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  1. I lived on Bougainville Island from 1974 - 1978. Lots of ex-NZ Army Landrovers about in those days 👍
  2. I don’t know much about the LT77 but is there just the one bell housing available for them? Would another version have the clutch slave cylinder in a different position? How have you fabricated your gearbox mounts or at least set the height you’ll use for them?
  3. Could you drill and rivinut the chassis to have a bolted connection for the bracket rather than a welded one?
  4. Does anyone know the purpose of the spacer (4) in the Defender parts list diagram? Does it limit the distance the spline can sit inside the CV?
  5. Just revisiting this thread again as I want to order the fittings that I’ll need to make up the pipe work. What’s the purpose of using the adapter that’s fitted to the TDi radiator oil cooler? I measured the thread at M22 x 1.5 but with the pipe to the oil filter housing being 3/8 BSP then it obviously needs the adapter between the two but is there any reason why I can’t just connect an M22 AN fitting direct to the radiator if I’m not using the original steel pipe? Will it still seal or does it need a tapered end?
  6. I keep telling myself (and the Wife) that I’m upgrading to V8 power purely on the grounds of safety when pulling out to overtake....🐂💩
  7. Yes, I think the vehicles it’s fitted to have an electronic setup using the CTS.
  8. Thanks Stephen but the hose layout is quite tight so they need to be as standard as possible to fit around the front of the engine. The thermostat is in a different location on the Thor so I’m hoping I can get the sender fitted in line with the outlet that’s attached to where the thermostat housing is on the earlier engines. Alternatively, I could buy the MS thermostat housing adapter and fit a standard V8 outlet but I’m not sure whether the hole that’s tapped into it is too big for the series sender.
  9. Nothing too difficult it’s just that the Thor V8 manifold doesn’t have a port for the series temperature sender so I just need to find or make an in line unit to keep everything standard with the gauge.
  10. Cheers, that’s interesting and could save some work 👍
  11. I’m hunting around for an in-line hose joint with a threaded adapter for the sender to screw into. 3/8 NPT seems to be a common thread size. If I can’t buy one off the shelf I’ll get a nut welded onto a piece of suitable pipe.
  12. Does the 2.25 temperature sender have a 5/8 UNF thread? If not does anyone know what size it is?
  13. I posted the same question a few months ago and ended up going with the Monroe shocks.
  14. I’m also sure there must be spares over there or even cheaper to have one made locally if you can get the measurements. I said I’d try so I’ve sent the price, it’s up to him, cheers all.
  15. Has anyone sent used Landrover parts to the US and can advise on the most cost effective method please? A chap in Texas has asked me if I could post my battery tray but a quick look on Parcel force etc is coming back with some frighteningly high quotes so before I give him the price I just want to check what others have done.
  16. Great explanation, thanks for taking the time.
  17. Excellent and very informative post. I wish someone would tell the media this although we should never let the truth get in the way of a good rumour 🙄 I’m interested in this comment “Firstly the sample must be deactivated by heat or chemical treatment so it is safe for the lab staff to handle.” Can you explain this a bit more please? How does the deactivation process make the sample safe for the lab staff? Can/is this used elsewhere to prevent transmission?
  18. Yes but as with the Zeus kit you can’t fit standard rims.
  19. What does the vac pump do if you don’t have a servo? 🤔
  20. I’ve had this error message pop up a few times since the upgrade.
  21. I’ve ordered one, cheers 👍
  22. Has anyone tried one of the cheapo pneumatic rivet guns that you can pick up for around £35? I’m assuming they’re cheap copies when you compare them to the price of some of the better makes but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t work ok but they do seem a bit too good to be true. Anyone used one and has some feedback? I have a fair bit of riveting to do so I think it would be handy to have one of these on the shelf if they’re ok.
  23. If you get a chance could you measure the distance between the front edge of your seatbox and the centre of the transfer lever aperture in the console please?
  24. So you’ve positioned the selector above the centre seat location and the transfer lever in the tunnel? Do you have any more photos of the centre console installation before seats etc were fitted?
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