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  1. Look for an R380 from a d2, as late as possible. Should be suffix K or L, and be considerably more reliable. Should fit straight in, I'm told, although I haven't done it myself (abandoned project ). I believe you'll need the correct tunnel and floor plates, or you can cut and modify your originals, depending on if they've been changed for the auto. Auto converted Defenders seem to sell well, and are quite desirable, so I would be tempted to keep it auto.
  2. I wonder which insanely rich person will be the first to suggest they want one with the supercharged version of this engine?!
  3. Unfortunately, due to a crowded market and cheap far eastern imports, a kidney is only worth about £5k. Hence I won't be getting one of these
  4. If the next Defender is based on a RR chassis, with even half the gadgets and off road capability, I'll be a happy man, and in the queue for one! Sit a 1983 110 next to a 1983 RR, and compare the tech, gadgets, and capabilities. They were quite clearly directly related to each other. Unfortunately, LR didn't develop the Defender to shadow development of the RR line. If the new Defender rectifies this, then I think they'll be moving in the right direction. The gap between the new Defender and the current RR clearly need to be a bit wider than in 1983, but much less than it was at the end of Defender production. I'll be trying to hang on to my '86 V8 90 weekend toy, but I'm hoping I can replace my RR Vogue daily with the new Defender in a couple of years.
  5. With my old Mach5's I had to loosen the drive flange bolts slightly to allow the wheel on, then tighten them back up after. Can't do that with these wheels, so I'd go for cap head replacements for the drive flange bolts too.
  6. It's a gearbox strip down and rebuild job I believe. A lot of work. May be easier to sell the V8 box and buy a good diesel one. I'm in a similar position. My V8 box has died, and I thought about buying a cheap diesel box and swapping the input shaft. Probably going to use the opportunity to go auto instead though.
  7. Aftermarket 4.1 CW&P are a direct replacement, and much stronger. Some old Rover cars had a 4.1 CW&P that fits with a spacer, but they're really not strong enough, and aren't easy to find. I recently discovered one on an ARB locker I took to Nigel. Looked so close to a standard 3.54 that even Nige mistook it for one at first! I can recommend Xcess 4x4 for diffs (Nige, Hedghog_from_Hell on here). He's got a wealth of knowledge to see you right
  8. BTW, I'd be more than happy to go on an all expenses paid trip to Italy to drink wine and look at the scenery look at Defenders...
  9. The bit I haven't looked at yet is what issues I might have with the Italian authorities. Having never shipped out of Italy, and not speaking Italian, I'd be tempted to speak to a shipping agent there. I was always planning to put a built V8 in, so I'd need to either register it in UK, then make changes, or work out how to go about changing engine numbers and details with the Italian authorities. Much easier when importing to Canada or Cayman Islands, as there is no restriction on engine changes and originality, as long as the vehicle is over 15 years old. USA is far more difficult.
  10. 2 minutes on autoscout and I found 9 within my budget (which is more than the £6k the OP is working with). Also a nice V8 that I might have to look at more... I have a good friend who's Italian, and willing to assist with the legal side, which should help a bit As far as the actual physical conversion is concerned, that's the easy bit!
  11. And that's why people like me discuss these ideas on forums like this, to get advice from fellow enthusiasts
  12. We replaced the tube type bearings with 2 nut types on our 2013 110 before exporting it to the Caribbean. Parts are harder to get, so getting the extra life out of the bearings keeps the car on the road while new bearings make their slow way to the island!
  13. Fair enough, didn't know that. If buying from Italy though, they sold a lot of MPi engined 90's, so already petrol. Might be the work around?
  14. I've actually reconsidered Canada for the time being. Going to the Caribbean instead for a couple of years Which bit are you talking about?
  15. I was planning on bringing a LHD 2002/3 TD5 from Italy, shoving a 4.6 and auto box from a P38 in, then shipping to Canada. Not completely sure it's possible, yet!
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