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  1. I’ve no idea tbh, it just started spewing oil out of the filler neck so I assume it’s getting pressure from somewhere. I sense a strip down is in order.
  2. Anyone know why my compressor would suddenly decide to throw its oil out of the filler/breather? Gasket gone causing pressure in the sump is my guess but I’ve never worked on one before.
  3. If you type that item number into EBay it should come up with a bus bar which I’ve used for power distribution. You’d still need fuses and relays but I used a separate box for that. They’re not integrated as with the Bussmann type.
  4. Cheers, I went for the forum search first👍
  5. Has anyone fitted the ABS wings to their Series? Any good compared to the originals?
  6. I used this for distribution. Item number 331927780896
  7. Cheers. It looks like I may have found one locally and might get it this weekend.
  8. I’m still thinking of getting a narrow track but I’m not sure about the availability of consumable spares for the axle such as bearings, seals etc. Are these still available or are people struggling to find them?
  9. My four words were: ‘I fancy an auto’... The rest as they say is history 🤦‍♂️
  10. I used braided nitrile hose and AN fittings for the V8
  11. Looks good. I’m trying to source some material for when I build my own cubby box so what did you use for the padding and top? Foam and vinyl?
  12. I saw a photo on a news website and it looked like the rear was raked much higher than the front almost like a standard pickup vehicle. This photo makes the vehicle look a lot more level so I’m wondering if it had air suspension fitted.
  13. Nice to hear that his coffin will be carried by one of the royal Landrovers.
  14. I’ve just fitted a transmission oil temperature gauge to mine as I’m running a ZF too. I removed the warning light switch as I didn’t have the lamp anyway and fitted the sender in its place. Spoke to Ashcrofts first and they said it would work fine as it’s constantly being splashed with oil even though it’s not submerged so will work as well as the original switch did.
  15. I’m thinking of having a go at repairing my tub using Ali welding rods but when filling in small holes I’ll need something on the back to stop the molten Ali from dropping through until it cools. I know from discussing mig welding that you can use a piece of copper to do the same job but will copper also work with Ali and not stick to it or do I need to look for some other metal?
  16. Anyone living near Leicester who could take a look at a Series rear tub for me tomorrow? If so could you PM me please? Cheers.
  17. I couldn’t see that at first when I looked on my phone but found the prices of some parts later. The guy has also replied saying not all parts they make are listed though and to email him with requirements.
  18. That’s what I thought. They advertise a brand new rear tub kit on eBay that you assemble yourself and also the repair panels to refurbish your own. No details on the website though so I’ve sent them an email.
  19. They manufacture replacement parts for the rear tub on Series vehicles so just wondered if anyone has had any dealings with them? http://www.outback-motorcycles.co.uk/home
  20. With respect to security there’s a number of things you can do to make life difficult for someone who’s intent on stealing the vehicle. The more the merrier however, I wouldn’t discuss what measures you take on an Internet forum. Have a read through various threads, choose your preferences and then put them in place would be my advice.
  21. So an MOT exempt vehicle couldn’t technically fail a test if it had LED lamps fitted because that particular section of the Tester’s manual doesn’t apply to it by virtue of its age? If I understood what you wrote correctly. Whether or not you want to fit them is another discussion.
  22. So is this saying that you can’t fail an MOT if your vehicle is exempt due to the 40 year rule or, if you voluntarily submit your vehicle for MOT even if it’s exempt, then you could fail on this point? What’s to stop someone taking their vehicle for MOT, failing and then just tearing up the certificate and sticking it in the bin due to the fact that they don’t need it anyway? Is the vehicle recorded as a ‘fail’ on the MOT database if it was exempt in the first instance?
  23. Some interesting information on various master cylinder applications here. https://www.onallcylinders.com/2013/10/15/tech-brake-master-cylinder-faqs/
  24. So to fit that kit is it remove the drum backplate, fit the calliper bracket, fit the disc with extended studs and then fit the calliper? Have you had to remake the rigid pipe from the T piece on the rear axle for both callipers? Everything else standard Series?
  25. It’s not a P38 Thor as the round plug has 27 terminals. The D2 Thor loom I had didn’t have a round plug. Maybe GEMS? Those wire colours look like aftermarket. Did the donor vehicle run LPG? What’s on the other end of them?
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