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  1. Let us know if you hear about a drawing for that adapter mate, I'd love to do the same conversion!
  2. Well in the link above, they seem to have had an adapter for the spline made. On the retro rides build, the guy used the merc clutch and flywheel but with the female splined insert from the landy clutch pressed and welded in to the merc fly wheel. It just happened to fit apparently!
  3. Someone else did it too with a lovely machined adapter plate https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.410858029051457.1073741854.270231869780741&type=3
  4. Anyone seen this? http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/159894/rover-series-ongoing-project-om606?.VE46D_msV8E=undefined A project on retro rides, the guy has fitted the merc engine in to a series 3, could be good inspiration?
  5. You could get a kit from Ashcroft that changes the central diff from locking to 2wd and 4wd.
  6. The link doesn't work! Help! I want my free glasses!
  7. Sod the sensible side, get one!! I'm a student, in second year, had a series 3, 3rd year a 200tdi disco and now for 4th, probably a scooby legacy haha. I was unlucky and bought a **** disco, everything that could break did so I've cut my losses and I'm breaking it. I would however like another, but since it's final year, want to concentrate on my work completely and not spend time offroading and denting my car. I WILL get another one though once I have a proper job and another car. My advice is to go for it. HOWEVER...Make sure you get a good one, check for a FSH, cambelt changes, RUST, RUST and bit more RUST! I would recommend getting a good set of sockets and spanners though because it WILL come in handy and if you get a good one shouldn't really cost you much. Hope the advice from a fellow student helps! PS, with regards to been sensible, I had a petrol series 3 for a year as a first car, how bad can a disco be!
  8. Maverik, where did you get that 90 CAD data from? Would you be able to send me it as a STEP file?
  9. Right then, I wouldn't bother with courses, get yourself a copy of it somehow and download some tutorials for it. I started off with Rhino 3D then when to Solidworks from that. I'm doing a product design degree at the minute, but once you learn the basics of CAD you'll get the hand of it.
  10. Now that's just silly! I think I also know one of the product designers who designed that drill! Bit off topic though!
  11. Hi guys, just need to remove my 200tdi injection pump. How do I do it exactly? I know I need to take the timing chest off, but how exactly do I get the crank pulley off to get the chest off? Any other tips on the removale? Cheers!
  12. jmattley


    I also have one!
  13. Nice one mate, better get spannering then!
  14. Good plan! I might just try it that way then. So basically, props off, all the trim and levers etc from the cab, bolts on the trany box to gearbox box, then are there any mounts to unbolt to get the trany box off?
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