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  1. Goodwinch have some decent second hand parts so I’ll send it off to them for a service and rebuild whilst I get the bumper blasted and powder coated.
  2. The parts are still available from Goodwinch so I’ll just replace them.
  3. Do you have any photos of that?
  4. Thanks chaps, will contact Goodwinch.
  5. I have a Superwinch with a cast alloy housing which has cracked in the usual place where the retaining bars are fitted. Does anyone know a way to repair these? Can they be repelled and then drilled out? Failing that are those bars really needed if I’m running a dyneema rope through a fair lead and could I just remove the bars and tidy up the broken corners with a grinder?
  6. I’ve just read that on their website and by the sounds of it a new box with an uprated 5th gear bearing is on the cards 😞
  7. Driving home tonight on the motorway in my 2004 110 and heard what I can only describe as a ‘camshaft clatter’ sound coming from the gearbox. I was in 5th gear and the more I pressed the accelerator the louder it got. Depressed the clutch and it disappeared. Changed down into 4th and it disappeared too. Put it back into 5th and the noise returned and was quite loud over the noise of the engine and road noise. Left it in 4th for the remainder of my trip but noticed later as I went up and down through the gears what sounds like bearing noises similar to a drone/whine in all 4. I’m assuming something has gone in the box and that it will need to come out to be stripped and checked but just wanted to see if anyone has any other thoughts on a possible cause? Gear change itself was fine and it drove as normal except for the noise. New clutch and flywheel recently fitted so am assuming they are all good.
  8. Cold start injector staying open? Is it running rich when warmed up? Coolant temperature sensor fault?
  9. I’m unfamiliar with the speedunio thingy but I have an Emerald K6 in my Cosworth Capri and Emerald say it will quite happily run a 2.25 petrol engine with that single point throttle body and a coil pack. Definitely on the list of things to do when the restoration starts.
  10. Get an MOT, it records the engine number and CC if I recall correctly.
  11. Once you’ve checked and sorted out your heater you could consider fitting a heated screen. If you put it on straight away it won’t get a chance to mist up and any that does will soon clear quickly.
  12. The Jenveys would make it cost prohibitive but with that single point throttle body it certainly becomes doable and probably something I will dig into a bit deeper as I’ve never heard of that speedunio gizmo before and presumably it’s just a mappable ECU?
  13. ACR do a distributor less ignition system and heads, cams, exhausts etc are already available off the shelf so if that universal throttle body would do the fuel job then it just needs that speedunio gizmo to control the fuel and ignition doesn’t it? It seems then that all the bits are there to do the job.
  14. Depends on how much mileage you do. If it’s not much then could the series be your daily?
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