flailbasher

    Best Bulkhead Refurb Place

    Hello there, where abouts are you based and how far would you be willing to travel? Also could we have a photo of the bulkhead
  4. Hello there, If you would like a pretty much full list of part numbers for every part of the series 3 check out this book: http://www.retroanaconda.com/landrover/2010/03/series-iii-parts-book/ it's completely free from the web page. I've used this book for my restoration of a 74 series 3. Hope this helps!
  5. Most if not all series vehicles were imperial so I would suggest imperial. But have both sets of metric and imperial spammers just in case! I'm restoring my series 3 and swapping a lot for metric.
  6. Hi there, This is my first post so go easy please! I'm restoring a 1974 series 3. I have some questions about the carburettor: 1. In the first photo, is my holding the end of the "smith and sons" vacuum thing. What is it and what does it connect to?? I've started and run the engine, and if I don't put my finger over the hole which is sucking in air then it judders. As soon as I put my finger over the hole it's fine.. 2. In the second photo it shows where the pipe in the right of the first photo connects to the oil filler pipe.. Could someone tell me what that connects to as it doesn't seem to fit in the "vacuum" thing in the first photo... Thanks for any help in advance! Tom
  7. Flailbasher

    Land Rover series 3 carb issues.

    Hi there, this is my first post. ?? I am restoring my old Land Rover series 3. I have had the engine running and after sitting in a shed for 12 years sounds great! (But only when my finger is over a vacuum/suction thing) I'm not sure how to post a photo about the thing I'm putting my finger over.. But basically it says "smith and sons" I was wondering if anyone knew what the smith and sons thing was and where the pipe needs to be to create the vacuum it needs to run smoothly? Any help would be great! Sorry for the complicated post! Tom.

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