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  1. Yes but as with the Zeus kit you can’t fit standard rims.
  2. What does the vac pump do if you don’t have a servo? 🤔
  3. I’ve had this error message pop up a few times since the upgrade.
  4. I’ve ordered one, cheers 👍
  5. Has anyone tried one of the cheapo pneumatic rivet guns that you can pick up for around £35? I’m assuming they’re cheap copies when you compare them to the price of some of the better makes but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t work ok but they do seem a bit too good to be true. Anyone used one and has some feedback? I have a fair bit of riveting to do so I think it would be handy to have one of these on the shelf if they’re ok.
  6. If you get a chance could you measure the distance between the front edge of your seatbox and the centre of the transfer lever aperture in the console please?
  7. So you’ve positioned the selector above the centre seat location and the transfer lever in the tunnel? Do you have any more photos of the centre console installation before seats etc were fitted?
  8. It’s a P38 Diesel engine oil cooler that I am using for the autobox. At the gearbox end I can hopefully use M16 AN fittings if they are suitable for hydraulic purposes. From the measurements I took above, it looks like the oil cooler threads are M22 x 1.5 unless anyone knows differently? I still need to measure the female threads on the two ports of the oil filter head on the front cover.
  9. What master cylinder and servo did you end up using?
  10. Ashcrofts tell me that for my box code (714) the thread size for the two oil cooler ports is M16 x 1.5 That said the oil cooler rigid pipe is a larger size fitting so presumably there should be an adapter between the two?
  11. I once used a battery off a FLT with the right dimensions on my S3 Safari diesel with electric winch. It was much taller than standard but still fitted within the battery tray and had much greater capacity. Better than opting for a split charge at the time.
  12. I had a fuel pump off a Disco 2 Thor V8 delivered and it came with a white blanking plug that fitted into a white clip. Is this clip the same one that the fuel pipe will fit in to or is it just a transport/delivery item as with the blank plug and therefore be replaced with another? I’ve seen different colour coded clips used on pumps and just want to check if this one that came with the pump can be used or should I be looking for another one?
  13. I thought I’d add some photos and measurements that I’ve taken in case it’s of use to others in the future. P38 oil cooler connections: M16 banjo on to P38 power steering box and V8 power steering pump high pressure line: P38 power steering box M14 banjo bolt. 200 TDi radiator oil cooler connections without adapters. I’m assuming this last one is the 3/8 BSP internal diameter measurement and not an external diameter metric thread? It’s confusing knowing what parts are metric threads like the steering b
  14. You’re probably right but it’s just theoretical. Maybe a matched torque converter and stump puller cam could improve things but I don’t know enough about them to say. Making classic Landrovers easier for people with physical limitations to drive was part of the reason I opted for my auto conversion so a family member can also enjoy it.
  15. I might be headed to Hull, will they cope with the M62?.....🤔
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