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  1. Great thread, following with interest 👍 I think the custom car guys use kits to retrofit air suspension systems so that could be worth looking at if you’re still after non LR components. Trying to imagine a Series 3 on air....🤔
  2. I’m not sure if this is of any help but I disconnected the alternator on my Thor 4.0 yesterday and noticed it only had two connections one heavy brown to the battery and a thin brown and yellow to terminal D+. If you can trace the WG wire that isn’t required and either strip it out or disconnect it then it should be safe.
  3. I have one of these in my S3, it’s a great piece of kit.
  4. I fitted a complete auto sparks loom to the 88 a few years ago and I can’t fault it. It came apart this afternoon just as easily as it went in. I wouldn’t play around with decades old wiring, just bite the bullet and fit a new one.
  5. I looked seriously at converting mine to electric but the cost of doing the job properly is unbelievably expensive for a hobby car but it would have been a great project to do.
  6. Yes. IF the autobox can be made to fit otherwise I’m going Old School V8 to series box conversion kit with 3.54 diffs. And I’ve just got myself a decent 4.0 Thor engine today too 👍
  7. I’ll probably uprate the rear shafts and take my chance with the fronts as 4 WD will only be used very rarely.
  8. Agreed and I’ve sourced a pair of 3.54 diffs now. The only thing I’m waiting on is to find a decent engine or donor vehicle.
  9. The injectors can be removed from the engine and sent for testing of the spray pattern with refurbishment of the tips if required. This may sound simple but if your movements are restricted then it could be some time before you can get this done. The head refurbishment you can do yourself unless specialist work is required and replacing valve stem oil seals is quite straightforward and is covered in various manuals such as Haynes. You Tube is a helpful resource if access to other services is limited. Replacement of a timing chain and gears is also within the scope of DIY so don’t be afraid to give it a go. Landrovers were designed for such scenarios. You have global access to people who can offer advice and support via this very forum so don’t be afraid to ask 💪🏻. One other thought, how are your glow plugs and wiring? Have you tested them to check they are working correctly for cold starting?
  10. You’ll notice that my threads have a habit of wandering away from the initial post 🤣 and in this case the thought was to uprate the 2.25 however this has now moved on to the installation of a ZF auto behind a V8 and try to shoehorn it into the SWB. The V8 will have the power I’m after and the PAS pump so no issues there and a P38 steering box will be fitted as part of the project. The diffs will be changed to 3.54s whichever way I go with the gearbox.
  11. I would also suspect a dripping injector(s) and also the possibility of valve stem oil seals being past their best both of which could cause smoke on initial cold startup and incomplete combustion when warm. That said it’s been a good few years since I last played with one of these engines.
  12. I think I have most of the main components sourced now so looking forward to making a start on it when everything settles down. If the auto box doesn’t fit then I have the conversion kit for the series box so either way I can proceed.
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