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  1. skirky dave

    New user new 2a owner

    I did exactly the same thing .. MANY years ago ( bought the wrong pipe ), however,..all may not be lost!!. An elder land rover enthusiast said to me..Don't throw it away Dave, if you cut the pipe 2 inches from the end and keep the short off cut .. you can then place some stainless tube inside the pipe and then force the short off cut onto it, all you need then is a couple of hose clips and away you go. Not for the purest but... hey ho if it gets you out of trouble and it works. I kept that part in my emergency parts box in the back of the landy for 5-6 years, along with spare fan belts hose clips, cable tie's etc etc etc .The list went on and on. It eventually got used by a stranded landy follower near Mam Tor , Castleton in Derbyshire. Dave.
  2. skirky dave

    New user new 2a owner

    Lovely motor is that. She should keep you busy sorting it out. Some very very knowledgeable members here to help you if you get stuck. Helped me loads. Yes stay away from britpart but also..i have had the odd dodgy bearmach part. When you look at the box, you sometimes find the parts are made in china !!! or the such, so..be careful. My landy is like the forth bridge, i just get one part sorted and then....something else needs fixing . A constant work in progress, if you will. But we love em. Dave.
  3. skirky dave

    M.A.P Capstan Winch

    LO-FI, Sorry but it's not exactly in pieces. HOWEVER...If you type into google,..Land Rover capstan winch, and then press IMAGES, you will see the document which is the same as mine.Then click on the image and it will take you to....Land Rover FAQ. If you then, look at the left hand side of that page, it will then enable you to look through the instructions and layed out parts, page by page. Not a bad instruction book. Hope that helps LO - FI Dave.
  4. skirky dave

    M.A.P Capstan Winch

    lo-fi Hi mate, Errm, i've obviously described this wrong !!. The thrust washer that i'm describing at the END of the driveshaft which engages into the crankshaft dog cog. The final drive shaft has the long large spring which slides over the shaft and pushes against the thrust spring as you engage the shaft into the crankshaft dog. There is no oil supply to this shaft or washer, which is why i'm wondering why this washer has a hole drilled into it.These are on sale on EBAY and are called Land Rover Series 1 2 2a 3 Fairey Capstan Winch Worm Shaft Thrust Washers, Ebay item number 371452179947. Sorry about the lettering. Cheers Dave. eBay item number:
  5. skirky dave

    M.A.P Capstan Winch

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone out there has experience /knowledge on the parts on these winches. I've had mine for years but needed to replace the seals ( 4 off ) on the worm drive shaft. Relating to the Capstan Winch Booklet Kit No 5300 which is almost identical to my MAP. 2 questions really ( 1 ) There is 1 THRUST Washer, which, fits between the narrow end of the drive shaft spring,. and the connecting part of the drive shaft which has a small hole drilled into the washer..Page number 4 . Number 72, Part number 116-A4. Does this holes serve some sort of purpose or can any thick washer be used. (2) I've read that i should use Hylomar RED sealant when refitting the winch seals, 4 off, page 1 numbered 38, part number 118-A4. I have two full tubes of Hylomar BLUE, but not red. Is there a difference between these two products. Many thanks guys Dave.
  6. skirky dave

    2A gearbox / new clutch maybe needed/ confusion.

    David Sparkes Hi again, Dave.....you little gem. I found the part you suggested. Took out all the flooring and gearbox tunnel to give me better access. An old engineer who lives down the road supplied me with the cross pins. What i found, quite shocked me,.. (1) The first pin closest to the clutch slave cylinder, ( Vertical pin ) had actually broken in two. ( 2 ) The ( Horizontal pin ) ...Next to the gearbox,.... Once removed,...was bent AND fractured. Fitting the VERTICAL pin, was made so much easier by using a telescopic magnet. I had been struggling to fit this pin, what with everything in the way, but the magnet proved to be brilliant.. So anyway Dave, thanks very much for the heads up on that one.. She drives fantastic now. Cheers mate Dave N,
  7. skirky dave

    Goodbye or Live on?

    xychix Eh up again, Errm, i don't know any of the european export legalities, there maybe someone on here who does !!. As for the difference in transfer gears being attatched / changed / as to what fits what, i'm afraid that too, is above my head. There are are quite a few members on here that can give very good advice regarding your Landy problems. I've found a few that have helped me enormously,..Snagger Nick/, Bowie69,/. Les/..,Fridgefreezer/ David Sparks/,... just to name a few.Years of experience and knowledge. Glad to hear you like to keep the motor simple, as is. Like you, i also carry a hand Tirfor..just in case. I really hope you can get this sorted, and then enjoy it. All the best mate Dave.
  8. skirky dave

    Goodbye or Live on?

    Many years ago, i once read something on deciding which Land Rover model to choose. Defender ...with the head Series ...... with the heart. From an entirely personal point of view, i've had many many people come over to me and passed some lovely comments on my series 2A. Ok, it's got a 2.5 n/a diesel in it. It's not fast, or very comfortable and sometimes leaks here and there but...it was never designed to be spot on in every way,.. and maybe that's why i love it. The defenders have much more power, faster diffs, get jacked up and with more lights than a xmas tree, but mine has it's own place in history and i also love the fact that i was only 1 year old when it came off the production line......and i'm still driving it. A few years ago, i saw a series Landy in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire. It had a 200 TDI under the bonnet, LT77 gearbox ( i think ) with a conversion done to it to allow non permanent 4x4, parrabolic springs, and different diffs. What it cost to transform the vehicle, i have no idea, but...the owner loved it. It went faster than a standard series, more comfy, but....it still looked like a series. I guess it all comes down to personal choice and how you want it and how much you want to spend. All i can say is this,..when the snow came down, i was driving alot faster than the BMW'S, JAGS, MERC'S etc, i got home in my old 2A, they didn't they were stuck. All the best in deciding, Dave.
  9. skirky dave

    2A gearbox / new clutch maybe needed/ confusion.

    David Sparkes Just what i needed to know, excellent mate. As soon as it stops raining ( typical...yet again..) i shall take a peak. Cheers Dave.
  10. Ok guys, this has me a little confused...again!!. Last week the motor was running fine, as far as the gearbox is concerned...until this week. If the engine is turned OFF, ...i can select any gear with no need to press the clutch pedal. or if i depress the pedal.....every things ok.' Turn on the engine..... With the clutch depressed,..Can't get 1st / 2nd or reverse. It will, however, drop into 3rd and 4th. Set of in 3rd and quickly double de/clutch and i can get 2nd gear. Once driving, ..i can then get 3rd 4th and overdrive and then back to 3rd and double de/clutch and get 2nd again. To get reverse,..i have to stop the engine,....turn it off and the engage reverse, turn on the engine with the clutch depressed and then reverse. .................................................................................................... Checked and refilled the clutch master cylinder and bled all the way to the slave cylinder,......still got the same problem. I have come to the conclusion it must be the clutch, but could it be a sticking release bearing or something else. NEXT QUESTION.....My last clutch was a Borg and Beck 9.5 inch as it's the 2A gearbox...part number HK8914 Following a phone call with Borg and Beck direct 01869248484. However...when i've looked at ebay suppliers of the clutch they state that this part number is for the 2.25 Petrol AND Diesel, but it doesn't state 9 inch or 9 1/2inch. In my manual it states it must be the 9 1/2 inch clutch. NEXT QUESTION.....Nearly all the clutch kits i can find are AP Clutches, but i've heard some bad reviews concerning the quality of these units. Some only lasting a few months. Nearly as bad as the Blue Boxes with white writing. All help in every direction with this, is most welcoming. This clutch problem has me scratching my head. Many many thanks guys, Dave. By all accounts, Borg and Beck was sold off years ago to someone else and although the famous name remains,...... it now has quality issues and isn't as good as it once was.
  11. monkie Sorry mate, it got a little mad here earlier on. In reply to your question....No. We do have our suspicions as to who it is and ther's LOADS of pieces of the jigsaw that fits PERFECTLY....and i mean LOADS,,, BUT....even with all this information, THE POLICE SAY IT'S ONLY CIRCUMSTANTIAL. even though the seller NEVER really wanted to sell it, and constantly phoned my son at 3 in the morning ,,begging him to sell it him back to him. Ther's soooo much more to this,.. but i can't go into it here. Mainly for legal reasons.
  12. Well....my son got a tip off from someone who said the vehicle was about to be stripped in some woodland near a junior school in Mexborough. We found the lane which went on forever only to find some of his gear which had been burned but no motor. Police were in attendance and there opinion is the vehicle is being driven round with dodgy plates ( the originals had also been burnt ) but they don't think it's been stripped. So....still a little hope,..but not much. Police only responded to our 999 call to meet us there but the police are stretched as we know!!. Stolen cars are ten a penny. Anyway cheers for your support guys..appreciate it loads. Dave.
  13. Have these images come out ok guys
  14. monkie Yes the police have been called several times. Just hope he gets it back. We feel so close to getting it yet so far.

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