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  1. TD5 Hydraulic Generator project help please

    Thanks for the welcome! Sadly it's a bit dark for me to get any closeups for you right now, so more tomorrow but please find one photo attached. I will need to build a box over it as you can see. My only concern is for the revs - The PTO is switched on manually and the brake light comes on when it has been switched, as an indicator. At the moment I only have the option to wedge a piece of wood onto the accelerator to achieve sufficient revs to power something small, and if the load increases the revs drop too low. Cruise control would do it, but the PTO can only be engaged when the transfer box is in neutral. The gearbox is in fourth before the generator is started, but tickover in fourth isn't quite enough to get the generator working, let alone if it has a slightly variable load. The generator is 10 kVA. Should let me have 5 kW although the typical load will be around 3.
  2. Hi I have a Defender TD5 (2002) that I’ve had fitted with a hydraulic generator on the PTO. It works but ideally the revs would should not drop if the load increases and at the moment the revs do drop when/if the load increases. I know that the Defender TD5 ECU (post 2002) has the cruise control software built in and this can be activated. In theory this could maintain revs, but I don't know whether the cruise control software in the ECU might depend on receiving a signal from the speedometer which (obviously) wouldn't work when the vehicle is stationary. I've also seen info on these forums about the speedo healer and how it is used if you have an overdrive installed and want to use cruise control on the TD5. Does the fact that the speedo healer can 'fool' the ECU imply that something might be able to be rigged up so that the revs ( or even the tacho pin on the ECU) could 'fool' the ECU into not worrying about the vehicle being stationary, which might allow me to use the cruise control software to maintain revs for my generator? Any enlightenment gratefully received. Thanks, Vickie