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  1. Devils pit Sunday

    No-one? Never mind, anyone been there lately, any tips? ?
  2. Devils pit Sunday

    Devils Pit (Bedfordshire) this Sunday - anyone planning on going? I'm planning on getting the Disco a bit muddy there this weekend, just wondered if anyone else was going? Cheers!
  3. 300Tdi autobox fluid

    Well, undertheath yesterday, topping up the transfer box fluid and it gave me a chance to find out where the auto box ATF is going. It appears on the joint between the transfer and auto gear boxes. (It's definitely not coming from the auto box sump gasket in the photo). I'm thinking transmission output seal? From Mr Haynes it looks like its a gearbox and transfer box removal? Not quite a half-hour job. Or I just keep topping it up.
  4. Rear diff bolts

    Just to say thanks very much for the brilliant response! Makes complete sense. And, sorry, when I said am I missing something I hadn't actually thought about anything physical (like a guard) I meant not understanding something - and you've all answered me perfectly. Here's to my next newbie question. (I'm sure I'll think of something) Cheers again.
  5. Rear diff bolts

    Rear diff bolts in picture, 3 to 4 threads out. (Disco 300Tdi, 1995) By the condition of the bolts on the joint its had some work done, and I'm guessing the bolts with the threads showing clamp in the bearing assembly? Not sure how they could have been left loose, they're pretty obvious. I'll nip 'em up, but I'm not missing something here am I? Cheers.
  6. 300Tdi autobox fluid

    Hi Les, Yes, I think it would be easier. I put it off yesterday as I'm working outside and the wind had gotten up so I didn't want splashes of fluid everywhere and grit blowing in the funnel / container. But to know for sure I think I'm going to have to just get on with it.
  7. 300Tdi autobox fluid

    That's pretty well the guidance I'm after! Tried yesterday, tipped in rest of the Wynn's stuff, left it, checked and added some fluid. I just couldn't get a decent reading, ie fluid around the dipstick but none at the bottom of it / way up one side only / varitions that didn't help what is an easy check really. Anyway it was getting dark which didn't help either so left it until this morning. There's no fluid at all showing cold. I'll try again though, 25ml's max a time.
  8. 300Tdi autobox fluid

    I was just after a reference point really, I'll top it up a touch with some leak stop/ conditioner, leave it, start it, leave it, etc 'till I see a level appear. Every time I try topping it when it's running, I just get a load of fluid on the dipstick. Just cautious about overfilling it.
  9. 300Tdi autobox fluid

    Hi Teabag, cheers for the reply. Do you get any sort of level showing at all with engine off & cold?
  10. 300Tdi autobox fluid

    I know that this one's a bit of old an chestnut that done the rounds, but I have been bothered to search, and still am unsure - It's on a slightly leaking 1995 Tdi bought with a bottle of fluid in the door pocket! The level should be checked cold, engine running (after cycling through gears) but I can't seem to get a decent reading. I've tried topping up then starting as well as with engine running but don't want to overfill either. As the reason for the engine running is to accurately distribute the fluid (cooler, pump etc etc ) then that would mean the fluid would be too high when not running, but that's versus the fluid expanding when hot so giving a too-low indication. I'm just after a starting point - should I see any fluid on the dipstick at all when cold, not running? Or even when warmed up for that matter? Any hints gratefully accepted.
  11. When you realise

    Some good shots there too!
  12. TDi Temperature reading.

    There's some interesting points raised there. Useful info. Fitted a new 'stat yesterday - I then let it sit on the drive, checking for leaks (the new stat came with just the black rubber seal which fits round the outer edge of the stat, but no paper type gasket), After twenty mins or so the temp gauge went to halfway and stayed exactly there for the next fifty odd miles in traffic queues, motorway and mixed driving. I'm guessing either the old one was opening too early or, more likely, the old rubber seal wasn't doing very much, it was a bit twisted and stretched. Ta for the fan check trick too: The fan will stop at cold (I used an old towel but never mind) so that's definitely ok. Nice and warm motor and heater for the winter Thanks again!
  13. Td5 auto box, cold, won't select top gear

    Thanks for the replies. It'll help warm it up I suppose, just seems to take longer than we think it should. I'll ask about the fluid colour. That's interesting, only 1-2km, I think his Disco takes much much longer, some 10 miles (16km's or so?). I'll ask about the fluid colour.
  14. A friend's car, so I'm a bit short on details, sorry. It hums along in third, refuses to select fourth until warmed up. Not sure when it started to do this, but can get any other info required. It's been remapped if that makes any difference. I've no experience on autos so any helpful thoughts gratefully received, thanks!
  15. TDi Temperature reading.

    Hi Guys, thanks very much for the replies and advice, being a newbie here it's nice to get them! Sounds like I don't need to worry too much, in that they all run cool. Yes some warm air, and I've noticed too that the gauge points south again when going downhill (not much in the way of hills around Bedfordshire though... I plan to give a full service and check over (courtesy of Mr Haynes) and might as well get a new stat while I'm at it just in case. I'll try the newspaper trick too, thanks.