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  1. The P38 valve block is winging its way north as I type 😉
  2. Adam, do you have the option to switch to a Borg Warner transfer box? It might solve the issue you are dealing with depending on the vehicle etc.
  3. Interesting, how did it compare between the updated drum brakes and the discs?
  4. I’ve been following Anderzander’s build thread in the Members Vehicles section and his recent front brake upgrade to 11” drums on his S1. It’s got me curious (oh dear🤔) about how much of an improvement over the standard SWB 10” drums, transplanting a complete servo assisted 11” brake setup off a 109 would achieve? Has anyone done this to a SWB and can comment? Bearing in mind that fitting new brakes and a servo will improve things over a used non-servo system anyway.
  5. I’d be interested in what Dave says about this but looking at the manual it looks like the bearing should be tight as the front is as it needs removing with a puller.
  6. Out of interest, what’s the story with the Stage 1? Is it being broken for some reason or do you just have a set of wings lying about that you want to use? There’s not many Stage 1s about and I would imagine even less in your neck of the woods.
  7. Gotcha 👍 Presumably the BW transfer box has similar interface issues with the box as the 230.
  8. Out of curiosity why the LT230? Id be interested in an electronic box that used hand controls and could be coupled to a V8 but I’m not sure if that’s possible? Maybe in the post-Thor Landrovers?
  9. Problem is that I’m at a halfway stage and have already stripped out the bearings etc from the series hubs so I can’t bung them back on and, without the adapters I can’t get the new hubs on so it’s just a case of waiting until the adapters are made.
  10. I may have another solution that involves cutting the shaft to reduce the length in the centre and then joining the two halves together using friction welding. That would avoid the need for any grinding of the splines and interference with the hardening. Cheaper than new shafts too but there’s limitations and more to investigate about the process so will see what happens.
  11. Nearly as light as offshore wind farms...🤨 Will look them up 👍
  12. Does anyone know of a company that will modify existing half shafts? By that I mean shorten them and reground the splines? My local engineering company is swamped with back orders and have told me it will be at least 8 weeks before they could look at doing the work for me. I would like to get the chassis on wheels again as soon as I can so I can move it about to finish the rest of the work on it as lifting a ZF box onto the back of a V8 by hand isn’t good for my back 🚑
  13. It’s all academic now as I realised after posting that question that I hadn’t allowed for the need to fit a spacer between the axle flange and the stub axle 🤦‍♂️
  14. Just to clarify....I’m not really on No4🤣🤣
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