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  1. Bigj66

    Power for central locking

    Can I ask what that black push button is on the steering column shroud?
  2. Bigj66

    bringing a neglected series back to life

    I’d replace any rubber water hoses as they often begin to perish from the inside whilst the engine has been unused. Same for wiper blades.
  3. Bigj66

    Defender 110 Alloy wheels

    You can use those rims as I do on my 110 but your rear axle weight is limited to 1700kgs and not 1850kgs. I cannot find any UK legal requirement for axle limits and wheel limits to match but you are certainly governed by the lower of the two.
  4. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    That looks like a great mod so I might hold off on the replacement and look for a Disco lever instead. Thanks for the heads up 👍
  5. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    Is that a Puma dash in a TD5?
  6. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    I’ve ordered another standard handbrake as a stop gap but that Disco one looks the dogs parts. How is it fixed underneath to stop it pulling through, is it on the strip where the centre seat runners used to mount?
  7. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    Almost certainly a boost box of some description. This one that Paddocks sell also fits inline with pin 6 white and yellow wire as the box on mine does. Suggests a max of 18psi though. https://www.paddockspares.com/downloads/DA4667_vr1.pdf
  8. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    To be honest I’m more concerned with engine longevity than performance. I’ve sent the company who mapped it an email asking for details of what they did so fingers crossed.
  9. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    I’m glad you mentioned that as I’ve already experienced that ‘Rev limiter’ style occurrence whilst driving the car but wasn’t sure exactly what it was, perhaps fuel starvation. Is 20psi a normal boost range for everyday and long term use? To be honest it didn’t take that much pushing to induce the cut out of that’s what it is so I’m not sure if the boost has been set too high? I put it down to low gearing due to inexperience with being the new owner and started looking at getting the transfer box re- geared by Ashcrofts. I need this engine to last and really don’t need a race car anymore so need to get this sorted.
  10. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    The P.O. had it remapped by a local company Torquetronix but he couldn’t provide any specifications except for an invoice from the company which describes the remap as a stage 2 with uprated intercooler and 20psi. They don’t have a 4x4 rolling road apparently so we’re unable to provide a dyno readout although the PO did quote figures of around 160bhp and it certainly goes well enough. The intercooler is the Alisport one that sits in front of the rad so a fair bit larger than the original. Looking at the company website their description of the stage 2 upgrade doesn’t include the fitting of a box like the one I can see so I think I will give them a call to see if they can shed any light on it. It might be something that the P.O. has done himself after the remap and without their knowledge. Looking at those connector blocks I’d be surprised if any reputable tuning company would put their name to that workmanship. I’ll update when I find out more.
  11. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    Brilliant thanks very much for the detailed reply and information. I think in its own right, that’s worthy of a place in the tech archive. One further question, how does the switch facia come off to swap?
  12. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    Cheers. I’ve used the switch to replace a toggle switch that the P.O. had used when he fitted the rear LED work light thus tidying up the dash and making everything look a bit more standard. The feed to the lamp goes direct from the switch on pin 4 and not via a relay. Pin 1 is the live feed in, pin 2 is for the switch illumination and pin 5 is the earth. Pin 3 is unused. I followed the directions in a thread in the tech archive and apart from the tell tale everything works as it should. It’s just with being a rear white light, I’d like to know if it got knocked and came on inadvertently especially whilst I was driving so the tell tale would be useful and save me having to fit a separate indicator lamp in line with the feed to the work lamp.
  13. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    Just checked again and whatever it is has been installed in line with a white/yellow wire into the ECU. carp workmanship, not just with the use of connector strip but the wiring is stretched like a banjo string and I’m sure it won’t be long before it breaks at the connection point through natural vibration. Whatever it is I’ll probably end up having to redo the connections at the very least. Looking at a pin out on google it might relate to fuel or air temp???
  14. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    Ah, that makes sense then. For the price they are asking I may as well but one with an adaptor boss. I think the standard rims are too large so 14” seems about right and I now know for certain that mine is the 48 spline column.
  15. Bigj66

    TD5 110

    Have been looking at fitting a smaller wheel now I’ve managed to get mine off. Was hoping to fit one of the Puma 3 spoke 14” ones as I thought they are a straight swap but now I’m not sure. Chap on EBay who has one for sale reckons he has modified the indicator lug but extending it by 10mm to make it work with the TD5 column. My column seems to have two locating slots so presumably I need a wheel that will match those and by all accounts the Puma only has one if I’m reading the info correctly? Has anyone fitted a Puma wheel and can say whether they are a straight swap or not? It’s not the padded one I’m looking at it one like this: Not sure if this style is a genuine option or just an aftermarket wheel that’s been adapted??

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