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  1. Hi has anyone got a diagram for the colours and voltage/earth etc for the wires going upto the map sensor having to fit a new block on a discovery 2 thanks in advance
  2. thanks all for information I have had the discovery on a diagnostic machine and there are no fault codes showing
  3. hi all i have a x reg td5 discovery auto which really lacks power until the turbo kicks in at about 2500 rpm ive changed the injector rail mass air flow sensor the waste gate actuator and removed the egr valve but all to no avail ive also replaced both air and fuel filter truck starts and ticks over fine its just the lack of power when moving off anyone else had this problem if so how did you rectify it i know it aint ever going to be an f1 on take off but its just shocking thanks in advance
  4. ive got a 2000 td5 discovery 2 can you tell me is it possible to adjust the throttle cable or is it electronic thanks
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