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  1. Had my lander about a month or so, and thought what the f..K is this beeping, thanks it was the battery!!
  2. Update; I am going to take the body off with a crane or a Hi-Ab (hopefully) do the welding at the rear first to make it strong again before removal. Then I can have a proper look at the top rails of the chassis - do it properly. OK I will shut this thread down and start a new one restoring the V8.
  3. Did you get the side panels off? It is not to bad a job if you take your time. I have just removed both of mine. When all the bolts and screws are out; heat and pry bars are your friend - be gentle though.
  4. Smallfry thanks for that, I am getting under the rear chassis today, rear floor and tank is out so good access I was a bit knackered yesterday, still got the wings and lights and such off, then again I think I can strip the front off a D1 with my eyes closed 😁 I am going to give the area where the chassis X member is a good hammering - easier in the daylight. At least D1 chassis are usually in better nick than D2's Cheers
  5. Going to put this on hold as I am going to restore the beast, Stripped most of the front end off and its in not too bad condition, sills great A and B posts perfect. I have not gone past the point of no return so restoration time!! I will look out for a ropey V8 in the spring and stick it in storage Ian
  6. I have already removed the headlining which made removing the wiring a lot easier. Front seats next and remove the sunroofs. Hope to have these done by the end of the week
  7. Thanks for the input guys. Even though it is bloody freezing outside I have removed the wiring loom from the rear of the discovery body to the dash Disconnected the wiring to the front N/S door, connectors all intact. I will advertise the loom and someone may have a need for it or I could use it at some point in the build.
  8. Thanks for the answers, its much appreciated 😉 Mudmonkey; just been doing a bit of research regarding which Bulkhead to go with, am I correct in thinking TD5, 300TDi era will do the job and the same for the transmission tunnel? Daveturnbull; which tub would you recommend? yes chassis cross member will be getting attention - I am hoping to get it blasted as it will be stripped down for refurb over winter, It is remarkably sound, it will also need plating where bump stop mounts. I do like RX8 seats - there is a breaker near me so may try and ask nicely if I can borrow an RX8. I am going to start stipping the beast at the weekend - yeah! 😄 Ian
  9. OK as I am going to sell most of the top half of the Discovery, panels and seats etc, I did think about using the D1's seats Well... most posts I have read; people are bemoaning lack of space as they are too tall, well I am 6 feet tall and SWMBO is not far behind in height, So I am toying with the idea of Smart car seats, they look very slim, come in leather and some are heated - very useful in a Defender I think. Inspiration for this was from a build by Mudmonkey. Ian
  10. Yes Mike I agree projects in the past have exceeded my financial plans, thanks for the advice - newbies take note! I do like to re use parts whenever possible - I don't have a bottomless pit of money - Hah cue the jokes about Money pit!! making them? if I cannot do it I know a man who can and he is an enthusiast too. Ian
  11. Thanks Mike, I will do that today. I just wanted to be sure this was the right thing to do before dismantling. I like tinkering, I am capable, I really cannot afford a decent Defender at the moment. Decision made Ian
  12. end of silld gone but the rest of the sills are OK, B posts are fine - no rust Body mounts forward of rear doors are OK too
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