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  1. skirky dave

    Disc Brakes

    Many years ago now, i was introduced into a completely new way of braking. The Ambulance service senior driving instructor tought us about Cadence braking. ( Part of the old Police Drivers book called Road Craft )This i later put into practice whilst driving my 2.25 Diesel at that time. Cadence braking along with the engine braking of the diesel and being in the correct gear changed the way i drove completely and i still drive using this method today. Any members on here who knows Rivelin Valley Road, Hillsborough Sheffield will know of Hagg Hill, that's one hill you do NOT want to experience brake fade especially in winter, it's lethal. Must be a 1 in 5 in parts Look it up on Google maps. Brake fade on on this hill has been the cause of many many accidents at the bottom of that hill, onto the main Rivelin Vally Road. Even new cars with Anti lock brakes. Yes the new kits are far easier to maintain and quicker to change the pads etc etc but are by no means the be all and end all. On my drive through Ecclesfield when the snow and ice was 8 inch deep, i had no problems negotiating the steep hills at all. You just have to change down earlier, let the engine do it's job, cadence brake if need be and your ok. Driving old school, for want of a better term..
  2. skirky dave

    Specialised 2.5 N/A Glow Plug Advice Needed Please.

    I am but almost everything has to go through the books and that's alot of pennies. Every time i drive in the yard the main secretary comes out rubbing her hands. She tries to make a joke of it when she says "We'll soon be charging you by the hour for all this advice you know these are trained mechanics and we are busy" The lads just say.."Come back after 4 Dave when Cruella's gone. Which is fair enough, it is a business afterall but i'm also sure she wouldn't mind a box of chocolates at xmas as a way of saying "Thank You" The lads didn't mind when i bought them a beer a few months ago.
  3. skirky dave

    Specialised 2.5 N/A Glow Plug Advice Needed Please.

    Nick... I had the injectors checked and the guys at sheaf diesel said they were spot on. The HGV guys down the road from me are really pulled out with it at the moment. As they say, too many lorries, too many problems and not enough hours in the day to get them sorted, yet management want them on the road. There working whilst eating...go figure. Have to say they are a good bunch though. They also said to me " Your friend on the internet forum seems to know his stuff, which makes a change" so..there's a feather in your cap. Monkie.....no problems mate, hijack away, the more the merrier. Some interesting points there mate. Like you, i have to give the old girl 10-15 seconds on the glow plugs and on freezing cold days about 20+. I no longer have the smoke problem when accelerating hard up hill, that seems to be alot better now. Just white and blue ish from starting from stone cold in the morning and a little rattle with a slight knock, I do feel as though i'm getting there ... SLOWLY. However ...it's SO temperamental trying to get it bang on, so there's no knock or should i say much less of a knock first thing. I find myself coming back to the pc to read Nicks part over again regarding advanced and retarded timing. God, don't you just love em.
  4. skirky dave

    Specialised 2.5 N/A Glow Plug Advice Needed Please.

    Hi Nick, It's been raining here almost all week.Driving rain at times, what with the gale force winds so it's been somewhat difficult to have a look at the timing again. However, i feel i'm almost there, although as you say, it may need looking at properly when the weather improves . I have read SO MANY posts and information regarding this kind of problem and as you say, dynamic timing might be the way to go, although i feel that might be a little above my head to be honest. I would need to observe that practice with my own eyes as those bits of kit are not exactly cheap, BUT i agree are very helpful tools, even though it may get used every blue moon. I think it was a Land Rover Toolbox video on You Tube where i watched that. Very clever but a little daunting when you've never done it. Starting from stone cold, the engine gives the following results,....Starts straight away after 15 seconds of glow plugs,.blip accelerator to put out the battery charge light, then observe the exhaust, which blows ( pluthers ) out light grey/white ish / light blue ish smoke. Then increase revs for 10 seconds which then stops the smoke, it clears up, Then..slightly increase revs on the hand throttle for 5 mins until the engine revs suddenly increase ( As though it's waking up) as the engine is getting warmer. Then return the hand throttle to it's normal position and Idle...no smoking but the very odd chuff of smoke every now and again but not as bad as before. Leave engine to idle for further 5 mins and drive off. Little clattery whilst engine is still cold but quietens down after 2.5 mile. Once engine temp is 75% towards the ( N ) , the engine becomes much smoother / quieter. Once at normal temp and warm air is blowing through the heater, it quietens down a further 80% compared to the cold clatter from cold. Does this seem the correct procedure to you Nick. My eldest son has just given me his old iphone , ( very generous of him as mine was buggered ) so i shall make a video of the procedure and see if i can post it.... That should be fun as i don't understand these things at the best of times. Lucky you for getting hold of an almost brand new Diesel pump...those are not cheap!!. Shame about the Land Rover Wolf though.
  5. skirky dave

    Specialised 2.5 N/A Glow Plug Advice Needed Please.

    Nick......ok, so the rain stopped so i thought i would spend an hour on the timing, ....or so i thought !!!!!. I read over your advice regarding retarding and advancing of the pump with all the symptoms of problems associated with diesel smoking and starting of the engine, especially from cold. My god, what a day !!!! Yes, a DAY!. I popped into the HGV yard intermittently just to let them have a listen. They stood there and smiled at me. Your getting there,..they said. Just keep at it......I lost count as to how many times i laid on my back to loosen the 13mm nut under the pump, and the lower injector nut closest to the engine. Plus all the other nuts and injectors, just to move the pump a FRACTION of an inch, first one way then the other in my attempt to find the sweet spot. Then take it for a drive up hill and down dale keeping an eye on the wing mirror for pluthers of smoke under load. Phil, at the garage said that you were correct in everything you said but, because neither Phil or i could actually find the timing pin location hole on the fuel pump shaft with the pins we were using, he seems to think that (A) There might be some wear to the pump as the timing pin ( in his opinion ) is only a natts off . (B) Leave as is for the time being until i change the timing belt or until summer when i could get the diesel specialist to overhaul the pump, OR that the pump could be slightly out of wack in which case it could be corrected with minimum effort once the front is off and the whole lot can be properly looked at. ( That was his advice ). He popped round after work and followed me as i drove around my test drive area , as i call it. Some 2.5 miles up hills, on the flat etc etc. He said that going up hills under load, all he could see in his headlights going up hill,was, light grey smoke, which as he put it...may make your brand new Merc, Jag and Bently driving tree huggers pull back a hundred yards but apart from that, i wasn't causing a problem for other road users or PC plod good cause for concern to pull me up. Having said that,...it all depends on the pc, after all he can pull you up for anything if he so wishes, within reason. If anything.i would say the pump requires retarding a TINY amount and i mean a fraction, that's all. He also said...You've got to remember, it's an old engine from 1986 and you don't know the history as to the quality of the fuel that's been put through it or the mileage covered before i got the engine. which is fair enough i suppose. The problem with having the pump stripped , checked, new seals, re calibrated etc etc is cost £££. The other advice he gave was, to start the engine from stone COLD, look listen, drive and observe. If not good then let the engine go totally cold again, then..adjust the pump, look listen drive etc. Until it starts as it should ,and then drives smooth after warming up. He said ,..these old Diesel lumps can be a bit lumpy on a freezing cold morning but once up to temp,their a good engine, even newer Turbo Diesels be it Landy's or HGV'S can pour out black smoke when under load, but they can be a Royal pain to sort out at times. As it happens, it's raining here ... again, but....i'm NOT finished yet!! I think i may be able to get it a little bit better, although it's much better than before. Much much smoother. Oh well....more scrambling about on the concrete, i'm determined if nothing else. Cheers Nick,
  6. skirky dave

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    Chicken Drumstick...let us all hope your correct..I heard that share prices in Jaguar / Land Rover had been hit quite hard the other week. You can bet the price of Diesel will continue to escalate to stupid levels. When i first had the 2.25 n/a in mine, Diesel was £0.55 ppl, then out came the Renault GT Turbo in or around the mid 1980's.Then company motor pools changed to Diesel and whalla.... up went Diesel prices overnight. So much for DPF Filters eh.
  7. skirky dave

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    Mmm couple of interesting points there, ok there's plenty of hp but not the best for heavy towing and yet they put them into the Dico 1 Mpi. I was always under the impression the Disco's were very much favoured for their towing ability. Parts , as you say could also be a problem in the future. As i said before, when my 2.5 n.a packs up i'm not quite sure which way to go what with the rumour of Diesel engine's being kicked into touch by the government and the electric car being the only thing allowed on the highway in the future, years away from now i know but still,....My driving days may well be behind me by then!!. Having said that, the T series 2.0 litre n/a seems a nice engine. Any ideas on mpg roughly.
  8. skirky dave

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    I bet he's very proud of it as i'm sure you are. I bet he's not too bothered about the mpg. Maybe you could post a video of it for us all to see. I'm sure the many members here would like to see the flying machine doing what it does best. I must admit, i've always liked the shape of the lightweight. I think that's where the Ibex shape came from.
  9. skirky dave

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    Mmm, i think that if my trusty 2.5 n/a should give up the ghost one day, then, i would have a lot of head scratching to do
  10. skirky dave

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    Aargh , my fault, typical!!. I think i would be a little worried about all that torque going through my series 2A box though. i know people do it but i have heard of a few horror stories of the gearbox going bang, AND TRUST ME, the luck i've had lately.....it probably would. If you get the chance, have a look at that Perkins Phaser on youtube. Also...the Big Purple One, Cummins 6BT, got to love the sound of the larger diesels. The pulling power must be immense.
  11. skirky dave

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    Talking of engine upgrades, i came across this beast on youtube last night, by jack brown engineering...Perkins Phaser producing 500 lb ft torque and 200bhp. Sounds a bit of a beast...in a series 1,
  12. skirky dave

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    Just that, according to the read up of that engine, ( project Tomcat ) i thought they may have used it in the land rover 90 as a stop gap if you like before the 3.9 efi, or have i got that wrong.
  13. skirky dave

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    It has to be said, that, i have a lot of admiration, for anyone who's willing to grab the bull by the horns and try something different. The sheer time, effort, not to mention the expense. The trial and error and above all patience. I feel i'm getting a little too long in the tooth to even contemplate these ideas, plus i can't really afford it. I also think a good understanding in mechanical engineering helps. Some peoples understanding of it all on here is mesmerizing.......However i admire from a distance. That 220 turbo engine does look a peach though. Wonder why they didn't carry on with it ?.
  14. skirky dave

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    lo-fi ...Mmmmm
  15. skirky dave

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    Tanuki.....seems the montego engine was pretty good compared to the 2.25 Diesel, but although an interesting conversion, that 220 turbo is something else. even with the turbo taken off it looks as though it would suit a series box very well.Would love to see a n/a version in a series.

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