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  1. “Professionally Built Challenge Truck” www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Landrover-Defender-Galvanised-Chassis-Challenge-Truck-Off-roader-Monster-Truck/183571386571?hash=item2abdb510cb:g:Rc0AAOSwrpJcCVRL:rk:1:pf:0
  2. Thanks guys. Does anyone know if there is a reduced wiring loom available or any information on what is not needed on the disco loom. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply. I assumed a standard td5 fuel pump would be the easiest option. Would a Bosch 044 fuel pump be a suitable replacement in your opinion?
  4. Currently have a 3.5 V8 manual in a 88" Whitbread frame. The vehicle is used for trials. Originally planned to replace the V8 with a 300tdi but I've since decided to replace it with a Td5-R380. Just curious as to what others do for the fuel system in a competition vehicle. I have come to the conclusion it's easier, more reliable and simple to use the standard Td5 fuel pump unit (with the sender unit removed) that's fitted in the tank. The current fuel tank will be thrown and I will need a new Aluminium one. The question is what do others use and if you do use the standard Td5 tank unit how have you mounted it to a aluminium tank? Can you buy a Aluminium threaded piece to weld onto a aluminium tank? Thanks
  5. Thanks. Problem now fixed. Fitted a secondhand ECU with the immobilizer system removed
  6. Hi, a friend of mine is having problems with his 1999 disco td5. It will not lock or unlock off the key fobs and to dis arm the immobiliser so it will start you have to turn the key in the drivers door in the correct sequence in order to dis arm the vehicle so you can start it. Can this be turned off in the ECU or bypassed so it will just start off the key? Thanks
  7. I must admit defenders do look nice with 18" mondials on. If it's any help these are rated to 850kgs What are the boosts rated to?
  8. After looking at a parts listing I have found the part numbers for these wheels NTC9976MUE is "QUICKSILVER" " "MNH is "SILVER SPARKLE" Standard 7x16
  9. Thanks chaps for you're input. After googling "discovery castor wheels" it seems to bring up good results. Duncmc you were spot on. I wanted a set of these a while ago to put on a discovery but couldn't find any. I've recently seen people struggling to sell freestyle alloys but the boost ones still fetch good money.
  10. Hi, I cannot remember what these alloys are called. I've tried google but cannot find any info, does any one know? Thanks image url
  11. I've never had a land rover on a dyno myself but I have always thought about putting my 300tdi on to see what it actually makes. From my experience of playing with cars there is normally 35-45 horse power difference between Brake Horse Power and Wheel Horse Power in a front wheel drive car (Honda Civic Type R EP3). Also one massive factor is every dyno seems to read slightly different figures and there a lot of makes of Dynos and tuners that have reputations for "different" readings. I would be very interested to see if anyone has played extensively with a Tdi on a dyno and what results were.
  12. I had a similar issue when rebuilding mine, the bracket for the rear A-frame mounts were silly money to buy new genuine parts to have galved. PART NUMBER: 575615 575616
  13. Thanks for the information everyone. I passed my test in 2007 and a few moths after I took the B+E test so I could pull a trailer. I've always used a disco or 110 for towing and only towed another landrover on a trailer so it hasn't really been a worry with being over weight. With having a house to rebuild and the possibility of the 90 being used less in the next 12months it seems a good opertunity to put it to work or good use.
  14. After rebuilding my challenge truck and buying a house (much bigger rebuild project) I decided to fit a tow bar. Recently there's been a increase of vehicles towing trailers getting pulled over and licences and weights checked so trying to find some information on what I can legally tow with it. The vehicle is a 86 truck cab 90, weighing more than it should due to a roll cage, pair or 8274's and lots of other little bits of extra weight. I intend to get the vehicle weighed so I have a figure to work off. I've looked on the GOV.UK website and it says the maximum weight a vehicle can tow, including the vehicle is the "train weight". It also says "The gross train weight is the weight of the fully-loaded car plus fully-loaded trailer and must not be exceeded" Does any one know where I can find the gross train weight of a 86 truck cab 90? I have found that a 2.2tdci truck cab 90 max train weight is 5900kgs but I assume this will be different and would like to know for sure.
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