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  1. Eightpot.... much thanks. That's rather what I thought. My concern was that it might need a step down in power or some type of connection to another power feed associated with the turbo, which I removed. I couldn't imagine what that might be but haven't a Defender 90 (new engine source) to compare it to. On another note, any idea on what I do with the boost hose that runs from the DPS fuel distributor to the turbo? Plug it? Route it somewhere? Right now it's plugged until I figure out what to do with it and how it affects performance with no turbo attached. Any ideas are appreciated.
  2. Greetings. I have a 1980 Santana Ligero that came with a 2.25 diesel. I recently started swapping to a 19J 2.5 TD. Unfortunately the turbo on the 19J won't clear the upper steering arm so I removed it making it a 2.5 NA 12J (sort of). I'm now ready to start it BUT my original truck has no wire for the DPS run/stop solenoid. My questions are: is the DPS run/stop solenoid wired to the ignition on a 2.5TD and can I run a wire from the run position on the ignition to the run/stop solenoid using the original 2.25D ignition? OR must I switch out the ignition to a later Defender ignition? Can it be wired from another source and! if so, where? Remember that the 2.25D shuts off with the choke cable. As I haven't access to another 2.5TD equipped vehicle I have no frame of reference on how this run/stop solenoid should be wire nor how a Defender ignition is wired. Thanks for any assistance.
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