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  1. Yes. Torque converter onto the auto box (making sure its engaged), auto box onto the engine, then bolt the flex plate to the torque converter (through the small access hole). Now you'll have a fully connected drive train. Good luck.
  2. As James has mentioned above, make 100% sure that the torque converter is fully engaged on it's shaft, (if I remember correctly, it engages with the oil pump drive). Once the torque converter is in place on the box, you can turn it so that one of the bolt holes is at the 6 o'clock position. Now you can bolt the box onto the back of the engine. Once that's done, you can rotate the engine so that the flex plate bolt hole lines up with the torque converters hole, and then fit the first of the correct flex plate to torque converter bolts (they should come with loctite already on the threads). Sorry if this teaching you to suck eggs, but if it's not done correctly the box and torque converter can be damaged, and nobody wants that. Have fun!
  3. My objection has been resent, thanks for letting us know that the original objections to the planning application, are not being applied to the tro consultation I have let others know and they will resend their objections too. 'World heritage' should be putting effort into saving these ancient rights of way, they are just as much a part of our past as Stonehenge is, instead of pursuing a picture postcard image of the area that would mask its past, not enhance it. Buzz.
  4. Objection added. Thanks for posting the info and making us aware. Buzz.
  5. Cheers Boris, Good news indeed. Just need to keep our eyes out for the public consultation, and then let them know our thoughts on the matter. Common sense, in 2009, there may be a small glimmer of hope for us yet! Buzz.
  6. The K&N is fine for uk road use, but not so good for dusty and sandy conditions. Being impregnated with oil means that when mixed with dust and sand the filter ends up covered in a restrictive paste. The K&N has a more free flowing filter element, hence more air flow better performance, but in dusty sandy conditions this also allows the smaller particles through which could cause accelerated engine wear. A standard air filter is ideal for the dusty sandy conditions experienced on an overland trip, just remove it, and bang the worst out of it every now and then and it'll keep doing its job without restricting the engine. A vote for Atlas Overland here. I've had two very enjoyable european trips with them and i'm about to go on my third! A friend and fellow overlander, has been to Morocco with them twice and has had an excellent trip both times. Its nice to go on a trip with a small group of like minded people, who will help each other out when you get stuck or if the truck throws a spanner in the works! As was mentioned by "Eightpot" its good to use a tour company as they'll take you on some amazing routes and to great places, that you may not have have found going on your own. When you've mastered desert driving, navigation, being self sufficent and have got the truck sorted to how it works best for you, you'll be ready and equiped to take on the world!! Enjoy the trip. Buzz.
  7. If you give the average punter a bit of knowledge, they all think they are engineering gods and we'd end up with four wheeled death traps on the road and competing in events. Buzz.
  8. The 110's build started on the 2nd of March and it was on the ferry on the 23rd of April, thats not bad going! Even if the hours total to 800. Pulled from the 110's build thread: "All the parts used eg; winches lockers, lights tyre ect were new came to the grand total of £15,000.93+vat which is £17,626.09. Labour was just over £25,000+vat. All prices are calculated at retail prices, quite obviously if one were to buy carefully and carry out the work yourself you could easily bring the project in at under £15000. Whilst not cheap it is certainly not expensive for the world of motor sport." Buzz.
  9. Having read the full build on their site, and seen the result of their work, I can see where the times gone. Buzz.
  10. The cost for the build was 15K if I remember correctly, it only grows to 50K when you include the labour cost, and I'm sure if we all included the our labour cost into our builds then our trucks would seem rather expensive too! Having read the full build I can see where most of that time has gone, and the end result is a capable truck that went straight out and won the event it was built for, thats not bad in my book. I don't think we should be so quick to knock a 4x4 supplier that actually has the ability, knowledge and experience to build a vehicle that can win events. There are many suppliers out there that haven't got a clue about how their products work when their actually out in the field, but are still happy to sell you their sub standard tat. Buzz.
  11. Its a 110 Trayback, not a 90, and I don't think that trayback was just bolted on! I'm not aware of any trayback kits that you can buy and bolt on to your truck, but I stand to be corrected. Buzz.
  12. Unfortunatley not, the cameras have already been installed on all the major roads within the M25. One of the things I have an issue with is that when this was first mentioned it was put across as a means to get rid of old lorrys from central London, but its being implemented within the whole of the M25. Since when has everything inside the M25 been central London? Also as we now know, this legislation is going to impact on all diesel commercial vehicles down to 1.2 tonnes in the end, thats a lot more than just old lorrys. This is the part that traps the most series 3's and all 90, 110, 127, 130, discovery commercials and freelander commercials in the end. The only exception appears to be if your land rover is a car and not a commercial vehicle, as was mentioned earlier. Although I'm not sure thats 100% true, as my 90 is a station wagon and reads "LR 90 4C SW" on the V5, but when i run the number plate through their checking system it says it won't comply after 2010. This does cause me a bit of an issue as i live just inside the M25, £100 to park my car on the drive, i'd rather not. Up until this came out I thought there was a difference between central London and the London boroughs that strecth out to the M25, but it appears not, and its all now become central London for this bit of legislation. I thought this lez was only going to be in the congestion charging zone when they refered to it as central London. Anyway we can rest assured that the air quality will not improve enough and the legislation will have to be extended to include cars as well, and then soon after introduced to a city centre near you. Buzz.
  13. I haven't got any close up pic's of the drawers, but I have got a couple of them in use this summer, if that helps. If you'd like any close ups just let me know, and I'll see if I can get down the workshop to take a few. Buzz.
  14. I built two sliding drawers for the discovery, earlier this year, and spent ages searching for components. Latches: I got two stainless steel locking paddle latches, very similar to MSS's from here: http://www.faparkes.co.uk/ They've changed their website since I bought mine, and I don't think its as helpful as before, but my latches cost £15 each, a worth while saving over the competion. Sliders: I chose the accuride sliders, that suited my length and weight spec's. I got ones that lock out, so that the drawer doesn't close itself if the cars parked facing down hill. I think mine were 559 long, 100% extension, 100kg, lock out. I scoured them from: http://rswww.com/cgi-bin/bv/rswww/searchBr...mp;cacheID=ukie they weren't cheap, but the cabinet maker that helped me make the drawers said they were worth the money, and they've take a fair bit of abuse so far. Buzz.
  15. I've also had the EDC system removed from my disco, the engine was better afterwards but still not fixed, as mine was, and still is blessed with multipule faults! Anyway in answer to your question, my cruise control doesn't work post EDC. The immobiliser works in conjuction with the EDC unit on the injector pump to prevent fuel reaching the engine when activatied, so removing the EDC injector pump and fitting a manual one kind of takes that out of the equation. Also if you have air conditioning this won't work either, the ac control system is linked into the EDC circuit, so that when you switch the ac on, increaseing the load on the engine, the EDC knows to speed up the engines idle speed. This can be bypassed, a wire going into the EDC ECU (i think) has to be cut and joined to earth, the bypasses the EDC system and allows the ac circuit to operate as it would in a non EDC disco. As Raceface120 mentioned earlier the EDC injector pipes won't fit the standard injector pump outlets, and you can swap the EDC outlets to enable them to fit, or you can get the non EDC injector pipes for not too much cost and these will fit the injector pump and injectors no problem. Hope this helps, have fun! Buzz.
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