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  1. What is the material that covers the headliner? is it felt, wool or something else?? Cheers Rich
  2. thanks for your response, as you've mentioned "it is pre-defender" so will it fit the defender series? what year(s) period do you think the headlining it is from? Is the headlining worth anything as I have the front, back and back top panel, not sure if to use or sell it? thanks again Rich
  3. Hi all just wondered if someone could tell me what material my head liner is made of?? Had a quick look around and I see that the standard are ripple and vinyl finishes, but not what I have I would like to say it's either some sort of felt or wool?? but I don't have a clue????? can anyone please advise many thanks Rich
  4. Although I've already set the gauges in the custom centre dashboard and run all the wiring I'll give it some thought over this winter period, and buy a VDO gauge here and there as I've currently have x6 52mm size gauges in the design. I'm in no rush as this project has gone on for many years now, I won't put a number to it as the wife might call me out on it, lol currently out of site out of mind........ cheers Rich.H. (still haven't got to the bottom of it regarding the correct connections for the swoosh gauges )
  5. thanks for the heads up, all the gauges I have are aftermarket so I presume they will all use a standard common sensor unit, I have several to hand so can check different sensors with each gauge to get the best calibration. Cheers
  6. No not to date, something will more than likely do now in the spring when the loom is fitted to the vehicle thanks
  7. the clue is in the question SWOOSH GAUGE INSTALLATION: obviously not Land Rover??
  8. Sorry Bowie69, Just asking continued questions as they come up for my project, far easier I think asking in one post instead of keep on adding new posts just to ask a straightforward question (have amended top entry by adding the date asked). SWOOSH GAUGE INSTALLATION: Just asking if someone can verify that the wiring connections I've listed are correct ot not? thanks Rich
  9. NEW QUESTION 14/10/2018 : Swoosh Auto Gauge Wiring Diagram I have the two gauges below and could anyone verify the wiring connections for me? Cheers Rich
  10. Hi all would anyone know which terminal connection on the ignition switch Connection 4 from the tachometer should be connected too? Below is the Veethree Diagram showing the electrical connections, Does Connection 4 from tacho go to ACC on the Ignition Switch?? Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers Rich
  11. thanks for the link, so out of interest is this an auto-industry set standard/rate for the safety margin percentage? Also is a voltage stabilizer needed?
  12. Hi does anyone know what the fuse ratings need to be for the queried ??? as indicated in the wiring loom shown below? Also are the other shown rated fuses correct? Cheers All Rich
  13. Hi All. just would like some clarification on the wiring up of the ignition switch I have for my motor. The switch is a standard Landy Series 2a & 3 Petrol Ignition Switch and Keys, Part No. 551508 which is labeled up as BAT, IGN, ST & ACC. , where as I have a diagram showing connections 1,2,3 & 4? So could anyone point me in the right direction of connecting it up so I don't cause any damage? (Want to check wiring setup as I don't want to be doing any frying!!,,lol or NOT) SO IS THIS RIGHT? 1= BAT, (To Battery/ Solenoid for starter motor via fuse box, fuse ampag
  14. Seat Box Height OK, may be a different question to normal, but could someone give me the height of the seat box out of a series 2a / defender? I've done away with seat box in mine and put in a flat floor right the way across the drivers & passengers floors. So by having this height I'll have the approx. seat height somewhere near to start with, then I can adjust accordingly to suit.
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