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  1. Wow, no servo on discs, that must take a firm push to get anything happening.
  2. I've not misunderstood, I wouldn't have a clue about how to calculate the power increase due to the improved acceleration, the claim was a 5% increase in top speed and as you point out that's a cubic rule so it does equate to around 16%
  3. I figure you are getting around a 16% increase in power to get a 5% increase in top speed, if correct that's very cheap horsepower.
  4. I'm a fiddler. I made this ages ago, I was always a little concerned about how hot the overdrives run so I thought I would replace the tin cover with an extended alloy cover to help get rid of some of the heat. The intention was to measure the temperatures to see if it made a difference then machine in fins as a final operation. Never got around to any of that, just put it on and ran with it. The plate sounded a little tinny so I added a mass damper, just an isolastic mount with a lump of steel. Then I brought a Romerdrive. Don't know if it did any good but it can't hurt.Free to collect from F
  5. Having a bit of a clear out, was going to throw this out https://www.landyzone.co.uk/land-rover/quicker-steering.350293/ but thought it might be of some use to someone. Not really suitable for a road going vehicle. You get the arms and adaptor, think I've already taken the ball joints off.You need to be able to collect from Fleet, Hants. Not interested in packing it up or sending it, its much easier for me to throw it in the recycling bin rather than chase it around the garage with random bits or cardboard and sticky tape then wait in for a courier who always turn up late. Advertised on other
  6. Its difficult to know where to stop, I would like to make the rear reasonably durable so I thought pegging then of course the two pin diff becomes the weak link, I figured an Ashcroft ATB is no more expensive than a 4 pin diff but its 24 spline so then I need Ashcroft half shafts, who makes EN26 10 / 24 half shafts?
  7. I've been thinking about getting just the rear done and an Ashcroft ATB fitted but then I need half shafts as well and the price ramps up pretty quickly. Its on the wish list but so are a lot of things.
  8. Hope you don't mind me asking, who pegged your diff's?
  9. This is the same setup in an Series 3, type 50 servo, Series master cylinder with a standard wing cut. Also pics of the adaptor plate.
  10. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about swapping to a coil sprung servo. I've recently been through the same process. You can fit a type 50 Defender pedal box and servo to a Series but you will need some mods. The top of the servo tower may clash with the bonnet and it can easily be trimmed away for clearance. The pedal needs to be slightly shortened and reangled to match the Series but the biggest issue will be the need for a significant wing / mudshield cut, the Defender pedal box sits the master cylinder much further forward. I made all the mods then decided I didn't want t
  11. Series worm isn't that hard, picture shows one where I have taken a skim off the outside to get it running true to the bearing journals, spline wast overly difficult to cut with HSS.
  12. Not on a Series 3 gearbox. As you say, the length of the 2nd and 3rd gear bushes are adjusted to give the required end float for each gear. Once these bushes are assembled they are retained by the wretched C clip and the overall end float of the assembled bushes is adjusted via a combination of the 7 available sizes of thrust washers. The main shaft nut reacts on the 1st, 2nd syncro hub and the splined 1st gear bush locking that assembly in place, it dosnt influence the float on the 2nd and 3rd gear bushes.
  13. Just done my mainshaft, same thing occurred to me, nothing pegs the plain bush. Doing up the main shaft nut has no influence on the bushes as the end float is set by thrust washers, I couldn't see anything in the parts book to peg this bush so I assume its free to rotate.
  14. You could fit one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-London-Taxi-Heater-Control-Valve-LT1-TX2-TX1-kit-car-Next-Day-Delivery-/200989576801?hash=item2ecbe98e61:g:w1cAAOxy3NBSiUNq Unlike the Series tap it bypasses the matrix.
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