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  1. SHY 7G

    custom dash project

    Hi Ian, regarding your electrical fuse/relays box ideas; I've just come across this on Amazon and thought I’d just put out there as an alternative. idea. DEDC Automotive Car Fuse Relay Box 12V Holder https://www.amazon.co.uk/DEDC-Automotive-Metallic-Terminals-Holding/dp/B0787VG3WM/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1_sspa?keywords=DEDC+Automotive+Car+Fuse+Relay+Box+12V+Holder&qid=1557846702&quartzVehicle=21-320&replacementKeywords=dedc+automotive+car+fuse+box+12v+holder&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmrnull-spons&psc=1
  2. Cheers Mike had a quick look, https://www.wickes.co.uk/Proplex-Black-Surface-Protection-Sheet---2mm-x-1-2m-x-2-4m/p/118670 not really what I'm looking for, but now in my head ready for any future projects Cheers Rich
  3. PUBLIC NOTICE (LOL) I just noticed looking through the topic that Steve had made up a card template for his custom dash, I've been looking around the interweb for card to make such templates out of, but have drawn a blank so far, so does anyone know a contact or website where I can purchase some firm card, say 500mm x 1000mm or so, to make up templates, the alternative is to pop along to Lidi (Other supermarkets also apply) and buy 10 boxes of cereal just for the card, but I don't thing even my wife is that tolerant when it comes to spending out on project SHY lol. Rich
  4. SHY 7G

    custom dash project

    " I’ve got a lot of ideas whizzing round my head and it’s easy to get side tracked from one part to another and end up getting nowhere" Totally with you there, I've started on the centre dash and I've already changed mine 4-times , and I thought I was happy with the set up I'm currently at, but there's always another way of adding something that's slightly different. I'm making mine out of 12mm ply for now and then maybe make it out of ali-sheet once all's well.
  5. SHY 7G

    custom dash project

    Hi I see what you mean using either of the two fuse boxes you've pictured, they are a lot more cleaner and tidier having the printed circuit boards, so long as you can get it to work without having the ECU your on a winner. Did you manage to clamp down the two main bulkhead air vents? as I've also seen a few ideas off http://www.ministryofdefender.co.uk/ (they have brought out a Puma dashboard conversion kit and go through remodeling the dashboard area, there might be a few ideas there? All this time whilst thinking and building my replacement dash I never thought of taking out the "centre cross air flue" part of the dash to make more room, will have to have a recky to see what's what. Here's the fusebox I've put together, i'm making up a top cover that will hide and protect all the terminal connections, so all you'll see is just the fuse boxes. ( the fusebox will be mounted with fuses at the front for easy access, I'm going to mount the fusebox in the base of the centre console I'm working on. Rich
  6. SHY 7G

    custom dash project

    Hi unsure if your aware that the Car Builder solution Company sell a 12 Circuit Wiring Module / Fuse Box for £112.80 + P&P, that's not too bad but there again that depends on your budget, how deep your pockets are, and whether or not you'd like to to build a purpose built unit that suits the need of your own Landy. https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/cbs-12-circuit-wiring-module. As I'm slowly plodding along with my hybrid build, I decided to build my own "wiring module"/ fuse box set up. I was lucky to pick up a second hand "wiring module" off that well known auction site, it came with a wiring diagram, so I sat down and picked it apart to make up it's wiring circuit, to which I modified to suit the setup of my own project, Okay still a work in progress but won't take long to button it up and as my custom dash is not far off the complete wiring of the project will begin. Hope that's of some help to you all
  7. Found some Stainless Saddle Clamps on the Car Builder Solutions Website, www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/stainless-saddle-clamps-6mm-pack-of-5 but look a bit thin for my liking?? Alternatively have found something similar in shape in one of the Land Rover Series Catalogues, "A fuel pipe line chassis saddle clamp clip, part no. 216708" that looks a lot more robusk and can be "modified" if needed. so I've ordered and now just have to wait and see.
  8. Hi All does anyone know if the cable clamp & securing bolt that hold the heater control fan cable in place on the Landy Series and earlier defenders is available to purchase on their own? Looking at the schematic drawing it's not listed as being a purchasable part? All advice and assistance greatly appreciated Cheers Rich.H
  9. Hi all, just wondered if anyone has had a DIY go at making their own roof console to fit either the defender or series 2a/3? Want to have a go at making one and obviously looking to make it at a more affordable price than what they are currently being sold at, plus it can be customized to my own spec. all advise and help greatly appreciated Cheers Rich
  10. Do I need to incorporate any of the following items within my wiring loom setup? Hello All plodding along slowly with my 88” Hybrid build "again" and now got to the electrics. I’ve checked and put together the Series 2a wiring loom and will be using a 3.5 V8 carb'd engine and a LT77 gearbox. The engine unit has an electronic ignition coil currently housed on it, so now my question is "do I need to incorporate any of the following items within my wiring loom setup" (and explanations why if poss. so to understand why it needs to be incorporated)?? 1 - Starter Relay Part No. 589665. 2 - Ballast Resistor 1.6 Ohms (Ignition Ballast Resistor Part No. 134176 or 134176A. 3 - Land Rover Starter Motor Solenoid (13H5952L) (My assumption is that this unit is part is current start motor unit). All advice greatly appreciated Many thanks
  11. Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase just the rubber (boot type) seal that fits over the Wiper Wheelbox Arm to stop the water running into the mechanism? I know that the whole item can be bought, but there's nothing wrong with my wiper wheelbox arms other than the rubber seal has perished. Or has anyone come up with an alternative item / method to do the same job to hand? All help and advise appreciated
  12. Hi All could someone tell me what colour primer I should use for the Land Rover colour - Monte Carlo Blue 608 thanks
  13. SHY 7G

    Flexi-Hose Thread Size Needed

    Goods news for future reference the thread size is an M12 x 1.0mm
  14. SHY 7G

    Thread Size on Flexi-Hose needed????

    Goods news for future reference thread size is an M12 x 1.0mm, the jobs a good one
  15. SHY 7G

    Thread Size on Flexi-Hose needed????

    Yes it is typically used as a brake flexi-pipe, M10x1mm way to small???? I've purchased an M12 x 1.0mm female fitting, only a guess at present, but can't keep buying guess sizes as it soon mounts up ££££'s So any more thoughts on what size it could be, please advise thanks

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