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    MS1 basic fuel & spark map wanted

    Hi folks Ive just put a 5ltr rover v8 in my Landy from v8 developments. Does anyone have a basic map to get me up and running? I’m running ms1 spark and extra. Thanks in advance Jon
  2. Unknownmanxman

    D2 v8 - misfire

    Hello again guys. Yeah they ecu temperature seems about right. the temperature that the MAF reads seems about right too. I notice that even though the engine is stopped, the MAF still reads a air flow of 5.6 g/s. Would a misfire go away when the engine is warm with low compression? Any other ideas?
  3. Unknownmanxman

    D2 v8 - misfire

    Hi folks Got a problem with my 2003 D2 v8 (top hat liners) that I can't quite figure out. When I start the engine from cold it misfires, not badly but enough that you notice. It clears when the motor gets warm. I plugged the laptop into it, and it says that cylinders 3,5&7 have a misfire - no other errors. The plugs looked fine, but I put three new ones in anyway - still misfires when cold. The motor had a new genuine MAF earlier in the year and had magnecore plug leads a couple of years ago. Do do you guys have any ideas? I'm stuck on this one. Thanks jon

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