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  1. Speak for yourself, it’s a V8 series all the way for me, leafs an’ all 💪😉
  2. Anyone have one of these in their Defender and can measure the distance of the tray front to rear as shown by the yellow line please? Inner depth of that section would be helpful too 👍 Cheers.
  3. There does seem to be about 3 different sizes in use from what I can see on the looms. The blue/red, blue/purple ones in my photo would be the 1.0mm? The brown/pink, brown/orange 2.0mm? And the brown with the red dash 3.0mm? I’m also looking on the Autosparks site as I’m hoping to try and match the colours I have on the loom.
  4. Is there a simple way to know what gauge a wire is? I need to try and match a variety of sizes.
  5. For connections to relays etc are you guys just using standard blue/red crimped insulated spade connectors or something else?
  6. This is right. Project fatigue is real and if you don’t walk away for a while you’ll end up making daft mistakes.
  7. What would be the relationship between that and the inhibit switch though? There’s already a gearbox oil temperature sender fitted and that has its own pair of wires. This spare lead has a 3 pin econoseal plug.
  8. Classic owners, when the vehicle is in park is a warning lamp of any description illuminated? I have AMR 5141 gearbox harness and the inhibitor switch seems to be linked to another 2 wire (green/yellow and red/black) plug on the loom that I have yet to identify but it shares a common wire (green/yellow) with this spare plug. From the position and length of wire on this spare plug it looks like it would connect to something at the rear of the gearbox area or maybe into another loom. I initially thought it could be for a speed transducer but why would it be linked to the inhibit
  9. Yes you can. Braided nitrile hose is available that works with AN fittings and banjos. I’m using it on my project for the power steering and gearbox oil cooler.
  10. I’m using braided PTFE with AN fittings.
  11. Cheers, so is it 13 or 14 that controls the amount of heat through the vents? I only have two cables on the series control levers one for the screen/footwell and the other for temperature.
  12. Quick question. Is the temperature control cable JFF500010 the cable that runs from the dash to the top of the heater? Item 13 My series cable is too short to reach the Defender heater so I’m hoping the defender one is the correct length.
  13. I’m doing a P38 conversion on mine at the moment so it might help give you some ideas for yours. I’m just working on the steering column mods at the moment. For the rods I went to Gwyn Lewis.
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