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  1. Hi Gents, Many thanks to all who have added to this thread in particular Mat and Northwands , Am almost sure that it going to have to be a shielder bulkhead. Would be great if you were able to share your experiences fitting and some pics if possible. I will try and get my garage to do the same to add to the up to date “body of knowledge “ on this. Many thanks. I am resolved to the fact that these are bound to need a certain amount of fitting as did presumably the rest of the bits and it is unlikely that the replacement bulkhead is going to be an exact match to the one that comes out.
  2. The rest of the bulkhead isn’t OK so think I’m going to have to have it replaced. Any advise on sourcing and fitting from anyone please ?
  3. I have used Gibson autos in the past and found them to be excellent. Problem is they have a very long waiting list for type of repair.
  4. Here’s the pic of the “tiny” hole (s) LOL … right next to the brake servo bracket 😞
  5. Hi, My TD5 defender has failed its MOT because of a “tiny” hole in the bulkhead but I am told it can’t be welded and I need a new bulkhead. 😞 Have heard of all sorts of scare stories but maybe today’s fitters expect to be able to swap out identical parts without the coach building like fitting techniques required to build a defender. Anyway there seam to be 2 options .. shielder (but if a bashing on here) and terrain tech. Can anyone say which one today might be easier to fit ? Is there a better manufactured bulkhead and if so by who ?. If anyone knows of someone good near Glasgow who they can recommend for a bulkhead replacement then please let me know. Thanks
  6. Never realised that living on the west coast of Scotland would dissolve my defender !

  7. Hi thanks for offering to look on microcat. I went out to get the VIN number from under the bonnet and guess what .... colour is listed on that plate as 602 - Chawton White. So problem solved. !
  8. I suppose my next question is therefore would be ... does anyone know the name of the white paint (or paints) used on 2004 TD5 Defenders? Thanks
  9. Good day Gentlemen, I have a 2004 ex Scottish & Southern TD5 but unfortunately the paint code isn’t stamped on the drivers side plate. I have bought Fuji white paint but it’s whiter than the SSE white. Can anyone here please kindly tell me the name of the colour of the paint used on my Defender ? Many thanks Charlie. PS looking forward to getting some good pics of my upcoming bulkhead replacement upload soon !
  10. Hi - can anyone of you clever chaps please tell me the telationship between hydraulic brake pressure and braking torque for a defender front axle . A graph would be good but a factor I can multiply pressure by to get torque would be good too . For example 50 bar pressure results in 2500 Nm torque ! Thanks
  11. HI diesel jim - did you ever get your 2nd alternator fitted to your TD5 ? I need to do this too, any advise / issues you have - I would be very interested. Cheers
  12. I too am wanting to fit a second alternator (24v) to a Defender TD5. Unfortunately the kits no longer seam to be available, unless anyone knows differently ?. I don't suppose there's anyone here who might have a mounting kit they want to sell ? Pete, do you have any further pics that would help me determine what would be required to make a mounting bracket up myself ?
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