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  1. Just a heads up (and I’m not trying to scare you) but back in the day it was common for stolen engines to have their number destroyed to prevent it being traced by punching over the numbers to make them illegible. Just with you saying the machined surface isn’t smooth I wanted to highlight this but it should be obvious that the surface is peppered with dents and looks like the surface of the moon.
  2. A draughty cab will not affect the heater output temperature only the air temperature inside. Is the cooling system plumbed in as per the original design? I’m not sure how it works with the TDi conversion🤷‍♂️ If so then as others have said the issue lies with one of the cooling system components. As far as I can remember these engines have no heating issues when fitted to their original vehicle so in my mind the issue lies with either the conversion setup or a component not working correctly. It will be interesting to see what you find.
  3. Bigj66

    Series 1

    It was used in a scam advert on FB. Removed now.
  4. Merry Christmas everyone. I wish you all peace and happiness for 2024.
  5. Bigj66

    Series 1

    Does anyone know the owner of this series 1? It’s for sale on Car and Classic.
  6. I think that’s always the risk with any company so yeah hopefully I’ll never need to find out.
  7. I went with Flux in the end as they offered a decent policy and recovery at a price well below any of the others. All mods declared and agreed valuation.
  8. Thanks all. Some good advice to follow up on 👍
  9. It’s time to look at alternatives to NFU for my insurance as they don’t do classic vehicle policies and I no longer use the series for work. I know I’ll be opening up a can of worms with this question but I’m looking for recommendations for companies that will cover modified classic vehicles. I know there’s a few who advertise in the mags etc but I’d like a heads up on ones to avoid as a result of poor service etc and ones where the service and any claim handling has been good.
  10. Does anyone know if these galvanised loops are original LR parts? They were fitted to my tub behind the seats and screwed into the captive nut under the transverse capping. I always thought they were anchor points for the static seat belt as the thread is the same but I can’t find any when I search so maybe they were off something else? I’m looking for another pair.
  11. My rev counter is fired from the Thor ECU. I could only find one ECU type and it wasn’t Durite. I thought the Durite ones were W connection fed?
  12. Has your wife ever seen a Series Landrover? 😉
  13. Can a Defender master cylinder fit to a 109 servo? Are the rod lengths compatible? I thought you needed the Defender pedal box, servo and master to work together? Maybe not, interesting 👍
  14. I also had those symptoms in my Thor V8 and when removing the heads for a gasket change noticed the head bolts came out quite easily which I wasn’t expecting. No sign of damage on the gaskets and it’s been fine since so my assumption was that the heads had been incorrectly torqued down during a previous gasket change.
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