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  1. Condensation from son's pvc military 110

    Pete3000 Yeah, i was wondering about this bit of kit. It does look the bizz , but , i was just wanting some sort of feedback from someone who's tried it. Andicog Yep,....definitely condensation, ...Night time temp was -4. The vehicle had been parked outside for two days and a slight frost was already on the inside roof. The outside of the vehicle was covered in a really heavy frost. About 15 minutes into the drive to my partners and suddenly...drip drip drip. I pulled up, got the torch and there was condensation everywhere. Cheers guys Dave.
  2. Condensation from son's pvc military 110

    Yeah, i shall tell him about this when i see him.. To be honest LO-FI, you would have thought that someone would have picked up on this problem because i'm sure my son isn't the only owner of this kind of soft top. Some sort of rot proof detachable cotton canvas roof liner, fastened just under the the roof line to catch the condensation and then desperses to atmosphere would have been ideal. It's only in the winter when this problem arises with this material, when cold air meets warmer air. The first time i saw this, i was quite surprised,..the whole roof line was wet through with drips of condensation everywhere, just hanging there.
  3. Condensation from son's pvc military 110

    lo-fi Many thanks for getting back to me, your the first and it's very much appreciated. I shall certainly look into that one. To be honest LO-FI, i was hoping to find a thread on one of the many Land Rover forums, with someone experiencing the exact same problem, but no. So just how the military lads deal with this, i don't know. Which is why i was looking at the kit. My old series 2A has the canvas top with non of these problems. But Nicky's drips like a tap, mainly on your head and neck. Cheers again mate.
  4. Report post Posted February 6 Posted this on the Defender page but no answers forthcoming. Can anyone help with this problem, please . Ok, so along with my son's Thermostat to sort out, ( when i see him )...He's informed me of another problem which he is finding is a little annoying . As most of you experienced Land Rover owners are aware, the military 110 now comes with the pvc rag top as opposed to the Duck canvas of old. The problem is that the pvc does not breath so it collects condensation on the inside everywhere and drips. Further investigation on the web, brought me to the Rad Haz Insulation Kit, does any of you guys have any experience with these. They look to me as though there made of nylon so may produce condensation, which isn't going to solve the problem. Or have i got that wrong ??. His only other option is to find a new 110 Canvas top £££, The pvc top he has at the moment is the FFR Wolf type with the ability to fasten the spare wheel on either side of the vehicle. It would be perfect to find a Canvas of the same design. Any other ideas how to stop the dripping. Cheers guys Dave.
  5. Best night heater?

    That read wrong!!!!! oops, Wiring is something i,m NOT,,,Good at.!!.
  6. Best night heater?

    Yep....kind of get what you mean. With a night heater you would probably do away with the cold shelf in the landy, which would be a massive bonus. I've just been looking on the bay of evil and these or sooo expensive new!, But there again, you get the guarantee as well. I was just reading Fridge Freezers post. That's really really cheap to run...for a full night's heating. The wiring up is not something i'm good at, / basics maybe but wiring in thermostats,12v split chargers, relays and it's a question of ...oh dear, hear we go!!!. Maybe a unit from a scrapyard but there again i don't know which vehicles have them fitted. Or second hand off Ebay.
  7. Best night heater?

    DC, In the lwb, it looks or seems, to be a popular fix. If you do decide to go this route, do you think you could provide us with a full write up as to how this is done. I'm sure there must be dozens of Landy owners interested in this, A mate of mine converted his SWB Series 3 into a sort of camper BUT...it WAS EXTREMELY CRAMPED!!!,to say the least. So much more space with the LWB. Which is i use my old paraffin stoves. I don't have the space in the back for one of these night heaters. or the pennies come to that.Nor do i have the space for the spare battery to run the pump through the night. But for you! it seems a really good conversion. All the best mate Dave.
  8. A night in the Glens

    DEEP, Sorry to hear that mate, it's a real shame the minority out there spoil it for the rest of us gifted with common sense. and consideration towards others.Over here in the UK, you can see the effect of the minority are having on the closure of green lanes. It's getting to the point where the members of the public living in these areas are shooting video's, taking down registration numbers and getting the police involved. Followed by Local County Council meetings taking place and before you know it a TRO has been put in place. EXAMPLE...Tales from the National Parks, ..The Peak District Series 1 Episode 2...On BBC 4. An 80 tear old teacher decides to launch a campaigne to get 4x4 drives and trial bikers banned from a lane in her village of Great Longstone. Thing is...Once it's closed...........thats it!!!. Then they get together and close more, shame really. I don't pretend to know the Scottish Legislation regarding the country code, but, they seem to be far more relaxed. To be able to just pull up in your Land Rover and camp virtually anywhere in the Highlands to simply relax, maybe light a fire, cook, have a few beers and take in the fantastic views, and to meet up with like minded people who share the experience, must be a real privilege. It's not just the Land Rover lads and ladies that have these problems, it's also shared with the Bushcraft community. Wild camping here is frowned upon for the exact seem reasons. All the best mate Dave.
  9. A night in the Glens

    Cheers for that DC, have to say that is soooooo tempting, but we are saving up like crazy at the moment for the summer holiday, Whitby, and i'm sort of in the middle of things ,what with my series 2a swb and my son's Defender ( when i get to see him ). Pennies, or should i say, the lack of, are in the way of things at the moment But what a great offer, cheers mate. Those posh heaters look great but i have heard they do make a bit of a din, something like a jet engine taking off followed by the pump. What i've done in the past, is to fire up my Optimus 111T stove and put a brass dome on the top to create masses of radiated heat, but you must take EXTREME care as your dealing with a naked flame. Also my Vapalux M320 lamp, which gives off loads of light plus heat. Both are paraffin, and burn very very well. BUT...I also use 2 Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Check youtube for vids on these, stoves and lamps that is. However....if your wanting to heat the 110 all night...Mmmmm your better of asking those who've already done it.Way out of my pocket though. Dave.
  10. A night in the Glens

    Hi Mo, Yes, sorry my mistake, i always get the two mixed up. To me they all look the same. But thanks for pointing that out.. As it just so happens, my mate's daughter ( WPC ) also pointed that out to me last night SO my apologies to all pcso's. I think it's also safe to say, that, every barrel has a bad apple and that maybe on reflection....i found it!. I shall just chalk it up to one of those things and another experience gained in my later years. Almost 60 and still finding dodgy fruit!!. I once made a brew with my Kelly Kettle, as the fuel is free, and was told to put it out even though the fire is contained in the bowl...it was still classed as an open fire. Didn't get round to cooking my bacon and eggs. Different rules in Scotland it seems. Hope DC finds a good night heater, the scenery up there is simply stunning at all times of the year. Free camping, Land Rover, Scenery, Photography, what more could one want, apart from a good night heater. I think i shall have to start saving up, it's been many years since i was last there. At least in Scotland, ..as far as camping and open fire's is concerned...they can never take away our freedom. Only in the Peak District. Cheers Mo Dave.
  11. Son's New Defender 110

    Hi again Mike' Chemistry was never my strong suit i admit and like you it's been many many years since i left school. You may have a point in what you say, however, there must be many owners who live in hard water areas who have never mentioned this problem before. . Very interesting point though Mike, and and it does make you stop and think. As soon as he comes home i'll change his thermostat and take things from there. Cheers Mike Dave.
  12. A night in the Glens

    Hi mate, I'm glad you see my point of view. I suffer from a few medical conditions that usually mean i sleep a lot during the day, so when night time comes i'm fully awake and enjoy the peace and quiet of the night, i sometimes see a few Barn Owls and Badgers when i'm out at that time. My mate's daughter, the FULL TIME WPC, said " This is a problem we are having with a lot of PCSO'S, there are many who are full time wanna be's, the problem is.....there free to take on and it isn't costing anything to pay them. Which is why Theresa May said i'm going to be giving the police more powers, to which WE the FULL Time Officers laughed...SHE WAS GIVING THE pcso's MORE POWERS, Not the full time officers, we already have them,.....playing with words for the publics benefit!!!!!. Which is why the Full time officers are being cut but there's an increase in more pcso's. The pcso that we had dealings with, made us feel as though we shouldn't be out after 12 midnight, some sort of secret curfew. What she thought was odd behaviour, is nothing more than an opinion, ..but define ODD. We should all, be able to go out, when we want and not be subject to this sort of behaviour from certain individuals who are on nothing more than a power rush. As my mate's daughter said...You access, evaluate and use common sense to deal with a given ...not go bounding into what is already a peaceful situation, this is what causes friction when it needn't be. There was a big difference between dealing with someone with a knife, and two guy's sitting on the back of an old landy having a cuppa in the middle of no where enjoying the peace and quiet. Common sense in this occasion.......did not exist! Cheers again mate. Dave.
  13. A night in the Glens

    I suppose it was one of those times where you had to be their, to fully understand the situation, primarily the attitude from the pcso. Yes the police have a job to do and yes i am aware of the amount of defenders that have been stolen by low life scum and given the implications from having your pride and joy being nicked then i would have no quarms of throwing away the key once thev'e been sentenced. I should mention that my mate's daughter is a full time WPC, and was a little taken back by the pco's attitude as my mate recorded the whole thing on his phone. Even his daughter said "Wrong Attitude" It was her attitude towards us,..pursed lips, and being confrontational, followed by...." And what do you think you two are doing then,eh" Not, hi guy's everything alright, my my these are old classics, you don't see many of these around etc etc and creating a conversation. Which is how my mate's daughter, said she would have addressed the matter. We were, afterall, sitting on the 2A's tailgate with the kettle on the stove, which was on the floor. Hardly the actions of someone up to no good. We even offered her a cuppa to which the reply was...." I certainly do not", NOT, no thank you guys. Her attitude was REALLY off. We have been approached by, FULLL time serving members of the police before and they have always been curtious, even in the early hours of the morning, but that was South Yorkshire Police, in fact we've always had a good banter with them, no problem. To the point where some of them have showed an avid interest with Land Rovers, but not this girl,..she was awful. Really really miffed. So, to avoid this sort of attiude in future i shall make sure that i'm home by 11pm, with slippers and hot coco !!!!!. Shame really because it would be really great to do the same thing as DC did in Scotland. But not in the Peak District of Derbyshire ,.That's a big no no. So well done DC, and nice images by the way. Stunning. Dave.
  14. A night in the Glens

    DC.....Yep, totally agree with you, Last year at the end of October, a friend and me went out for a night drive in the landies and pulled up in a designated lay- by nr Matlock Derbyshire. 1.30 in the morning. A pcso turned up and asked us what we were doing just driving around and pulling up for a cuppa as she thought it was abnormal behaviour to be out at that night doing what we were doing. I replied, so this is down to nothing more than your opinion....are we in breach of any act or statute or for that matter in breach of any common law. We are parked in a lay by for it's designated use, as laid down by Derbyshire County Council. She insisted that she thought it odd. I replied "Hang on,..there's a large hill over there called MAM TOR which, people throw themselves off, suspended by nothing more than an aluminium frame, a nylon cover and hope they land on both feet safely, which by the way is how they started off,..yet,...you think what we are doing is strange...go figure. I refused to talk to her after that and returned to my landy,...she drove off a little rattled. Up till then , we were having a great time!!! I have nothing against the police at all, but some pcso's need to lighten up, they don't even get paid. It really upsets me that we have all this countryside in the uk, yet we are constantly told to move on, but up in Scotland you can just pull in, set up a tent and stay the night only to enjoy the fantastic views in the morning with a brew. Try doing that in the Peak District!!!. No chance.
  15. A night in the Glens

    Stunning mate,..Lucky you. Try doing this in the uk and the land officials want to move you on, or fine you !!.