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  1. Bigj66

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    Standing by for the ‘go V8’ reply 👍😂
  2. Bigj66

    TD5 clutch

    Cheers Steve, just ordered a couple off the bay so will give it a go, certainly looks like the pushrod thread. While I’m on, does anyone know if the transfer box can be dropped from the gearbox and removed from underneath the vehicle without it being jacked up or on a ramp? Looks like it should slide out but just want to check before I try it.
  3. Bigj66

    TD5 clutch

    I found this on another thread so I’ll give it a go. The master cylinder pushrod retaining nut doesn’t seem to want to go back on for some reason and feels cross threaded. Am I right in thinking that the pushrod is an M8 metric fine thread?
  4. Bigj66

    TD5 clutch

    Refitted the new slave and master cylinders today and bled them up. I think I need to adjust the master cylinder pushrod as the pedal is all over the place. I’ll have to try and find a measurement for it in the manual. I think it’s fixed the problem as the clutch works-ish but it might need to be bled again after adjustment.
  5. Agreed, I don’t buy it that a hydraulic brake system is designed to ‘relieve’ pressure in this way. It defeats the principle upon which the system is designed. Something’s not quite right with this. I’d investigate further.
  6. Bigj66

    Rear side shafts

    I thought I’d read somewhere that the half shafts on the non-Salisbury axle were prone to wear. Mine have been replaced by the PO and the vehicle has done 126k. I don’t think £130 is that unreasonable for parts and labour but it’s a straightforward DIY job. The half shafts transmit drive from the axle differential to the hubs that the road wheels are attached to.
  7. Bigj66

    TD5 clutch

    I’ve ordered an over length 13mm spanner to help with the reassembly. The thought of spending yet another hour on one bolt just depresses me 😐
  8. Bigj66

    TD5 clutch

    I did check the M/C bore when I removed it and it does look a little bit scored inside although the seal looked okayish. No sign of any sudden failure that would explain the pedal going to the floor as it did. I can’t see inside the slave cylinder aperture to check the pushrod and arm but it seems to be in the correct place and moves easily enough. Might try to get a mirror or something to try and take a closer look.
  9. Bigj66

    Underseal spray

    I also use this, the Dynax S50 in a can. Good stuff 👍
  10. Bigj66

    TD5 clutch

    I’ve pulled the master and slave out this afternoon whilst I wait for the new ones to be delivered. I did think about resealing the originals but if that didn’t work for some reason then I’d be left without a vehicle for even longer and it’s already causing me problems. I managed to get new Bearmach parts for £23 so quite reasonable. I’d like to speak to the chap who decided to put a master cylinder mounting bolt underneath between it and the bulkhead 🤬. What a bugger to get to, ended up having to undo the expansion tank to be able to get a spanner in behind. Presumably the easiest way to get to it is to take out the pedal box along with the interior trim etc etc or get a very long 13mm spanner to reach up from inside?
  11. Bigj66

    TD5 clutch

    Interesting. I’m thinking about going with Bearmach parts as replacements unless anyone advises against it?
  12. Bigj66

    TD5 clutch

    Did a quick visual check of pipe work and linkages etc and all looks well. Slave cylinder is dry and the flexi hose in good condition. Master cylinder fluid level is low and dirty. Underneath the seal has a combination of what looks like grease and maybe some fluid. I tried pumping the pedal a few times and noticed there were some bubbles coming up into the reservoir. Clamping the flexi hose made no difference so I suspect the master cylinder and will order a new one along with a new slave as it probably won’t be far behind. Worth a try and if it doesn’t work then it’s a box out jobbie. What does that sensor do on the top of the pedal box? 5D80DB3C-0E5C-49D3-9CE9-9AC5696DCDBA.MOV
  13. Bigj66

    TD5 clutch

    Cheers, it definitely felt like something ‘snapped’ but I’m going to pop outside now and take a look for anything obvious underneath.
  14. Bigj66

    TD5 clutch

    Thanks for the reply and advice. The pedal went straight to the floor without any warning so maybe I’ve burst a hydraulic pipe? I’ll get underneath tomorrow and have a look see. If I have then it should be pretty obvious. Can the box come out through the cab via an engine hoist?
  15. Bigj66

    TD5 clutch

    I’ve previously reported some lack of smoothness in the clutch on my 110 but it’s still functioned okay up until tonight when on the A55 the pedal suddenly went to the floor. If it was a cable operated clutch then I’d say it had snapped that’s how sudden it was. Managed to limp home by blipping the throttle to change gear and now need to figure out what’s happened. I’d planned to change the clutch when I swap to the high ratio TB but wasn’t planning on doing it just yet. Am I likely to be looking at the famous rod through the lever arm scenario based on my explanation or should I be looking elsewhere? Is the removal of the gearbox on a 110 the same as a series where the seat base has to come out or did Landrover come to their senses and simplify the task? Any tips to make the job safer, quicker or easier? If I fit a new clutch and have the box out then I may as well swap the TB whilst I’m at it. Should I plan on a weekends work to do those jobs?

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