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  1. Bigj66

    Pick up conversion.

    Last time I bought a La Salle headlining it came with the foam insulation sheet and worked well once fitted. That wooden floor underlay is pretty dense stuff and should work well with the right glue 👍
  2. Bigj66

    Pick up conversion.

    Or buy one of these. https://www.lasalle-trim.co.uk/product/truck-cab-std-headlining/ I’ll be doing the same but for now it’s no roof at all during summer 👍
  3. Bigj66

    Retro fitting electric windows and CL

    I’ve fitted Puma doors to mine but yes, the problem is still there. Obviously a stress point. I may get look to fabricate a strengthening plate for it but rather than weld it, try to bond it in some way before it gets any worse.
  4. I’m thinking of retrofitting some genuine second hand electric windows and central locking to my 2004 110 van. I can find the individual looms, solenoids, winders etc for each door but is there another loom(s) that connect the two doors to the power supplies and console switches or do people tend to make their own? Looking for as much plug and play as I can using genuine parts if possible. Also, the door handle appears to be held to the door frame by two bolts inside the frame. These look pretty rusted up on mine so is there a trick to removing them without damaging the skin? Finally, what’s the fix for this cracking on the Puma door frames?
  5. Bigj66

    Clutch assist spring

    Other, more expensive option is the clutch servo. You’re right though the standard assist spring was a right pig to fit. Much cursing was done.
  6. Bigj66

    Clutch assist spring

    I’ve come across this assist spring sold by LOF Clutches. Does anyone know if these are any better than the same springs sold elsewhere and give an even lighter pedal or just the same? https://lofclutches.com/shop/td5/l-o-f-powerspring-pedal-assister-kit/?v=79cba1185463
  7. Bigj66

    Aftermarket door trims

    Cheers, nice build btw 👍
  8. Bigj66

    Aftermarket door trims

    Has anyone fitted the aftermarket door trims for the Puma front doors? Any good?
  9. Bigj66

    Rear flood light

    Mine was fitted when I bought it. It’s separate from the normal LED reversing lights and operated via a proper centre dash console switch to make it look standard. It’s very bright and sits quite flush with the roof so not easily knocked.
  10. Bigj66

    Tyres for Series 3 ex-mil

    Agree with the comment about tubes. I have similar tubed rims and bought the tubes to go with them when I fitted new tyres. For a couple of quid extra it’s just not worth risking life and limb, yours or someone else’s.
  11. Bigj66

    Spare wheel query

    Correct it is much smaller and thanks for the size. Managed to find a place that supplies the extension nut so have ordered one. It’s about 30mm long so should do the trick. Cheers.
  12. Bigj66

    Spare wheel query

    Thanks, this was the sort of thing I was thinking about but need to try and identify the thread size on the rod first.
  13. Bigj66

    Spare wheel query

    No it’s at the closest point to the rim already. It’s because of the deeper dish so it looks like I will need to try and extend the rod somehow.
  14. Bigj66

    Spare wheel query

    Is there an ‘extended’ version of the threaded spare wheel retaining rod shown below? I have 6.5” rims fitted now and the rod length is now too short to pass through the wheel centre to the retaining bracket. I could probably find a way to extend this one but if there’s a genuine one available then that would be preferable.
  15. Bigj66

    Which Suspension

    I have the same van body but a TD5. It has standard suspension and is surprisingly comfortable whilst maintaining good road holding manners so I would be wary of stiffening it up.

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